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I'm Looking for the story from AO3 where John meets Sherlock while working in the morgue at St Barts and gets off to a very tumultuous start with him. He won't let Molly Give Sherlock a foot, and I think Mycroft intervenes.

Any help?

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] swissmarg for finding http://archiveofourown.org/works/391023
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Ages ago, I read a really funny casefic on ff.net (I think) that followed Moriarty and Moran's side of a murder and the resulting investigation. I don't remember much, other than Moriarty killing a man with a weighted yo-yo and a description of the well-attended yet less-than-mournful funeral (the only person who would generally miss the deceased was an elderly relative who still mistakenly thought him a good person). I think I also remember Moriarty making sarcastic comments about the applied sciences being less interesting than pure mathematics.

EDIT: Found! It's Mary le Bow's A Way with Words or Whatever
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Okay, I know that christmas is over but I have had this nagging desire to read a certain fic for a few weeks that I have had no luck funding.  As you can tell from the title it is one of the many fics that use the theme of the Twelve days of Christmas.  It is a sherlock/John pre-slash to slash or early established relationship.  It starts with John in early December trying to get Sherlock to eat and he notices that Sherlock Loves Pears - so John buys a bunch of Pears and places them around the flat to con Sherlock into eating when he is working.  This develops into John doing the whole 12 days of christmas theme covertly -Sherlock doesn't know they are presents. The big thing I remember is that Mycroft finds it amusing/sweet and has his operatives capture photo evidnce of each of the events and gives a book of photos the boys to celebrate.

I read this over a year ago. Does this ring bells for anyone?


Note to Admin Would it be possible to get a Holiday: Christmas tag?

Found by the wonderful Dolce_Luna.  What about the Feathers? by AristaHolmes
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It's been a rough week at work, and I'm anticipating yet another. Can anyone recommend their favorite crack fics to me? Funny, silly, just plain insane...I want 'em all.


P.S. All verses welcome.
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I read this story several months ago.  I think on Archive of Our Own.  The big thing I remember in the story is that John is for some reason going home to visit his parents (not a furneral) and SHerlock tags along.  To John's suprise his parents love Sherlock.  They aren't in a real realationship at the begining of the story but our by the end.  I think at one point John's mom drags them to a flower show.  It's also possible they are pretending to be in a realtionship but I am not sure about that.

Does anyone recognize this?  I would take other recommendations for friends to lovers fics. I love the slow build up.

Thanks for your help,

Found  "Once More with Feeling". http://archiveofourown.org/works/256293/chapters/399932
Thanks to jademac2442
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it's me again, it's just that I suddenly remember this fic and it's stuck!
It was quite hilarious, Lestrade comes to John and Sherlock's because he found a dvd during a bust and it's some amateur porn featuring characters based on Sherlock and John. They end up watching it together to find out who filmed it or something like that? I can't remember if it was slash, pre-slash or just gen.
Please, help!
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Hello guys!

I seem to have misplaced a fic in which the only thing I can remember is John putting things in Sherlock's hair. 

I really don't know, it was an adorable scene, and I believe established J/S, and John is sliding pencils and pens into Sherlock's hair (where they stay suspended because of how curly his hair is) and when Sherlock finally notices John is giggling and Sherlock says something along the lines of "You find this amusing, do you?" 

I don't remember *anything* else except this scene, and that the fic made me feel all cuddly inside. Hideously unspecific, I know, I'm sorry. 

Still hoping someone knows what I'm on about. 

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin

edit: actually, if anyone has any fics regarding Sherlock's hair, that's be great! <3

edit: Found in the comments below!
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Hi There!

I'm looking for fics in which John and Mycroft are FRIENDS, but nothing more. Maybe if they'd come to respect, or even like each other because of how much they care about Sherlock, and they bond over having to clean up after Sherlock. Things like Mycroft telling John how Sherlock was as a child, and Sherlock being all possessive and getting the wrong idea, and Mycroft and John being all 'oh Sherlock...'. I'd love if there was John/Sherlock included, but if there isn't that's okay as well. Just, no John/Mycroft, please, and preferably no Sherlock bashing. 

I hope such a fic exists!

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
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Hello there everyone!

Today I'm on the hunt for Mycroft/Lestrade fics in the BBC 'verse. I'd particularly enjoy them if either one of them was genderswapped, but I'm good with them both being men as well. Just, the best ones you can find. Long, short, plotty, pwp, whatever, as long as it's good.

Thanks in advance,

Lots of Love,
Lady Merlin
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Hey guys,

I'm very sorry but this is a very, very vague request, and I'm not expecting anything but it'd be a miracle if something did appear. 

There was a fic in which John was listening to / watching a news reporter lament the lack of grit in London. It's a fairly recent fic, and all I remember is I wanted to book mark it and then Chrome, and my laptop, crashed, and I lost everything that had been open. It's not in my history, and it's eating my brain. I was half way through it, just at the bit about a lack of grit (a la, "THERE'S NO MORE GRIT, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE").

If it rings a bell, please lemme know?

Thank you so much for putting up with this.

Lady Merlin

P.S. It's not 'The Second Law of Thermodynamics' by Entanglednow, which is an amazing amazing fic but not that one... 

Edit: Found in the comments! Thanks to teatotaller! :)
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Hello All

I'm looking for a specific fic set in BBC verse. It was a very silly diary of Sherlock's, in which he counted the number or smokes he'd had at the beginning of each entry. He kept baby sitting Stanford's kid, and complaining about Mycroft.

It was a Bridget Jones crossover I think...

If anyone could send me a link it'd be much appreciated!

Found! http://errantcomment.livejournal.com/12228.html

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I read this a while ago, probably on sherlock BBC livejournal. Sherlock is distracted from an experiment by a random erection. When it hasn't gone away after a while he asks John to masturbate him as his hands are full. This is a) hot and b) not much of a stretch from canon (he already uses John as a source of spare hands, mobile phones, cups of tea, and begrudgingly gives way to his body's demands).
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I'm going to be going on an 11 hour flight soonish, so I'm on the look out for some nice long fics to put on my kindle for the flight.
I've got Indecorous already, and Infiltrate, and The Progress Of Sherlock Holmes (turns out I'm willing to read first-person narrative when it's the Sherlock fandom). But I need so many more.

Specifically, Sherlock/John, or Sherlock/John/Lestrade poly fics, or Sherlock/John and Lestrade in bromance with them fics. If they're nice and involving, with adventures/crimes/mysteries going on as well as the relationships, all the better. Domestic!fics are good also. AUs are ok (so long as the AU isn't.. too odd - like, I'm not into creature!fic in the slightest, but a fantasy type setting otherwise isn't outside my bounds) though obviously I prefer BBC!canon.

Also, I'm asexual, and have been long searching out all the asexual!Sherlock fics I can find (I have a nice long-ish list now, few of them are long!fic though) and I'm always happy for more, so if you know any nice long ace!Sherlock fics? Yes please. 

Basically, I want them long, involving, full of puzzles and relationships - things I can just get totally lost in, to block out the fact that I'm on an aeroplane for 11 hours straight. 

Things I dislike: torture!porn (I did read that infamous fic, but I shan't be reading it again - well written or not, it was too much for my triggers to take...) character!death of Sherlock, John, Lestrade or Mycroft. Otherwise, I'm pretty open (and yes, I very happily read NC-17 fic, in fact, I tend to prefer NC-17.) 

Thanks all :D
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I was wondering if there are any fics out there in which Holmes and Watson are in a romantic relationship and one of these things happen:

1)Mary walks in on Holmes and Watson having sex.  Humor, angst, and smut are all acceptable.

2)Watson decides to get married to offset suspicion.

3)They only realize their romantic feelings for each other after Watson is married.

4) Mary knows from the start when she and Watson begin courting that his heart really belongs to Holmes, but she goes along with it anyway.

5) Mary knows that Holmes and Watson have feelings for each other and are fighting it for whatever reason, so she schemes to get them into bed together, hopefully with her watching or in there with them.

6)Mary is a BA sidekick of a sort; I would like her to fight and shoot many baddies and come out on top.

Essentially, anything featuring some sort of Holmes/Watson/Mary dynamic would be great.  Gen, pre-slash, slash, and het are all acceptable, though I'd prefer PWP recs to refer to #'s 1 and 5 only.

Thank you!!!
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I'm trying to find the Sherlock Holmes version of My Immortal - there was one chapter of it posted in the original kink meme but I know the author wrote roughly 20 chapters somewhere else in the meme.

Help please?

(I'm at a party and we want to laugh at it :D)


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