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I am hoping you guys can help. I am looking for some Sherlock Holmes stories, which were all by the same author. I don't remember if they were Movie verse or ACD.  I read them on Fanfiction.net, but I am hoping they are posted elsewhere as they are no longer on that website.

1. First stories title (I believe) has the words letter and Cumberland in it. Watson receives a letter from an old army buddy's widow, so he and Holmes goes to the funeral and as some point they go on a walk and Watson falls off of a waterfall and almost drowns. Holmes saves him and Watson becomes very sick. Lots of h/c ensues! Very well written story.

2. In the second story Watson has been kidnapped, beaten, and dumped at Baker st. as a message to Holmes, Watson is found by a homeless man who goes and gets Holmes. Eventually Watson is at the hospital while Holmes tries to find the men who hurt him and the homeless man keeps watch over Watson to protect him.

All her stories were gen, and very well written. I would love to read them again! Thank you!
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I'm going away on a trip. I will be on a plane for nearly ten hours and fanfiction seems like a good way to fill the time.

I love [livejournal.com profile] earlgreytea68 and I've read most of verityburns' and emmagrant01's stories on AO3.

So, can anyone recommend long BBC Sherlock stories to me? Case fic is great, wonderful, cheer-worthy. Slash or friendship between John and Sherlock is lovely; I don't want them working against each other. No major character deaths, though the aftermath of the leap from St. Bart's is fine. I don't mind if one or more of them is involved with a woman (threesome stories are fine, too). I like D/s relationships, if there are any out there. Sherlock as asexual works. Any rating is good.

Thank you all.
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Hello, first time posting here.  Love this site.

 I was looking for some long, well written hurt, betrayal fics.  I love both the boys, but I'm in the mood for Watson being the unlucky person to be hurt/betrayed.

So I'm looking for the follow types of stories:

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Can anyone point me to gen fic in the BBC 'verse? I like all genres from fluff to case!fic, AUs, vampires, even pre slash if its kept in the background.

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Hi all,
I'm looking for two different specific fics:
In one, Mycroft was kidnapped and trapped in the boot of a car-John and Sherlock find him, possibly because he manages to sneak a phone away from the kidnappers?
In the second, Mycroft and John are in some kind of hostage situation, Mycroft is shot in the leg, and, although he insists John leave him behind, John refuses and literally carries Mycroft to safety.
More generally, I'm looking for any fics where Mycroft is whumped/hurt/in peril and John helps him/acts as his doctor/comforts him, etc.
No mycroft/John slash please, although gen, Johnlock, and/or mystrade are all welcome.
I'm just looking for fics that show John and Mycroft acting in a genuinely caring manner towards each other : )
Thanks : )
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Hi all!

I've been so focused on slash lately that I've forgotten how lovely friendship fics can be. So, I'm looking for fics that feature a very strong friendship between Sherlock and John. I'm still a little picky, because I don't want any het relationships in the story, but still, any friendship recs would be appreciated. Any universe is welcome. Thank you so much!
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odd requet but are there any fics where its mycroft, sherlock slash and sherlock is bullied with mycroft standing up for him.
any other good emotional fics with this pairing would be great aswell.

thank you in advance :D
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Pre-slash, bromance, asexual relationship and slash-where-the-sex-is-kept-completely-off-screen fics would all be awesome. AU, action, humour, first meeting, hurt/comfort and nothing-they-wouldn't-do-for-each-other fics would be double awesome (but not mandatory). Happy endings only, and the longer the better but at least 2K please. Thanks!
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Hey guys!

Looking for post-Reichenbach fics in which we get to see our characters dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's return. Give me emotional turmoil, betrayal, pain, break my heart (and John's), please? I don't mind happy endings but I'm here for the H/C, heavy on the H please?

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin
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I'm desperately looking for fics that feature Army!John quite heavily. It can be AU fics where Sherlock and John meet while John is still in the Army or just where John's military history comes into play on a case, or just John reconnecting with the people he served with. Anything really where we see the Army side of John Watson.

All help is very appreciated. I'm a big Sherlock/John shipper so I'd lean more towards that pairing in fics than any other John pairing and preferably I want it to be Sherlock who's seeing this side of John. Any rating and any length (though honestly who doesn't like a nice long fic?)

BBC-Sherlock more than the 21stcentury and book-verses, please.

Thank you in advance!
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Hey everyone!

To celebrate the (impending) end of finals week, I'm looking for fics in which John doesn't understand why Sherlock loves him, and needs to be convinced, because he thinks he's not at all special enough for Sherlock. Anything permutation on that is fine, given that it's Sherlock/John. No specs on length, rating etc. As long as it's John not understanding Sherlock's attraction, because he's not unattractive or anything, and he's fairly confident, but Sherlock is a miracle, and why him

Yes, this was roughly inspired by "Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name" by Wordstrings, which is a fic that makes me weak at the knees no matter how many times I've read it. :)

Lots of Love,
Lady Merlin

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Hi everyone!

I've looked through the archives and read everything that's vaguely matched my request, so I'm putting this out there in hope of snagging something I haven't yet seen. 

I'm looking for fics in which John is more sexually experienced than Sherlock is, and shows him the ropes when they're in bed. Or on the couch. Or in an alley way. You get the idea. Not necessary that he tops, I'm good with anything. I'm also good with any kink you'd care for. I don't need virgin!Sherlock, just, John showing something he's never seen before, and blowing his mind. Feel free to include angst and shyness and any other theme except non-con, please. 

Pretty please?

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin

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Hello guys!

I seem to have misplaced a fic in which the only thing I can remember is John putting things in Sherlock's hair. 

I really don't know, it was an adorable scene, and I believe established J/S, and John is sliding pencils and pens into Sherlock's hair (where they stay suspended because of how curly his hair is) and when Sherlock finally notices John is giggling and Sherlock says something along the lines of "You find this amusing, do you?" 

I don't remember *anything* else except this scene, and that the fic made me feel all cuddly inside. Hideously unspecific, I know, I'm sorry. 

Still hoping someone knows what I'm on about. 

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin

edit: actually, if anyone has any fics regarding Sherlock's hair, that's be great! <3

edit: Found in the comments below!
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Hey everyone!

I've realised that when I look for BAMF!John fics, we've got loads of wonderful ones which involve him being a brilliant fighter/tactician and other traits one looks for in a Captain in the Army. 

But I'm looking for him being a bloody good Doctor, now. I don't particularly care what the context is, but I'd just like to see him being competent, and efficient, and completely in his element, and shocking (or surprising) everyone who's never seen him like that, despite knowing full well he's a Doctor. Preferably the Met and Sherlock are a little in awe when paramedics listen to him, and when he's the most useful person at the scene of an accident or an attempted murder, or whatever. 

I hope such fics exist...

So. Yeah. Thank you in advance!

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Hi. I’m new to the fandom and hoping you all can help me find some fics in the BBC universe.

Any fics, gen or John/Sherlock, where Sherlock is regarded as the very child-like genius that he is. From the perspective of John, Mycroft (brotherly), or even Lestrade (friend/fatherly). He doesn’t know when he needs to sleep, or eat, or how to act in social situations. And if relationships are involved, he is even more confused. Actions that would be taken as romantic by anyone else, Sherlock just sees as him genuinely liking someone and stumblingly trying to show it. He puts himself in danger, frazzling his caretakers, simply because he can’t see past the game, focused, like a child. Things like that. He needs people to look after and protect him.

Would love any help! Thank you!
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Hi guys!

I'm looking for any crossover between Sherlock BBC and Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' you have. Anything. I have discovered I rather like these. 8D

Also, anything to do with magical realism and Sherlock BBC. Anything. Seriously. Whatever you have. 

Thanks in advance!
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Hi! I'm looking for fics that contain any of the following:

1) John standing up for Sherlock and/or vice versa.

2) John being sick or dying and Sherlock trying to be his friend. Goodbye, John by XxMildredxX made me cry. Twice. ;~; It doesn't matter if it's platonic, preslash or relationship - I'm just looking for fics where Sherlock shows a sick John that he cares.

3) Sherlock and John showing that they care about each other, like in The Road Trip series by stupid_drawings. Fluff only, please. Bonus points for part-of-the-gang(-for-now)!third person, but not necessary.

4) John being Sherlock's boyfriend from *insert country that is not England here*. I've mostly read about John being Sherlock's Canadian boyfriend, but any not-England!country is fine. While I'm on the topic, I'm also reccing The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by [livejournal.com profile] cyerus because I loved it so very much. ♥

5) Mycroft or NSY being nice to/protective of John.

6) Fluffy Sherlock/John AUs. Can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

7) Sherlock/John fluff. Again, can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

8) Anyone/John bromance. If you don't know what bromance is, it's "a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy". As quoted from WikiPedia.

Can you tell who my favourite character in the series is? Yeah. Also, I'd like to apologise for the absurdly long list. I'm so, so sorry. God, self.
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Hi There!

I'm looking for fics in which John and Mycroft are FRIENDS, but nothing more. Maybe if they'd come to respect, or even like each other because of how much they care about Sherlock, and they bond over having to clean up after Sherlock. Things like Mycroft telling John how Sherlock was as a child, and Sherlock being all possessive and getting the wrong idea, and Mycroft and John being all 'oh Sherlock...'. I'd love if there was John/Sherlock included, but if there isn't that's okay as well. Just, no John/Mycroft, please, and preferably no Sherlock bashing. 

I hope such a fic exists!

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
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Hi there! I'm looking for well-written fics that focus on the relationship between John and Sherlock (slash or gen, either is great), but seen from a third person's POV, preferably Lestrade's or Mycroft's. I'm totally new to the fandom, so it's a pretty safe bet that I won't have read even the most famous stories - but I'd love to! No spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville or The Reichenbach Fall, though, please, since I haven't managed to see those yet!

Thanks in advance for any recs! :) 
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1) Are there any stories where the Yarders or other people are surprised/shocked that John was in the Army. As far as I remember, John never told them that. Orange Doesn't Suit Me is an excellent example.

2) Fics where either John or Sherlock think the other is dead. It can be for a few minutes/hours/months/year whatever! I don't care. However I would like for John(Sherlock) to eventually find out that that John(Sherlock) is alive.

Gen/friendship or bromance fics only!


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