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Hello. I have been trying to find a Sherlock Holmes ACD verse for quite awhile now. I remember i read the fic on ffn.net and it is multichapters. It rated G or K i dont remember. It's mostly about holmes and watson friendship, very adorable. If i'm not mistaken, the first chapter involved Mrs. Hudson asking Holmes and Watson dont refer by their first name to which they smiled and said "we don't know". And there's also a chapter, in the middle, around 12 or 24 sth idk, that featured holmes and watson on a case and they stayed at their client's house i think. There was a boy with a teddy bear and watson fixed the teddy bear for the kid (and holmes smiled when he saw watson i think).

I could have sworn that the tittle is sth like a fairy tale of baker street or sth, very long name, but i still cant find it. Also, most chapters were often shorted. Thank you.

Edit: i found it! It's Tales of 221B ! The chapter that Mrs. Hudson asked them is chapter 2 not 1, and the tittle is shorter than i remember lol
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Okay, so I posted this to Sherlock Search, but have had no luck. Trying my hand here:

I have tried all variations of google searches and I have looked through many, many tags in various communities but this fic is eluding me. Basically, Moriarty calls John and coerces him to have sex with/rape various people that John does not know over the course of a month or longer. If John does not, the consequences are the death of the person he refuses to assault - I believe the first person is a man who is reported to have "committed suicide" after John refuses. As far as I remember, the noncon is not explicit and the fic deals primarily with John's behavior as someone who has been sexually assaulted(I think Mycroft had to bring this to Sherlock's attention but I may be mistaken).

Other things of note: I remember that Moriarty would call either weekly or regular enough that it almost seemed like John was in cahoots with him, but, again, I think Mycroft (but maybe Sherlock) realizes that the behavior is more in line with abuse. I also seem to remember a discussion in the comments about the complex nature of John being a victim in the fic as he is typically the aggressor in what Moriarty makes him do (EG he has John assault other people at the risk of the other person's life).

This may have been a comment fic or on the kink meme. Please help because I am losing my mind trying to find it.

Found! Fragments by [livejournal.com profile] softandwoollen
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I'm looking for a story where Sherlock cares for John's newborn baby after Mary dies.
I remember that the story starts at the hospital. The baby is left at the neonatal ward and Sherlock fetches her and asks the nurses for instructions on baby formula etc. He is the sole carer of the baby for a long time, John has somehow shut off and is indifferent towards the baby. I think that Sherlock even names her.

I might confuse more than one stories. I remember that Sherlock was fascinated by the baby and kept her with him most of the time. John was drowned in grief and didn't react to the baby crying. I remember that Sherlock took care of both father and child. There was a scene with both John and the baby coming back to Baker Street after the hospital and Sherlock guiding John back inside and upstairs.

I can't believe that I forgot all about it.

Thank you in advance for your answer

ETA: Partially found. The hospital scene is from Just for fun by Littlepippin76.
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ao3, where Lestrade was an alpha of a large pack in London(I think they were actual werewolves) and Mycroft is his omega. Sherlock is also an omega, and I think Molly and Andersen possibly. Omegas are really rare or something. John comes back from Afghanistan a broken alpha without a pack, and he persuades Lestrade to take him in, and ends up submitting to Lestrade. It did pair Mycroft/Lestrade/John together for some scenes, and I think it was part of a series of possibly unrelated but similar fics. It was really long, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Help?
Thanks : )

Found! It's The Power of the Pack by VincentMeoblinn
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Oh dear friends, please help me with this fic. It's probably my absolute favorite of all Sherlock/John I've ever read, but somehow I never bookmarked it? I've searched all the ways I can think to and just no sign of it... I dearly hope it's not deleted or something. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3.

Under cut because it's an extra-long description==>

Sherlock loves, like REALLY LOVES John. )
I love this fic like Sherlock loves John. Please please please someone out there know what I'm talking about? I will be forever in your debt!!! <3

ETA: FOUND!!! and so quickly!! by the amazing and beautiful [livejournal.com profile] aerye A million thanks, doll!!!
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I'm looking for an Holmes/Watson ACD fic where your soulmate's face appears on your body as a tattoo. There's a special word for someone with a same-sex soulmate, and one for someone without a tattoo at all.

Watson had Mary's face on his back, and after she died it reformed into Holmes'. I think Holmes had Watson's face all along. They find this out when someone goes around trying to cut the soulmate tattoos out of people.

Any help would be amazing!
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Sometime recently, I remember reading a new(ish) ACD-based fic where Watson learns from Holmes that one of his patients, who he had assumed to be a fairly harmless, inoffensive man (and with whom Watsom may have had a fling, I don't remember) offered to turn in his lovers and the members of their shared club to the police in order to protect himself. Does anyone else remember this or have any idea what it might be? Thanks!

Edit: It's Holmes who had the fling with Watson's patient, but the fic is tweedisgood's Every Possible Combination of Events: http://tweedisgood.livejournal.com/129290.html
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Does anyone recall the name of a H/W fic in which Holmes and Watson leave for the Continent following Oscar Wilde's conviction? I'm pretty sure it is (or was) on Ao3 and was written for an exchange of some kind, but I'm not finding it. I'm also pretty certain it was ACD-based, although, based on when I remember reading it, it could have also been inspired by the Ritchieverse. Sorry for the vagueness. Thanks!

EDIT: Found (maybe?)! It's probably rainuponthemoon's Men Like Us, but I'd love to catch up with anyone who remembers similar fics and discussions of H/W and Wilde from a few years back.
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I vaguely remember a story where John has been hiding who he is from everyone around him. I can't remember what his secret was - maybe he was an omega, or some other type of fugitive. Anyway, I remember him being a total BAMF and knowing all kinds of combat moves. There was a scene where his would-be captors cornered him in a grocery store, and people ended up helping him escape because John had been on the news and the public was rooting for him to get away.

Iirc, the story was never finished. Maybe the author left fandom? Does anyone know where I can find this story, or how I could get my hands on a copy?


ETA: It appeared to be Velvet Mace's The Chameleon, but it looks like it's not now, 10/14 chapters in. If anyone has any idea what story I'm talking about, please don't let the *found tag turn you off.
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Hi everyone, I'm finally finding time to play in the fanfic world again. (Hooray). I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It was Sherlock/John set in a Sherlock BBCverse AU. Sherlock is a prince and as the second son his marriage is arranged to a commoner (or lesser nobility????) who he has never met before (John). John still has his cane and he is marrying Sherlock to try and help provide for Harry (emotional support I think vs financial). They fall in love while working on a case (I think before the wedding). I remember on scene where the talk through a door (against the rules) at a fitting for their wedding garb.

Ring any bells for anyone?


Found by Piplover (thank you!) Bound in Gold by Pennin_ink
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It was a long BBC Sherlock fic where, for some reason, John is back in Afghanistan with some American service men and a bomb dog I think and near the end their convey gets hit and John suffers some serve injuries and is shipped back where Sherlock tells him to rest but John shakes his head.

Any idea?
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I am looking for a particular fic which I think was set in the future. Holmes was reflecting on / kept having flashbacks to the time that he was kidnapped and being tortured for information on the location of a girl? It was quite graphic. I remember that his injuries were pretty severe and even in the future he was struggling with the lingering effects. He had a vivid scar on his arm from a nasty break, and was almost in a fugue state. Watson was trying to coax him and was evidently taking care of him.

Anyone has any clue?
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I have somehow lost a very rare story; I'm greatly hoping someone can find it. It was a Watson/Lestrade fic, either ACD or Granada verse, and it involved Lestrade and Watson growing closer during the three year hiatus. After Holmes is revealed to be alive, Lestrade goes to see him, because he knows that Holmes will always be more important to Watson, and demands to know if Holmes didn't realize how badly he was hurting Watson, or he just didn't care. I remember that Holmes' reply is something like, "Lestrade, you've fallen in love with my Watson." It ends with Watson moving back into Baker Street, but still remaining with Lestrade. Does this ring any bells?

While I'm on the subject, if anyone knows of any other good fics with Lestrade/Watson interaction, I'd love to see them. Slash or just platonic friendship; I'll take what I can get. But please, ACD or Granada only.

Edit: Story found!!!
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I read this a while ago and I'm almost entirely certain it was an ACD canon fic. Watson accepts a summons to treat someone's illness and Holmes, disguised as a gardener, follows him. Holmes observes that Watson shows signs of a malaria relapse / enteric fever episode as he and Watson attempt to protect some young lady. Things come to a head. Watson (and secretly Holmes) save the day. Watson falls ill, Holmes sneaks in and cares for him.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Hello lovely people! I'm looking for some Katie Forsythe fics but there are so many I'm starting to get them confused. I am specifically looking for the ones that talk about Watson's morphine addiction. I remember Watson telling Holmes he was addicted to the stuff and Holmes hides his stash so Watson would never find it. I also remember from the fuzzy recesses of my memory of Watson telling Holmes to give him some since Holmes was pretty much over dosing.

Thanks for your help!
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I went on a Sherlock Holmes spree back in 2012, but fell out of it after a while. Now I'm back into it, I can't for the life of me remember where I read this one story.

It was a ACD/Granada Sherlock Holmes story where Holmes and Watson are in a relationship and are discovered by someone who attempts to blackmail them - by having Watson sleep with the blackmailer (Holmes wasn't his type, if I remember correctly) - for the blackmailer's silence. I don't remember if the blackmailer was a member of the police, but I think he was.

It's driving me crazy, but I can't seem to find it. Thank you to anyone who attempts to help me. I greatly appreciate the time and effort.

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On his way home from work a series of events including a storm, a lost cell, a swan attack, an accident, and a ASBO cause John to be delayed and out of contact. Sherlock, Mycroft and Lestrade all try to find him, worried he has been kidnapped.

I've been madly searching for this story, and hope someone can help while I still have a full head of hair.
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Hello everyone! I'd love it if someone could help me find a fic where Holmes and Watson are starting their friendship and Holmes takes a case where there's a woman with two kids and he cant help them in the conventional ways (deduction and such) and ends up giving her lots of money  so she can start over. After this, Holmes tells Watson, expecting the worst but instead Watson makes it his problem and decides to help his flatmate, because I think that the money Holmes gives away it was the money for the rent. Holmes is very much surprised. I can't quite remember if it was Granada verse, Ritchie's or ACD canon

FOUND- See comments for link and saviour
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I'm looking for a story where BBC Mycroft and Lestrade have sexual encounters without much affection whenever Mycroft feels like it. Or at least that's how Lestrade interprets it. Mycroft doesn't cuddle or stay. That's why Lestrade feels that he has to end it. Mycroft seems cool and collected when Lestrade breaks up with him, but he really isn't.

ETA: found it! It's this one: At the beginning with you by [livejournal.com profile] alistair_wolfe


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