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Im not really sure what 'verse these were set in but it HAD to be one of the older ones because both contained stuff like gas lights and carriages that really arent used in the new series so im gonna put this under verse:other since i have no idea what some of the universes in the tags are for.

Fic 1:
I really can't remember most of this fic. All i have in my head is a single scene. Holmes and Watson and a third man (names i think starts with a P?) are bound and trapped in a room where the baddie has shattered one of the gas lamps after turning it on full. Holmes is alternating between trying to use a shard of the broken lamp to free himself and rolling back to the base of the door to get some non-gas filled air before he and Watson die. The third man doesn't make it out since there is just not enough time to save them both.

Fic 2:
The only scene that stuck with me on this one was Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade stuck in a carriage that had been driven into a body of water. They had to wait for it to flood totally in order to balance the pressure and escape Lestrade almost dies by the time they all get out.

Either of those ring any bells for someone? Between Sherlock and SVU, many of my favorite fics seem to be vanishing into thin air so im having a bugger of a time finding them now o_o

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