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For some reason I remember this one story on fanfiction.net where John discovers Sherlock's drug stash, and he asks Sherlock how does he think they pay for the war. Sherlock assumes John is talking about their side, but gets told off when John tells him Afghanistan is the biggest opium producer and they get their weapons and ammo from selling to rich druggies like Sherlock. Then, John mentions how maybe Sherlock paid for the bullet that nearly killed him. I remember it wasn't a happy ending, with Sherlock throwing out the drugs and asks if John is happy, but it doesn't really fix anything.
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Okay, so I posted this to Sherlock Search, but have had no luck. Trying my hand here:

I have tried all variations of google searches and I have looked through many, many tags in various communities but this fic is eluding me. Basically, Moriarty calls John and coerces him to have sex with/rape various people that John does not know over the course of a month or longer. If John does not, the consequences are the death of the person he refuses to assault - I believe the first person is a man who is reported to have "committed suicide" after John refuses. As far as I remember, the noncon is not explicit and the fic deals primarily with John's behavior as someone who has been sexually assaulted(I think Mycroft had to bring this to Sherlock's attention but I may be mistaken).

Other things of note: I remember that Moriarty would call either weekly or regular enough that it almost seemed like John was in cahoots with him, but, again, I think Mycroft (but maybe Sherlock) realizes that the behavior is more in line with abuse. I also seem to remember a discussion in the comments about the complex nature of John being a victim in the fic as he is typically the aggressor in what Moriarty makes him do (EG he has John assault other people at the risk of the other person's life).

This may have been a comment fic or on the kink meme. Please help because I am losing my mind trying to find it.

Found! Fragments by [livejournal.com profile] softandwoollen
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Hi all,
I'm looking for two specific BBC sherlock fics:
1. Sherlock suffers some form of brain injury that leaves him in a childlike state, John looks after him at Baker Street. I remember John was in a relationship with Mary, and at one point was startled at how good Mary was with Sherlock. Mycroft visits at some point and gives John guardianship of Sherlock, but requests visitation rights or something. I think he also deposits a sum of money in John's bankaccount, because money was tight or something. I think it was on ff . net.
2. A post-Fall fic where Sherlock comes back with an injured leg I think, requiring a cane or something. It was a long fic, and at the end Mycroft danced on the table with sabers or something after losing a bet to Sherlock. They get Sherlock some kind of giant dog that destroys one of his scarfs I think.
Also, if there are any fics where Sherlock returns post-Fall with some kind of physical disability, that would be great too.
Thanks very much!!
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Hope someone can help me find this. Read it years ago. It was bbc verse. Sherlock had deduced that john was attracted to him but was waiting for john to make the first move. John doesnt so sherlock eventually kisses him which goes well except when the kiss is over john denies being gay/attracted. I cant remeber how but Sherlock convinces john to try a relationship and agrees to go very slow. Sherlock eventually deduces that john had a previous homosexual relationzhip but it was abusive. John wont tell him who. Sherlock spends month carefully and lovingly helping john learn a real relationship and how homosexual sex should actually feel. Last seen has them in tbe park sitting next to each other holding hands after john had run away after cinally realizing just how abused he had been by the previous lover.

Any ideas?
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ao3, where Lestrade was an alpha of a large pack in London(I think they were actual werewolves) and Mycroft is his omega. Sherlock is also an omega, and I think Molly and Andersen possibly. Omegas are really rare or something. John comes back from Afghanistan a broken alpha without a pack, and he persuades Lestrade to take him in, and ends up submitting to Lestrade. It did pair Mycroft/Lestrade/John together for some scenes, and I think it was part of a series of possibly unrelated but similar fics. It was really long, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Help?
Thanks : )

Found! It's The Power of the Pack by VincentMeoblinn
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So, there's this canon fic in which Holmes is working on a Super Serious Business case. He's about to go out by himself to do Case Solving Things, and he tells Watson that under no circumstances should Watson leave Baker Street while he's gone, because it's vital to the case, etc. Then, right before he leaves, he grabs Watson in an epic bear hug for apparently no reason. Watson's like, omg what does this mean? Could my dreams be coming true? So anyway Holmes leaves, but soon afterwards a lady comes to 221B all terrified like " I need detective protection immediately! Dudes are stalking me!" And Watson's like I can't just give this lady the finger, so he writes a telegram to Lestrade so he can tell Holmes why he left, and then ollies out with this lady. She leads him to this big spooky house but ditches Watson once inside because guess what IT'S A TRAP! AND SHE WAS IN ON IT! And then Watson's ambushed by hooligans and knocked out and shit.

So long story short, the whole thing was part of Holmes's case; the hooligans were his targets, and the hug was Holmes planting some kind of ..... Thing on Watson that he needed to smuggle into the house. (Watson wakes up in a closet after being ambushed and Holmes is in there. He also wakes up while being cuddled because Holmes needed to take the thing he planted /off/ of Watson. Right, Holmes. Sure.) moral ofthe story is: Watson feels real bad not only because he's always the unwitting pawn in Holmes's schemes, but also because he thought the hugs and the cuddling and the intense looks preceding and proceeding said actions meant that Holmes actually cares for him in a way that doesn't have anything to do with being the admiring audience, secretary, wingman with a gun handy, etc.

So yeah. Long-ass explanation. I don't remember how the fic ended, and I'm dying to. So please. Help wanted.

EDIT: Just kidding! I found it myself.
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So, I'd really love to read a story where Holmes and Watson have to work/interact whatever, with a third person and Holmes unusually takes a liking to them, or at least Watson thinks so and is hurt by how Holmes seems to disregard him. Maybe because the other person is better at deduction than Watson? or something like that. In the end, of course ;) Holmes makes it all up to Watson and shows him who his one and only friend is.

Basically, and story where Watson gets pushed in the background a bit by someone else. I'd prefer canon or Granada verse, but BBC verse is fine as well.

also, I love stories where Holmes is protective/supportive of Watson, so if you know any good ones, let me know :D all verses are appreciated, though as always, my first love is canon.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics where Sherlock is living on the streets and John is the one who finds him/cleans him up/rehabilitates him. I'd especially love post-Reichenbach fics where Sherlock has PTSD or some kind of mental problems and is living on the street.
Also, anyone know of any fics where nobody(not even Mycroft) knews Sherlock was alive for the entire Hiatus, and he comes back rather broken?
Or, he comes back rather more than broken in some way?
Post-Reichenbach where he's physically disabled in some way? That last one would make my year : )
Thanks : )
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This is a direct quote from an email from a friend:

John believe that he is hallucinating Sherlock, but in actuality he isn't. It was a really good story that had John returning to military service after Sherlock's death and getting very seriously wounded; he loses his entire arm this time. And John learns that Sherlock is real when he is fixing tea and something happens where Sherlock has to act quickly to help him.

Anyone have any ideas what fic it is?
[identity profile] hctib-notsob.livejournal.com
After reading The Light At The End, I've found myself really craving stories along the same vein.

Doesn't even have to be illness that Sherlock's faking, can be anything. Maybe he staged an abduction or an assault or a prior abuse. Just anything. Anything that's similar.

Any verse, any pairing.
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I need help finding this fic!

Due to unfortunate past computer issues, my bookmarks are a little disorganized. So I can’t find this story that my friend and I are looking for. If you read fics., can you help find it?

From what I remember is that this story is about John ending up in a parallel world with a parallel Sherlock after a warehouse standoff incident. John goes through most of the story being oblivious to what happened to his original Sherlock. I can't remember which Sherlock he ends up with in the end. There is some mature Johnlock scenes involved. It is a heartwrenching story and an almost impasse in the end. It was very well written and it also had many chapters, perhaps as much as 20+ chapters. Does anyone know what this is? Help would be greatly appreciated! :)

ETA: Found. Thank you!


Aug. 13th, 2014 01:22 am
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I'm looking for fics where either Holmes or Watson has died - legitimately died, not fake died - that focus on the other character's life afterwards. Any verse is good.

[identity profile] thispe.livejournal.com
So, I found this fic search buried in another post without any replies. It was originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] chanel_5. Anyone know this?

There's a fic somewhere on AO3 that is in (at least) two parts. The prequel, which I think is the second part, is about John and Sherlocks relationship after Sherlock returns and Sherlock derails, cutting john out of cases, seeing irene adler and I think there may be drug use. At the end there is a scene where Sherlock holds a gun against John. The first? part is years later, and it contains a scene where Mycroft tells john that if he hurts Sherlock like he did before Mycroft will... do something bad to john. John is shocked that Mycroft doesn't know that Sherlock was the one who ended the relationship. Can anyone remember these fics?
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I’m looking for some fic recs that deal with the (direct) aftermath of the swimming pool face-off in 1x03. It doesn’t have to be canon compliant – so it doesn’t acknowledge the canon way it was resolved in 2x01. At the end of 1x03 it really could have still gone anyway and I would just love to read some fics which deal with that. Either it happened like in canon, but an author expounds on this shared and quite scary experience between Sherlock and John and doesn’t just ignore it like in the TV Series. Or these fics have their own take on what happened after 1x03 and expand upon that idea.

I just finished reading Light Our Own Fires (2010) by blackeyedgirl and absolutely loved her take on the aftermath and how she further worked it out. And that has given me an appetite for more stories using that setting / plot.
I don’t mind if it is gen or slash and any rating is good.
I enjoy all kinds of genres: angst, fluff, est. rel, getting together, friendship!fic, H/C, humor and so on.

Although I’m not a great fan of very overt BDSM or D/s stories. A little bit of spanking or binding or jokingly calling someone sir during sex-scenes are ok, but someone only getting off on pain (receiving or giving) and the other aspects of the BDSM scene kinda squick me. Also not the greatest fan of an actual Dom/sub relationship, I just can’t see the appeal . I respect it as a lifestyle-choice, but it just squicks me and thus I don’t want to read about it.

Thank You in advance

PS I hope I tagged ok, but I wasn’t entirely sure which tags to use (I used the tags that I think are probably going to reflect the stories)
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If I remember correctly, John and Sherlock are a couple but a woman starts working with Sherlock at Barts (?) and eventually he has an affair with her that John finds out about.  John is very hurt and leaves?  He runs into Sherlock later on and asks how the other woman is, Sherlock replies that he hasn't seen her as she's off to the continent? (Not sure if Mycroft had her shipped off or not.)  I believe it was 3 or 4 parts long and the guys eventually get back together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*fic found*  thank you so much
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Hello, first time posting here.  Love this site.

 I was looking for some long, well written hurt, betrayal fics.  I love both the boys, but I'm in the mood for Watson being the unlucky person to be hurt/betrayed.

So I'm looking for the follow types of stories:

Read more... )
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I'm looking for this established Holmes/Watson fic, victorian!verse. At the beginning, Watson is playing cards with some Yarders in a pub, and someone makes an off-hand homophobic remark. Watson, taking it too seriously because he is deeply afraid that anyone might find out about him and Holmes, reacts far too strongly. Everyone looks at him, taken aback, with the result that Watson gets more and more flustered and eventually storms out. Someone (Lestrade?) goes after him to see if he's alright and again, Watson's reaction is too extreme. Watson goes home and confesses to Holmes that he made a blunder, but I have no idea how it develops from there. I think someone does try to blackmail them?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

*FOUND: A Case Of Identity by sparkle_free, wherein Holmes goes "undercover" as Mary.
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I'm looking for a moderately short fic I read on AO3 where John gets married and moves out, so sherlock deletes him from his mind palace. There's a scene at the end where he runs in to John and his wife at a cafe and doesn't remember him at all, and brushes him off. a year or so old (not the new, long fic about deletion)

please help.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a fic I read once on AO3, set after the Fall, where John is suicidal and is considering committing suicide, or at least spiraling into depression, and Mycroft saves him against his will-I think he kidnapped him or something?
More generally, I'd love fics that have Mycroft helping/looking after John while Sherlock is gone.
Thanks : )
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a fic where Watson is just tired of Sherlock messing with his heart by pretending to die, so he conspires with Stamphord to make it look like he's dying of consumption. I'm pretty sure that this is set in the Victorian era, but I can't remember if it was slash. thanks.

Found: One to Live With by ingridmatthews
link in comments.


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