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Hi everyone, I'm finally finding time to play in the fanfic world again. (Hooray). I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It was Sherlock/John set in a Sherlock BBCverse AU. Sherlock is a prince and as the second son his marriage is arranged to a commoner (or lesser nobility????) who he has never met before (John). John still has his cane and he is marrying Sherlock to try and help provide for Harry (emotional support I think vs financial). They fall in love while working on a case (I think before the wedding). I remember on scene where the talk through a door (against the rules) at a fitting for their wedding garb.

Ring any bells for anyone?


Found by Piplover (thank you!) Bound in Gold by Pennin_ink
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Sherlock hires John as his date for a week long Christmas trip to see his mother. I am reasonably certain I read it at AO3, but my bookmarks don't have it.

Thank you.
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Does anyone remember a fill on the meme (or if the person put it up on A03) about Sherlock and John not knowing each other but Sherlock being in a coma after an accident while on a case. John volunteers at the hospital and sits with patients and reads out loud/talks to them. I think it was implied that Sherlock could hear him when he was in the coma because Sherlock asked about the person who was talking to him after he wakes up.

Does anyone know this fic?
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I'm looking for a fic where John & Sherlock meet when Sherlock sends a text to John's number by accident. I think this was an untitled kinkmeme fill. It consisted entirely of texts between Sherlock & John. It is *not* "Quid Pro Quo" by redcarrigan, although that fic may have come from the same prompt.

Update: Found! Someone on sherlock-search directed me to the story: Wrong Number
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a fic that was first published around the time season 2 aired, and I know updated once since then. It was originally posted on FFN and then later ported to AO3.

It's an AU where the zombie apocalypse has/is occurring, and John is a zombie. However, he is coherent for several days after eating if he doesn't exert himself. The fic opens with John coming back to his senses, and noticing that there is a person running away from a horde (Sherlock, who he's never met) and he decides to draw the zombies away to save Sherlock, despite the fact that would cut into his coherent time. He wanders around, finds an empty apartment and cleans up, and Sherlock tracks him down.

Sherlock doesn't realize he is a zombie until more than halfway through the first chapter, I think, and the chapters were very long. We learn that Mrs. Hudson is alive, and lives with Sherlock in 221B. Sherlock is curious about curing the zombies at the moment to put off boredom. Molly is still at Barts, and provides him with tissue samples.

Throughout what was written in the first 2 chapters, Sherlock starts to experiment on John once he figures out he is a zombie, and is able to extend his coherent period by feeding John his blood. At some point in the second chapter, they go to the Diogenes Club, where Lestrade and Mycroft are (and presumably a large number of other societal remnants remain) to do more research on John.

I remember it being fairly long and well written, but I forgot to bookmark it. I would be very grateful if anyone recognizes it.

The [livejournal.com profile] sherlock_search community has yet to find it in several weeks, so I hope to have more luck here!


(For tags....perhaps post-apocalyptic or zombie would be useful tags?)
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What I recall (and would love to read again) is a story where I believe Sherlock and John meet while still in school. Sherlock is intrigued but nothing much becomes of the pair and eventually John leaves to join the military.  Sherlock has Mycroft keep tabs on John and when the soldier returns home Sherlock is the only one at the pier waiting for John.  He offers John a ride in his carriage (?) and takes him back to Mycroft's to recover from his injuries. Over time their friendship grows to the point that eventually John agrees to move to Baker Street with Sherlock. I believe this is a long story.

Not certain which 'verse' this story would register in but I don't believe it's BBC. Thank you in advance.

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Howdy all you lovely folks! I lost a rather good fic a while back and have had no luck finding it again. It was a AU with Sherlock being the Beast and John being well...not the Beauty, more of the hapless rescuer of his drunken sister. Like how in the original version it was the Dad who got locked up first, this time it's Harry. John and Sherlock end up laughing and I think Sherlock's laughter scares John? Maybe. All I really remember is I stopped reading it when there was danger, which is a terrible place to stop! Permanent cliffhanger.

If anyone can track it I'd be forever grateful!
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So I read a fic a while back about how when John was growing up he always knew what people needed. He would just know to take an extra sock with him because someone at some point would need it that day. He is the one who gives Sherlock the skull (I think Sherlock is in a sandbox at the time).
I have been looking for this fic for a while and cannot find it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FOUND: link in comments, thank you so much midori_marmotte!
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I'm looking for a book!verse fic that involved Victor Trevor. It recounted how Holmes and he met at university, when Holmes was bitten by Victor's dog. Holmes was initially rather gruff towards Victor and stayed injured in his room, but Victor kept visiting him because he felt so guilty and probably fancied the pants off Holmes.

Edit: I also remember that Holmes was drugging himself to dangerous levels to deal with the injuries.

I don't recall how it developed, whether it was slash or gen. The Victor Trevor bit may have been part of a larger story, with Holmes recounting his past to Watson, but I'm not sure about that either.

Thanks in advance!


ETA: Found it myself: Learning to Speak French by Tinzelda
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Howdy all you lovely people! This one has been stuck in my brain for a bit and it's been buzzin' like a hornet in there. I'm just desperate to find it. It was a Hunger Games AU and John got a really really high score in the testing round because he sliced open his stomach and sewed it back together. Harry was his mentor, and she had a drinking problem. John has a limp from an industrial accident, and he knows so much about the human body because he surgically experimented on himself because he felt that he couldn't ask another person to trust him to do something he wouldn't do on himself. His mother had taught him about medicine. Harry was psychologically messed up after winning and hinted it might be better if he died. When they were going to show their skills to the judges, Harry had suggested he make a paste but John was like "Nope, I'm a BAMF. Because I am John MF Watson." (Ok he didn't actually say that BUT STILL.) I don't think they had gotten out of training by the time I lost it, but I'm desperate to see if this amazing fic has been updated. Can anyone help a gal out? :D
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Pre-slash, bromance, asexual relationship and slash-where-the-sex-is-kept-completely-off-screen fics would all be awesome. AU, action, humour, first meeting, hurt/comfort and nothing-they-wouldn't-do-for-each-other fics would be double awesome (but not mandatory). Happy endings only, and the longer the better but at least 2K please. Thanks!
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I'm searching for an alternate first meeting story, set in the BBC!verse.

What I can remember of the story, John is still in the army. Sherlock is tricked into sending a present (letter?) to the troops that are still overseas. John is the lucky recipient, and after the initial gift, the two continue sending letters to each other. They finally meet after a while, and yeah, that's pretty much it.

I don't remember the name of the story, nor where, exactly, I read it. Hope someone can point me in the right direction!

Thank you!

FOUND: 3,554 miles by PaperPrince
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I read this aaaages ago and only just remembered it and want to read it again. It was BBC fic, and possibly slash, I'm not sure. Both Sherlock and John were in Afghanistan and I think they met by watching TV in the rec room and John made him watch Doctor Who. That's all I remember, sound familiar?

Thanks! :)

EDIT: Found! Hurt Locker!AU
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After reading the wonderful story Strays by Keelywolfe, I'm curious to read more stories where John and Sherlock meet when they are young. Or, at least younger.

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1) Specific - AU. John goes to the Yard, not sure why, and walks past a room where Sherlock is talking to Lestrade about a case, and John says, "Maybe it was the sister. Because who else would he trust to make the tea? His sister." And then leaves.

A few weeks later the Yarders drag John into the station because he killed a guy who was trying to rob a woman and child in an alley. He finds out that Sherlock is there, and goes to find him. Then John deduces everything about him. Sherlock is very impressed. Found: The Doctor

1b) I'm also looking of any sociopath!John fics. I recently read one, and that has made me very intrigued by the idea.

2) Specific - John bought Sherlock a Christmas present, but it was in a safe, that was booby trapped, and stored in boxes... etc. Because he wanted Sherlock to have a puzzle to work out rather than just a boring gift. Found: Christmas Fluff
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I'm looking for a M/M fic I read shortly after A Game of Shadows came out. It followed Moriarty and Moran through their first meeting until just before Reichenbach, and I believe I read it on either LJ or tumblr. The main thing I remember was, after Moriarty decides to hire Moran, the colonel (not yet realizing the extent of Moriarty's activities and wondering why a mathematician would hire him) makes a comment about how "those equations are tricky bastards" or some such thing. And Moran pictures himself taking notes at Moriarty's lectures.

There are a lot of references to mathematics and Moran trying to understand how Moriarty works. And it was awesome, and one of the first AGoS fics I saw. Sadly, however, I forgot to bookmark it. Anyone else remember it?  Thanks!
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J/S au meeting - Either their first meeting or first case goes differently, which causes many changes. Sherlock starts a private practice for John at their flat which is frequented by his homeless network and the nicer petty criminals (I believe he calls it a Valentine's present). I think at some point there is a case involving organ theft from the homeless. FOUND - Deceptions by SilverEyesWolf -

After TGG - During a case where several people have fallen to their death in different spots at the same time, John is kidnapped. He wakes up cold, wet and possibly drugged in some kind of large hole with a concrete floor. No one speaks to him, and he is alternately blinded by a bright light and doused with water. Sherlock has to find him before he falls too. I'm fairly sure this is part of a longer fic or series that acts as a continuation to TGG.

I've been going mad looking for these, and appreciate any help.
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I'm going to be going on an 11 hour flight soonish, so I'm on the look out for some nice long fics to put on my kindle for the flight.
I've got Indecorous already, and Infiltrate, and The Progress Of Sherlock Holmes (turns out I'm willing to read first-person narrative when it's the Sherlock fandom). But I need so many more.

Specifically, Sherlock/John, or Sherlock/John/Lestrade poly fics, or Sherlock/John and Lestrade in bromance with them fics. If they're nice and involving, with adventures/crimes/mysteries going on as well as the relationships, all the better. Domestic!fics are good also. AUs are ok (so long as the AU isn't.. too odd - like, I'm not into creature!fic in the slightest, but a fantasy type setting otherwise isn't outside my bounds) though obviously I prefer BBC!canon.

Also, I'm asexual, and have been long searching out all the asexual!Sherlock fics I can find (I have a nice long-ish list now, few of them are long!fic though) and I'm always happy for more, so if you know any nice long ace!Sherlock fics? Yes please. 

Basically, I want them long, involving, full of puzzles and relationships - things I can just get totally lost in, to block out the fact that I'm on an aeroplane for 11 hours straight. 

Things I dislike: torture!porn (I did read that infamous fic, but I shan't be reading it again - well written or not, it was too much for my triggers to take...) character!death of Sherlock, John, Lestrade or Mycroft. Otherwise, I'm pretty open (and yes, I very happily read NC-17 fic, in fact, I tend to prefer NC-17.) 

Thanks all :D
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I am looking for a story in which everyone has a predestined soulmate who can be recognised upon skin contact.

Sherlock and Mycroft are both unbonded well past the usual age where one finds a bondmate. Mycroft eventually bonds Lestrade and Sherlock gives up on the idea of bonding until he meets John who offers to shake his hand. John and Sherlock bond and it manifests outwardly in the shift of John's eye colour to match Sherlock's, an unusual sign that surprises everyone.

Found: I need the Touch of your Hand (to know that You need Me) by websurffer


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