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Just like the title said, I'm looking for a story where Hannibal is John's father and Sherlock finds out after they meet on a case. From what I remember John helped his father with killing when he was a kid and that's how he got his training as a doctor. I can't remember what site I found this on, but probably Fanfiction.net or A03.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of supernatural themed fics of any description for either BBC Sherlock or ACD Canon? It can be something with a rational explanation as per Hound of the Baskervilles - or vampires, werewolves, ghosts, spooky atmosphere, AUs, crossovers, etc. Non-slash only, please!

Thanks in advance for any recs :)
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Looking for a fic that had BBC-verse Watson switching bodies with Ritchie-verse Watson. One or both of the Watsons had attempted suicide right when the switch occurred, so they thought they were dreaming/dead. It took place post-hiatus for Ritchie-verse, and I think during hiatus for BBC. Can't remember much else.

Also, I'm still desparately looking for this fic, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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I read a Sherlock Holmes/ST TNG crossover a while ago, and I've been trying to find it again, but there are far too many SH/ST crossovers, and I can't seem to find it.

What I remember of the story is that it was very specifically aN ACD Sherlock Holmes/Star Trek The Next Generation crossover. There's a scene where Moriarty is in command of an enemy ship, and he decides to borrow Watson, by warping him right off the bridge, but it was just a show of power. Holmes is who he's really after. There was also another scene where Moriarty does get Holmes on his ship and it's reveled that Holmes has a serious head injury and he would have died had they been in their normal time (Watson freaked before he discovered this). I think they were getting to and from the future courtesy of the Guardian of Forever.

If anyone has a clue what this is, I'd be ever so grateful for being pointed in the right direction! <3
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So I'm looking for a Criminal Minds crossover fic I read somewhere. Long before they met John and Sherlock donated sperm for an experiment that would make babies from two men. Spencer Reid finds out that he was one of those babies and wants to meet his biological dads. It just so happens that John and Sherlock are flatmates now. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.
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I feel like I'm going nuts. I've been through the crossover tag here, the crossover and fantasy tags at [livejournal.com profile] 221b_recs, searched the AO3, and I can't find it. I know I've read it more than once.

I'm pretty certain this story was written before the first Hobbit film came out. Sherlock is a dragon, John is a Hobbit, and I think there's some bestiality (Sherlock licks John), but I'm not certain. What I am certain of is that the story takes place in Middle-Earth, Orcs attack John's village (Hobbiton?), and Sherlock not only helps defend them, but fights off an ice-drake as well.

What's really bothering me is that I'm also pretty certain that I've found the story through either this comm or [livejournal.com profile] 221b_recs before, so I can't figure out why I'm not finding it this time.

Thanks for any help.
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I'm looking for a BBC/Third Star fusion fic in which Sherlock is dying and goes on a roadtrip with John, Lestrade, and Mycroft. A friend of mine wishes to read it but I can't remember who wrote it or where I read it. Can anyone help?

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Hello guys, desperately trying to find some Sentinel!verse fics (preferably, Sentinel!Sherlock and guide!John), JohnLock, obviously.
Was searching on AO3, but found just - what, 3-4? This is so sad(
[already read Chameleon by Velvet Mace (which is genius btw, u should read it), but its a WIP-fic, 'n doesnt seem to be finished any time soon (which is killing me, but - oh well..)]
U can also rec me some Soulmates!au u liked, or - wait, no. no 'or', that's a huge request, i'll stop here.
Thank u for attention and (potentially?) for ur help)
ext_2160: SGA John & Rodney (Sherlock-movie pair)
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looking for a longish fic I forgot to bookmark!

It's a pre-slash/slash fic of John & Sherlock (BBC), switch places with John & Sherlock (RDJ films). The story is told from the view point of the BBC group. Sherlock is loving the exploration, John really has trouble adapting (all the knowledge that he can't use). They have trouble getting back because the RDJ group likes the 20th Century and want to stay, but eventually they switch back.

The BBC pair is not together at the start of the story (I'm pretty sure I remember that right), but the RDJ pair IS together. *had that wrong. D'oh!

Thank you!

**ETA** Thank you swissmarg, it is 'through the looking glass' series, and I don't think I've read them all! So Whee! more to read!
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I feel incredibly stupid for losing this wonderful story.
It's a crossover between Doctor Who (10&Donna), BBC's Sherlock and RDJ's Sherlock.

There was a clock that existed in two periods simultaneously which is a bomb (some sort of 'peace-bomb' or something?).  Each pair of Sherlocks investigated and were switched with their counterpart.  Thus BBC!John with RDJ!Sherlock.  Cue cultural (time period) differences!

The Doctor and Donna were able to make contact (a la Princess Leia hologram) and inform the pairs what was happening and how to stop it.

This story is complete, and I can't recall if I'd read it on either AO3 or FF.net (but it was certainly not LJ).

Thank you in advance for your help,


Sherlock Squared by scribeofelidae on AO3
(Thanks mick_gz!)
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Howdy all you lovely folks! I lost a rather good fic a while back and have had no luck finding it again. It was a AU with Sherlock being the Beast and John being well...not the Beauty, more of the hapless rescuer of his drunken sister. Like how in the original version it was the Dad who got locked up first, this time it's Harry. John and Sherlock end up laughing and I think Sherlock's laughter scares John? Maybe. All I really remember is I stopped reading it when there was danger, which is a terrible place to stop! Permanent cliffhanger.

If anyone can track it I'd be forever grateful!
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Hi! I'm new to the fandom and have been poking around, so first of all, if there is anything in particular you want to point me towards, I'd be endlessly grateful.

But! The point of this pot is to find rdj!sherlock wooing (and more) bbc!John Watson. I saw one over at some kink meme (now probably hopelessly lost), but the craving remains.

Also, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some really dark!sherlock, something along the line of [livejournal.com profile] spikeface's Autopsis.

So, those are my requests. Other than that I'm not at all picky, so throw whatever extras you want. Any characters, extras, kinks, plots, or whatever you can think of is good for me.

So, any pointers? Please and thank you!
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I have vague memories of a story crossing over one of the Victorian Holmes/Watson 'verses with Jeeves/Wooster, wherein Jeeves is somehow related to (son? cousin?) Holmes and/or Watson; they actually raised him, I believe. He is acting as a secret government agent sort of thing, and ends up falling in love with Bertie. Holmes is rather WTF? about it because Bertie, is, well, not of the same intellectual caliber, to put it diplomatically. Watson reassures him that whatever else Bertie is, he's an honest, good-hearted man who obviously adores their son/cousin/nephew/whatever.

Does anyone remember this?
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I hope I'm remembering this correctly: There's a story where John was locked up in this facility for omegas and/or bearers (not sure if the story was actually mpreg), and I think someone is forcing Moran on him after Sherlock rejects John because Sherlock insists he has no interest in omegas/bearers/John. Cut to Sherlock changing his mind and using a zip line to get into the building John's being held in, and Sherlock basically being beaten to a pulp by Moran. I could be confusing this tidbit with that from another story, but I also recall Sherlock/John forming a bond through gaze alone. At the time, it was still a WIP.

Does anyone know what story this is?
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Howdy all you lovely people! This one has been stuck in my brain for a bit and it's been buzzin' like a hornet in there. I'm just desperate to find it. It was a Hunger Games AU and John got a really really high score in the testing round because he sliced open his stomach and sewed it back together. Harry was his mentor, and she had a drinking problem. John has a limp from an industrial accident, and he knows so much about the human body because he surgically experimented on himself because he felt that he couldn't ask another person to trust him to do something he wouldn't do on himself. His mother had taught him about medicine. Harry was psychologically messed up after winning and hinted it might be better if he died. When they were going to show their skills to the judges, Harry had suggested he make a paste but John was like "Nope, I'm a BAMF. Because I am John MF Watson." (Ok he didn't actually say that BUT STILL.) I don't think they had gotten out of training by the time I lost it, but I'm desperate to see if this amazing fic has been updated. Can anyone help a gal out? :D
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Hello there! I remember having read a BBC Sherlock Holmes story that was an AU with Dark Materials in which Sherlock's mom was a witch? And his daemon was this small... kinda squirrel thing? God, I can't remember. But John's kinda looked like a dog but was actually a wolf dog and they get together and John can read those gold watches thingies? God, my memory sucks. Can anyone help? Thanks! -- ONE FIC FOUND

Oh, I just remembered another fic I can't find! It's omega verse (that new and kinda forbidden verse that has been popping up everywhere where there are alphas, betas and omegas, and omegas of both genders can get pregnant and they have cycles and alphas knot!!!), and John has a cycle with this random guy he met... somewhere. But Sherlock doesn't know he's an Omega and then the guy runs into them in the street and Sherlock totally blows off the whole meeting (telling the guy that John is obviously not interested) but the guy notices that Sherlock doesn't know John is an omega and offers just an ear for John to talk to. It was over at ao3 and it was a wip and I can't find it!

Thank you!!!
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I'm looking to find a specific ficlet I read awhile back. In it, Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark are the same person and he is somehow immortal but Watson is not. Stark/Holmes is missing his dead lover/friend and tries to make the computer generated voice of Jarvis sound as much like Watson as possible.   

IIRC, the story itself is fairly short but very impactful.

MODs: I looked for death or immortality tags but didn't see any. Hopefully the ones I chose will be sufficient.

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Hi guys!

I'm looking for any crossover between Sherlock BBC and Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' you have. Anything. I have discovered I rather like these. 8D

Also, anything to do with magical realism and Sherlock BBC. Anything. Seriously. Whatever you have. 

Thanks in advance!
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I was wondering if anyone had any good Sherlock/Harry Potter series crossovers that they wanted to recommend.  I've read a few were John and Sherlock are students at Hogwarts and I want more!!!  Anything where Sherlock and John are Hogwarts students or showing their lives after Hogwarts or anything, please let me know what you guys have read.
Thank you!! :D


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