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Hope someone can help me find this. Read it years ago. It was bbc verse. Sherlock had deduced that john was attracted to him but was waiting for john to make the first move. John doesnt so sherlock eventually kisses him which goes well except when the kiss is over john denies being gay/attracted. I cant remeber how but Sherlock convinces john to try a relationship and agrees to go very slow. Sherlock eventually deduces that john had a previous homosexual relationzhip but it was abusive. John wont tell him who. Sherlock spends month carefully and lovingly helping john learn a real relationship and how homosexual sex should actually feel. Last seen has them in tbe park sitting next to each other holding hands after john had run away after cinally realizing just how abused he had been by the previous lover.

Any ideas?
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I didn't know that the author was planning to take the fic offline until about two days after it was already done, and have been looking for a copy since then.

In the fic, Sherlock and Jim Moriarty are together and it's rather unhealthy, so Moriarty decides to "kill" himself. He then becomes who he was before becoming a criminal. He moves to Ireland and works on a farm with Sebastan Moran. Sherlock finds him and starts to spend as much time as he can in Ireland with Moriarty. At one point, though, one of the boys from nearby gets in trouble, so criminal Moriarty comes back, except it makes him so ill that he almost dies. Sherlock calls John and he comes out and has a huge crisis of conscience, etc.

I really loved this fic, so I'd really appreciate a copy, if anyone has one.


Sep. 13th, 2013 09:51 pm
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1. I'm looking for a Jim/Richard AU, in which they are twins. Jim is an Alpha and Richard is an Omega, Trigger Summary ) 2. Any Mycroft/Lestrade genderswap  3. A Sherlock/John/Mary story in which Mary does not force John to choose between her and Sherlock because she can see that they are in love with each other as well, and she gets them rings with an engraving that ends in "idoit"
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Is there any fic where Kitty Riley gets told what's what, as in that Sherlock is alive and innocent? I mean has it really just not been written? I just rewatched the Fall and I NEED this. Please? Johnlock prefered, but DEFINITELY not required. Just an taken down a peg or two in Sherlock's name. (Hell, Molly could do it and I'd be happy)


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