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Hello! I'm not sure this is the kind of thing you do here, but I'm looking for one of my favourite fics in the 09!movie 'verse. To be more accurate, it's RPF of the 09!movie 'verse: an RDJude fic, possible written for their anon meme.

It's pretty short, but basically RDJ introduces Jude to all his Hollywood friends - Ben Stiller and Jack Black - and while Jude's back is turned, they all make sneaky comments to RDJ about how it's pretty obvious he's tappin' that. I distinctly remember Jack Black says, "It puts the lotion on its...", but I have absolutely no idea where to begin looking for it again since I know neither an author nor a title.

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Hi fic finders. Okay, never mind the title of this post, judge me if you'd like but I'm still posting this search. XD I recently read a RDJude hurt/comfort fic, and now I want more. Haha! As much more as possible. Anybody have any links to stories like this. I don't care who gets the hurt and who does the comfort, as long as it's RDJude. Please help out this crazy person. I'll be eternally grateful. Oh, and the fic I read was "Balance" by MirrorWater (http://archiveofourown.org/works/270226) , so no need to link that one. Thanks so much in advance!
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Hey, I am having the hardest time ever finding some old interviews with RDJ and JL. One that I am having the hardest time tracking down I know was about 4 or 5 parts on Youtube, and there were two interviewers, one I know for a fact was Rick Edwards, and he was paired with some other guy with glasses. It was pretty funny. The next one, and for all I know it's the same series of interviews but it's one in which JL talks about how carefully one has to dress when wearing a mustache, because otherwise he looked like a gym teacher or something. I just found the comment hilarious. And the final vid I can't find may not even exist anymore, but I know for a fact RDJ and JL were sitting in these throne-like chairs, and they at one point they started talking about how JL was such a comic book fan, and he would fanboy whenever RDJ showed up with cool Iron man stuff that he wanted to get a hold of. Soooo, yeah. If anyone knows where I can find this stuff, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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I found this over on an [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt post this morning, and thought it was adorable; since then, I've ransacked about two dozen different Tumblr accounts trying to figure out who the artist is and whether or not they have done any more (either RDJude or Holmes/Watson). Would anybody be able to help me out with this? If anything, I'd love to be able to save this with the artist's name attached to it for future reference.

Thank you so much in advance!

Picture under cut for size )
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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a  RDJudesie fanfic.
I was sure that I've saved it in my memories but I've just checked and it's not there so...
It's based on the text of this song, called Need You Now:

text of the song )

and, basically, there is Jude who is a 'little drunk' and misses Robert so he decides to call him...I don't remember nothing more of the plot, all I know's that I love it and really want to read that fic again...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Hiya my lovely friends!

I've been now looking and looking and looking and looking for an interview with Jude and Ducky. It's the interview where they are laughing about Ducky maybe nodding at Jude at a Red Carpet even one day and ask "Didn't you have a mustache?"

I somehow feel like that it is the same interview as when Guy Ritchie said that he felt like and Indian mother and then Jude started to laugh and said "sorry, I was just imagining Guy in a sari"

.... any help? If these are two different interviews it would still be awesome to get both, but I'm mostly looking for that first quote :)
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Did Jude Law and/or RDJ ever do any photoshoots where they are crossdressing? I'd like to see some photos, please.
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I’m looking for a fic, written more than 2 months ago. The majority was, but still…

Unfortunately I remember neither the title nor the author….

  It’s an angsty fic, its main characters are Jude and Rob. They’re apart, Rob has won a Golden Globe and he’s now at the after party and Jude’s spending this evening alone with a bottle of Jack or something.  He feels depressed and let down. Jude’s a little bit jealous and angry at Rob for not mentioning him in his speech or for some other reasons, but in fact Law’s longing for his company and that’s why he calls him. It turns out that Rob has been thinking of Jude for the whole evening as well and now all he wants is to be near, but it’s a party, so he has no chance of leaving it.

I think I’ll probably not go into further detail, because I’ve already said enough for it to be recognizable.
I want to thank the author and I hope someone here will provide me with the link. I also remember that this author has some more awesome stuff, sooooo…..

Anyone familiar with this fanfic?
Thanks in advance!

p.s. I'm sorry for my English (:
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Sorry - I'm trying to find the right community to post this question and I can't seem to figure it out!  I'm trying to find out if there are deleted scenes from the movie included in the Blu-ray version and if so, what are they?  Thanks!

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Hi guys!

I was talking to a friend about a fic today and I can't find it for the life of me! It was RDJ/Jude, the two of them on the phone together and going over the script, specifically the scene in the attic where Watson comes to sit on the bed with Holmes. It went a bit further than a rehearsal and ended up in pretty hot phone sex.

If anyone could find this for me I would appreciate it massively!
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I want to find a community that dedicates itself to Jude Law and all the movies and other productions he was in.
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 I remember a friend showing me this fic from where I assume she found it in a Holmes/Watson community somewhere here on livejournal. It wasn't Holmes/Watson but instead Robert/Jude rps. I remember it had the two of them in a dressing room and Jude was rehearsing for his role in Hamlet and Robert was "distracting" him. I distinctly remember a line being, "Only Jude could make a soliloquy sound like an orgasm". And afterwards Robert snuck into the theater to see Jude perform. 

I cannot remember for the life of me where this fic is, so if anyone could help it would be MUCH appreciated.
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Hi guys,
I'm looking for an interview I watched recetly on http://de.eonline.com/. Obviously they deleted it from the homepage ('cause no, I'm not talking about the SH premiere video) and I wonder if anyone discovered it anywhere else or has been so clever to save it.
I remember a young, blond, geekish looking guy talking with RDJ and Jude Law about filming SH and the relationship between Holmes and Watson. They are sitting on golden, old fashioned, throne-like chairs and all the time Jude is shamelessly fangirling over RDJ. Whole program: staring, giggling, legs-spreading.
Anyone has it, please?
Comments are <3.
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Hey peoples,

Can anyone point me to a working link of the interview where Jude says "The only person I’m in love with is sitting on my left"? I'm playing catchup on [livejournal.com profile] holmes_rpf and YT has taken the link used down, alas. :(


ETA: Link to interview is here.
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Hi all!
I've been searching for the interview where the reporter asks Jude about his bromance with Rob and then Jude says this "What about just a romance?" thing. If someone had a link or something I'd be soooo grateful forever. Thanks!
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I'm looking for the full pic that this icon is made from:

Preferably HQ, please. I believe it's from the New York premiere.

I REALLY hope someone can help me! Many thanks.

ETA: Found! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nagatzuna


Feb. 16th, 2010 04:27 pm
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Hi everyone,
I'm looking everywhere to find this inteview

I really need to see it!
I've tried to search it on YouTube but they've, sadly, deleted it.
Can anyone link/ulpoad or send me the interview?...please!
Thank you in advance!
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HEYYY lovely new community~!

So i've been seeing these pictures of what looks like a Photoshoot with RDJ and Jude Law in people's icons and stuff and i was wondering if anyone could link me to it. It's like a bromancey thing with platonic physical contact and i think they both may be wearing white shirts. It looks adorable and i can't find it anywhere! Thanks in advance for your help :)


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