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Just like the title said, I'm looking for a story where Hannibal is John's father and Sherlock finds out after they meet on a case. From what I remember John helped his father with killing when he was a kid and that's how he got his training as a doctor. I can't remember what site I found this on, but probably Fanfiction.net or A03.
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I'm looking for "Only a donor" that has been deleted from fanfiction.net.
Resume: Vampire!Sherlock and Donor!John meet at various stages before John’s life truly begins.

Thank you in advance !
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I'm looking for a story where Sherlock cares for John's newborn baby after Mary dies.
I remember that the story starts at the hospital. The baby is left at the neonatal ward and Sherlock fetches her and asks the nurses for instructions on baby formula etc. He is the sole carer of the baby for a long time, John has somehow shut off and is indifferent towards the baby. I think that Sherlock even names her.

I might confuse more than one stories. I remember that Sherlock was fascinated by the baby and kept her with him most of the time. John was drowned in grief and didn't react to the baby crying. I remember that Sherlock took care of both father and child. There was a scene with both John and the baby coming back to Baker Street after the hospital and Sherlock guiding John back inside and upstairs.

I can't believe that I forgot all about it.

Thank you in advance for your answer

ETA: Partially found. The hospital scene is from Just for fun by Littlepippin76.
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Please help an old fangirl....Once upon a time (I think this was before the 2009 RDJ movie was released, actually), I read a Victorian/ACD fanfic where Holmes does his whole 'reappear to Watson' thing, and Watson faints and then comes to.

Holmes then spends a long time talking about how he watched Watson look for him at the Falls, but he was so smart, and he stayed out of sight, etc, etc. Watson is getting angrier and angrier through this whole explanation and finally punches Holmes. He is really emotional and says something like "You were looking (laughing?) at my ruin, Holmes!". I think they kiss at some point after, and then Watson is ashamed/embarrassed (in a very Victorian way). The fic ends up being Holmes/Watson.

I also think there's something about Watson basically being on the verge of being homeless- Mary has died, his practice has failed, he has had to let his maid go, he owes creditors everywhere, etc.

I may be mixing two fics up in my head, too. I really remember the "You were looking at my ruin" scene.
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I'm really embarrased to be posting twice in a row, but I've misplaced another fic. (I've been on a fic crawl, trying to add to my collection.) It has to do with Mycroft continually attempting to recruit John. I believe the reason is they discovered that he has far more training/security clearance than they first thought. Mycroft keeps trying to convince John to become an agent, and John keeps brushing him off. At one point Mycroft even tries to tell John that surely he's bored with Sherlock now, and he could provide more opportunities for action, etc. At first John is fairly easygoing about it, then he gets snappy and tells Mycroft that no means NO, and finally he threatens to punch him in the face if he doesn't back off. I think he makes his point by reminding Mycroft of who trained him, and that Mycroft is not likely his match, even if he was trained by MI5. Does this ring any bells with anyone? (I have a weakness for BAMF!John, so while I'm hoping to find this exact story, I'll take similar ones if anyone has them. But hopefully somebody recognizes this.) Thanks loads!
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I'm going to feel really stupid when this is found, because I'm pretty sure I read this recently. I'm looking for a relatively short fic that involves Holmes and Watson spending the night in a cabin, snowed in/caught in a blizzard. The trick is, the author wrote the same scenario from three different perspectives - book canon/Granada, RDJ verse, and Sherlock. All three were very well written, very in line with the tone of that particular fandom. No major detailsto speak of, although I know the RDJ bit included the 'old cock, mother hen' routine, and the Sherlock bit involved them needing to stop because Sherlock saw the cabin and stood up on the snowmobile, which resulted in him being hit on the head by a low hanging branch. Sound familiar?

Edit: Found (extremely quickly, as always) in comments.
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So the fic that I'm searching for I read on AO3. It's an established Mystrade and in the first chapter Greg is home when there's a knock at the door and there are these two kids,a boy and a girl teenagers twins, and they are there to return Greg's suitcase. The girl sort of freaks out when they discover that Greg is a DI but the boy is ok with it. Mycroft gets home and I think Greg invites them to have dinner and they end up staying the night. Greg gets attached and so does Mycroft, they sort of keep an eye on the kids. The kids father is a drug leader who hits them and forces them to sell drugs. The girl always tries to defend her brother from their abusive father. At one point they run away after the father hits them and the girl defending her brother hits him with something and kills him. Greg and Mycroft send Sherlock and John to find them. I remember that they go to the kids school and Mycroft says that the boy had some disorder that Sherlock had. I remember more of the fic but have research on AO3 and google for the past 3 months or so and haven't been able to find anything, I'm hoping that someone in this community recognizes the fic. I do remember more of the fic but I don't want to give all the plot away, but if someone needs more detail to jog their memory I'm will to give it.

Thank you!!
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ao3, where Lestrade was an alpha of a large pack in London(I think they were actual werewolves) and Mycroft is his omega. Sherlock is also an omega, and I think Molly and Andersen possibly. Omegas are really rare or something. John comes back from Afghanistan a broken alpha without a pack, and he persuades Lestrade to take him in, and ends up submitting to Lestrade. It did pair Mycroft/Lestrade/John together for some scenes, and I think it was part of a series of possibly unrelated but similar fics. It was really long, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Help?
Thanks : )

Found! It's The Power of the Pack by VincentMeoblinn
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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been searching for these two stories all over the place, and I'm desperate.

The first one: I think it's on fanfiction.net but I could be wrong. I know it's set in the BBC verse, and Sherlock comes home to find John dead, supposedly of natural causes. Sherlock shuts down and Mycroft and Lestrade come and have to force Sherlock away from John's body. Afterwards, when Molly is about to do the autopsy, John starts breathing. It turns out that he was poisoned by Moriarty.

The second: It's set in ACD verse. Not sure of the website, but I think it's in Lestrade's POV. Basically Holmes tells Watson to go to a barn and free a girl while he and the officials take on the bad guys. It turns out Holmes is wrong and the thugs are actually in the barn and Watson walks in on them. When Holmes sees the kidnapped girl, he immediately runs out. When he gets there, Watson had been beaten badly and stabbed and they had hanged him to the rafters. I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Ok, I'm out of my mind trying to find this fic; I read it between 6 months to a year ago, and I'm almost sure it's a oneshot. It starts with Sherlock confronting Mycroft about their father's death, as he'd been recently working on a case that made him realize that Mycroft had killed their father when they were children. Mycroft at first panics and tries to make excuses and use subterfuge, but in the end the truth comes out, that he was abused for years by his father, and that he only killed him, by poisoning his drink with pills of some sort, when the bastard started to move in on little Sherlock.

All of the story takes place in the flat, though there are plenty of flashbacks, and at first Sherlock doesn't want to believe Mycroft, but John is there to serve as mediator and make Sherlock realize the truth. The story ends with Sherlock starting to remember bits and pieces of their childhood which explains why Mycroft was always crying and distant, and the two of them hug it out on the couch.

I'm pretty sure I read it on FF.net and not AO3, but I could be wrong. Please help if you have any idea what I'm talking about. It was a very good fic and I'd love to read it again.
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I've just changed my ereader and lost a couple of fics I downloaded and which I may had asked here before about (my brain is like a sieve). One had John sleeping with an urn containing Sherlock's ashes, the other had Molly substututing a calf's brain for Sherlock's and John nicking the jar and keeping it in his wardrobe. Any suggestions?
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Hi, I'm trying to find a fic and all I can remember is Sally saying "What did he follow you home" and John replying, "Yes, how do I get him to stop?"

Or something along those lines.

I think it might have been on A03.

Please help if you know what fic I'm talking about. I'm sorry I can't remember much else, but I do know it was a Sherlock/John fic. 
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Hey all, I'm trying to find a fic, I think on AO3, in which a teenage-ish Sherlock babysits a young John. It's a pretty long fic, and though it ends up as Sherlock/John, none of the relationship stuff happens until the story catches up with the canon timeline and John, though younger, is well passed the age of consent. It deals a bit also with Sherlock's drug addiciton and John's stepfather being sort of a dick and sending John off to military school when he's still quite young. I remember there's a bit just before John gets shipped off for Afghanistan when he realizes he's in love with his former babysitter and tries to go confess to Sherlock, only to have Sherlock's surprise boyfriend Victor Trevor (who's an asshole) answer the door (and act like an asshole). I know it's vague, and it probably sounds similar to several of the stories like this, but I really enjoyed it and if it rings a bell for anyone I'd really appreciate.

Also, any other babysitter!Sherlock/younger!John stories you can think of are also appreciated. I really love that trope!
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So I remembered this fic from the old kinkmeme (sherlockkink). I think it was called The Contract, and it was a multipart but never-finished fill for an arranged marriage prompt. And it may have disappeared forever from the Internet, but on the off chance that it is available somewhere, I really would like to read it again.

It was set in the Victorian era, but with some alternate history things about the British upper classes having developed a sort of institutionalised version of Greek pedagogical eros that combined with really only needing one son to continue the family line and devolved into (often creepy and exploitative) mandatory arranged relationships for younger sons. From what I remember, the author put a lot of thought into how the legal system, courtship traditions, and fashions would work within the society.

And it was super-creepy. Moriarty had not-so-secretly had his eye on Holmes for a few years (long before such attention would be considered appropriate even in-universe) and convinced Holmes's father (who is deathly ill) that the best way to provide for his two sons is for him to designate in his will that Sherlock be married to Moriarty. The rest of the fic was Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft trying (unsuccessfully, thus far) to contest the legality of the change and Moriarty planning all of the devious things he's going to do once he has Holmes in his clutches.

If anyone remembers it and/or knows if the author ever reposted it somewhere else (or if you are the author and I can persuade you to repost it), that would be much appreciated!!
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Oh dear friends, please help me with this fic. It's probably my absolute favorite of all Sherlock/John I've ever read, but somehow I never bookmarked it? I've searched all the ways I can think to and just no sign of it... I dearly hope it's not deleted or something. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3.

Under cut because it's an extra-long description==>

Sherlock loves, like REALLY LOVES John. )
I love this fic like Sherlock loves John. Please please please someone out there know what I'm talking about? I will be forever in your debt!!! <3

ETA: FOUND!!! and so quickly!! by the amazing and beautiful [livejournal.com profile] aerye A million thanks, doll!!!


Feb. 6th, 2015 02:59 pm
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Me again xD this time I'm looking for something which seems to be quite rare (and I don't get why). Are there any fanfics in the Rathbone/Bruce verse? I only found one where Holmes and Watson are locked in and Holmes insults Watson because he needs him to regain consciousness. Watson helps Holmes free himself, but suffers brain damage. Really sad fic, but now I'd love to read more stories where Watson actually is a little slow xD
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Someone's just written a (lovely) short fic but someone else did one earlier! Can anyone point me to the original one, and any others they might have spotted on the way too?

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some recs again ;) This time, I'd love to read some fanfics where Holmes is/gets turned into a vampire. I read one yesterday, but it was unfinished. I'd prefer ACD or Granada verse, but BBC and RDJ verse is fine as well. In the story I read, the whole thing, although supernatural, was still very realistic with how Holmes had to cope with the change and it would be awesome if you would know any stories like that. So no Twilight, Holmes sparkles in sunlight stuff xD Also, it doesn't have to be slash, but if it is, I only read Holmes/Watson. But gen is fine too.

thanks, guys <3
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I'm looking for a short fic I read ages ago, possibly on Cox and Co. Years after Reichenbach, Holmes is approached by a blackmailer who acquired Moriarty's estate at auction. Among Moriarty's mundane academic books, said bad guy finds a love letter from Holmes to Moriarty (the two apparently had an affair while the former was a student). Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi all

I'm hoping I might have some luck here finding a story that I read I while back and can't seem to find anymore.
I can't remember the name of the story but I can give you some details of what I know.

I know it's based in the era like the Sherlock Holmes movies (Downey films), not the TV series and I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3. Slow build sherlock/Watson, sherlock is in love with Watson and Watson is oblivious/confused.
Watson is married/engaged to Mary and doesn't live with sherlock anymore, sherlock also moves to a different house as well (can't remember the reason).
Sherlock is on a case trying to catch a murderer and goes on finding clues that are left behind by them.
There's a chapter about an OMC character, homeless boy who gets looked after by a male prostitute and in the end there's a scene in an alleyway where the the older one dies from sickness and the other boy lives with sherlock in later chapters while helping sherlock with the case.
Another scene involves sherlock running into Watson and Mary at an opera performance.

I'm sorry if all this is confusing or vague but it's all I can remember, I would be grateful for any help on finding this story.


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