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Hi all,
I'm looking for two specific BBC sherlock fics:
1. Sherlock suffers some form of brain injury that leaves him in a childlike state, John looks after him at Baker Street. I remember John was in a relationship with Mary, and at one point was startled at how good Mary was with Sherlock. Mycroft visits at some point and gives John guardianship of Sherlock, but requests visitation rights or something. I think he also deposits a sum of money in John's bankaccount, because money was tight or something. I think it was on ff . net.
2. A post-Fall fic where Sherlock comes back with an injured leg I think, requiring a cane or something. It was a long fic, and at the end Mycroft danced on the table with sabers or something after losing a bet to Sherlock. They get Sherlock some kind of giant dog that destroys one of his scarfs I think.
Also, if there are any fics where Sherlock returns post-Fall with some kind of physical disability, that would be great too.
Thanks very much!!
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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been searching for these two stories all over the place, and I'm desperate.

The first one: I think it's on fanfiction.net but I could be wrong. I know it's set in the BBC verse, and Sherlock comes home to find John dead, supposedly of natural causes. Sherlock shuts down and Mycroft and Lestrade come and have to force Sherlock away from John's body. Afterwards, when Molly is about to do the autopsy, John starts breathing. It turns out that he was poisoned by Moriarty.

The second: It's set in ACD verse. Not sure of the website, but I think it's in Lestrade's POV. Basically Holmes tells Watson to go to a barn and free a girl while he and the officials take on the bad guys. It turns out Holmes is wrong and the thugs are actually in the barn and Watson walks in on them. When Holmes sees the kidnapped girl, he immediately runs out. When he gets there, Watson had been beaten badly and stabbed and they had hanged him to the rafters. I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I've been slowly reading "Disregard the Danger" by Destinationtoast.

Just looking for fic recs where the writer didn't have a grudge against Mary. I've always been a fan of Watson/Mary & asexual Holmes, or even Watson/Mary/Holmes. So I'll also read John/Mary/Sherlock or John/Mary & asexual!Sherlock.
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So, there's this canon fic in which Holmes is working on a Super Serious Business case. He's about to go out by himself to do Case Solving Things, and he tells Watson that under no circumstances should Watson leave Baker Street while he's gone, because it's vital to the case, etc. Then, right before he leaves, he grabs Watson in an epic bear hug for apparently no reason. Watson's like, omg what does this mean? Could my dreams be coming true? So anyway Holmes leaves, but soon afterwards a lady comes to 221B all terrified like " I need detective protection immediately! Dudes are stalking me!" And Watson's like I can't just give this lady the finger, so he writes a telegram to Lestrade so he can tell Holmes why he left, and then ollies out with this lady. She leads him to this big spooky house but ditches Watson once inside because guess what IT'S A TRAP! AND SHE WAS IN ON IT! And then Watson's ambushed by hooligans and knocked out and shit.

So long story short, the whole thing was part of Holmes's case; the hooligans were his targets, and the hug was Holmes planting some kind of ..... Thing on Watson that he needed to smuggle into the house. (Watson wakes up in a closet after being ambushed and Holmes is in there. He also wakes up while being cuddled because Holmes needed to take the thing he planted /off/ of Watson. Right, Holmes. Sure.) moral ofthe story is: Watson feels real bad not only because he's always the unwitting pawn in Holmes's schemes, but also because he thought the hugs and the cuddling and the intense looks preceding and proceeding said actions meant that Holmes actually cares for him in a way that doesn't have anything to do with being the admiring audience, secretary, wingman with a gun handy, etc.

So yeah. Long-ass explanation. I don't remember how the fic ended, and I'm dying to. So please. Help wanted.

EDIT: Just kidding! I found it myself.
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So, I'd really love to read a story where Holmes and Watson have to work/interact whatever, with a third person and Holmes unusually takes a liking to them, or at least Watson thinks so and is hurt by how Holmes seems to disregard him. Maybe because the other person is better at deduction than Watson? or something like that. In the end, of course ;) Holmes makes it all up to Watson and shows him who his one and only friend is.

Basically, and story where Watson gets pushed in the background a bit by someone else. I'd prefer canon or Granada verse, but BBC verse is fine as well.

also, I love stories where Holmes is protective/supportive of Watson, so if you know any good ones, let me know :D all verses are appreciated, though as always, my first love is canon.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of supernatural themed fics of any description for either BBC Sherlock or ACD Canon? It can be something with a rational explanation as per Hound of the Baskervilles - or vampires, werewolves, ghosts, spooky atmosphere, AUs, crossovers, etc. Non-slash only, please!

Thanks in advance for any recs :)
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I'm looking for a story that I read ages ago; I've had no luck searching for it and it's driving me mad.
Here's what I vaguely remember: it was a Doyle-canon story, not sure if Holmes/Watson slash or just gen. They are at a fancy event/party, going their separate ways. Holmes witnesses the son of the host complaining about a mad guest, causing a scene and talking gibberish. Turns out it's Watson, conversing with the hosts father (grandfather?) in fluent latin.
Help, please?

I would also be interested in reading any fics that emphasis Watson's ability to (unexpected) foreign languages in any canon.
Thank you!
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This is a direct quote from an email from a friend:

John believe that he is hallucinating Sherlock, but in actuality he isn't. It was a really good story that had John returning to military service after Sherlock's death and getting very seriously wounded; he loses his entire arm this time. And John learns that Sherlock is real when he is fixing tea and something happens where Sherlock has to act quickly to help him.

Anyone have any ideas what fic it is?
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I'm going away on a trip. I will be on a plane for nearly ten hours and fanfiction seems like a good way to fill the time.

I love [livejournal.com profile] earlgreytea68 and I've read most of verityburns' and emmagrant01's stories on AO3.

So, can anyone recommend long BBC Sherlock stories to me? Case fic is great, wonderful, cheer-worthy. Slash or friendship between John and Sherlock is lovely; I don't want them working against each other. No major character deaths, though the aftermath of the leap from St. Bart's is fine. I don't mind if one or more of them is involved with a woman (threesome stories are fine, too). I like D/s relationships, if there are any out there. Sherlock as asexual works. Any rating is good.

Thank you all.
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Hello, I'm looking for a BBC Sherlock fic which was actually written to a prompt I had done, but I can't find it now.  It was written a while ago.

Sherlock makes an appointment to see John because he's not feeling good. At first John thinks he's just being Sherlock and trying to get him to spend time with Sherlock, but then realizes that Sherlock is sick. I think he has anemia?  I remember Sherlock ends up falling asleep on the table after he got dizzy and had to lie down.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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The story I'm looking for is a university au. Greg and John had just met while moving into their new residence. Sherlock and Mycroft came a few mins later. The boys get pretty close to the point that Sherlock has no problem sleeping with either. I remember a scene where they go on holiday and have to share a king size bed together. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Don't want to give away too many spoilers! Lol its a great story. Please help. Thank you!
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Hi, I'm looking any fics where Sherlock's friends do/say something to hurt him or let him down in some way and then need to apologise or make amends. Bonus if his other friends get mad/protective over it. I'll gladly read anything but I'd prefer Sherlock to be as in character as possible, which leads to my next request:

I've read a lot of stories (some very good) where I don't feel like the character I'm reading about is Sherlock so I'm looking for any 'in character' Sherlock stories. The story doesn't have to be something that they would do on the show, just how he thinks/reacts to events and people.

Can be any genre and gen or any pairings.

Many thanks in advance :o)
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Hi all!

I've been so focused on slash lately that I've forgotten how lovely friendship fics can be. So, I'm looking for fics that feature a very strong friendship between Sherlock and John. I'm still a little picky, because I don't want any het relationships in the story, but still, any friendship recs would be appreciated. Any universe is welcome. Thank you so much!
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Hey, I'm looking for any new fics that are post-the reichenbach fall from BBC Sherlock. Specifically any that deal with Lestrade,Sally, and Anderson's reactions to finding out they were wrong about Sherlock.
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The story I've lost track of focused on Mycroft, who had received a call from Sherlock asking him to check on Watson. Sherlock and Watson hadn't seen each other in a while, but they spoke on the phone frequently and their call that evening had just been cut off and Sherlock feared the worst. He was already looking into getting to London from Sussex, but there wasn't an available train until the next morning. Mycroft, of course, goes to see Watson and it turned out nothing bad had happened and tells Watson to call Sherlock before he leaves.

Anyone know this story? Thanks in advance!

Found! A Great Heart by jaelijn
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I read a short Sherlock fic a couple of months ago, probably on AO3. It went more or less like this: After Sherlock & John leave a crime scene, Sherlock makes one of his characteristic nasty comments about the victim (or victim's family, or something). John is pissed off & lectures Sherlock about not being sensitive and not acting human, etc. John later finds him alone in his room upset and almost crying, and Sherlock tells John that he tries to feel/understand emotions but he can't, and asks John to extend to him the same compassion & understanding he does to others. I don't think the fic explicitly stated that Sherlock was autistic or had Asperger's, but that was kind of implied.

I hope someone recognizes this fic. It was sad and sweet and angsty, and I wish I'd remembered to bookmark it.
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I am searching for a canon story in which Holmes, during the time he is supposedly dead, comes across an old edition of The Times. I believe he finds it under the bed of a man he has a short affair with. Coincidentally it is the edition in which Watson announced that his wife Mary had died. Holmes is devastated because he always comforted himself with the fact that at least Watson isn't alone. He rushes home to comfort Watson and is already in London when Ronald Adair is murdered. This gives him a convenient plan to get rid of Moran. Later Watson finds out that Holmes returned home for him and not the case. I believe the story is slash. Does anyone remember this?
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I'm looking for a book!verse fic that involved Victor Trevor. It recounted how Holmes and he met at university, when Holmes was bitten by Victor's dog. Holmes was initially rather gruff towards Victor and stayed injured in his room, but Victor kept visiting him because he felt so guilty and probably fancied the pants off Holmes.

Edit: I also remember that Holmes was drugging himself to dangerous levels to deal with the injuries.

I don't recall how it developed, whether it was slash or gen. The Victor Trevor bit may have been part of a larger story, with Holmes recounting his past to Watson, but I'm not sure about that either.

Thanks in advance!


ETA: Found it myself: Learning to Speak French by Tinzelda
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I just read a story where John was a hostage in a Tesco robbery. Needless to say it didn't end well for the bad guy. And it got me craving hostage John stories. I love stories where John is awesome and already free by the time Sherlock and the coppers get there, but I adore it just as much when he needs to be rescued. I'd prefer stories that don't rehash TBB kidnapping scene... but I'll take it if it is well written. I also don't care which verse it is in. I'll take any!

Complete fic only. Gen, preslash, and friendship/bromance preferred.


P.S. Here is a link to the fic I mentioned. The Art of Communication
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Hi Guys,
So I really don't remember very much of this fic, I had bookmarked it to re-read later but computer problems and I lost it.
All I really remember is at the end Moriary had Sherlock and John and sometime when Sherlock was unconscious he put a bomb in Sherlock's chest, and Watson has to cut it out later.  And that's really all I can remember :(  the rest I'm not sure if it's from that fic or if I'm thinking of other ones I've read.  I think it was a Sherlock/John but even that I'm not positive about it may have been friendship/preslash. 
I know it's not a lot to go on but you guy have been great helping me find a missing fic before.
Any ideas?  Thanks.

Infiltrate (tear down the walls and the Gate)  by SkiandDi (ladyflowdi)


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