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I'm really embarrased to be posting twice in a row, but I've misplaced another fic. (I've been on a fic crawl, trying to add to my collection.) It has to do with Mycroft continually attempting to recruit John. I believe the reason is they discovered that he has far more training/security clearance than they first thought. Mycroft keeps trying to convince John to become an agent, and John keeps brushing him off. At one point Mycroft even tries to tell John that surely he's bored with Sherlock now, and he could provide more opportunities for action, etc. At first John is fairly easygoing about it, then he gets snappy and tells Mycroft that no means NO, and finally he threatens to punch him in the face if he doesn't back off. I think he makes his point by reminding Mycroft of who trained him, and that Mycroft is not likely his match, even if he was trained by MI5. Does this ring any bells with anyone? (I have a weakness for BAMF!John, so while I'm hoping to find this exact story, I'll take similar ones if anyone has them. But hopefully somebody recognizes this.) Thanks loads!
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I'm looking for a story that I read ages ago; I've had no luck searching for it and it's driving me mad.
Here's what I vaguely remember: it was a Doyle-canon story, not sure if Holmes/Watson slash or just gen. They are at a fancy event/party, going their separate ways. Holmes witnesses the son of the host complaining about a mad guest, causing a scene and talking gibberish. Turns out it's Watson, conversing with the hosts father (grandfather?) in fluent latin.
Help, please?

I would also be interested in reading any fics that emphasis Watson's ability to (unexpected) foreign languages in any canon.
Thank you!
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I vaguely remember a story where John has been hiding who he is from everyone around him. I can't remember what his secret was - maybe he was an omega, or some other type of fugitive. Anyway, I remember him being a total BAMF and knowing all kinds of combat moves. There was a scene where his would-be captors cornered him in a grocery store, and people ended up helping him escape because John had been on the news and the public was rooting for him to get away.

Iirc, the story was never finished. Maybe the author left fandom? Does anyone know where I can find this story, or how I could get my hands on a copy?


ETA: It appeared to be Velvet Mace's The Chameleon, but it looks like it's not now, 10/14 chapters in. If anyone has any idea what story I'm talking about, please don't let the *found tag turn you off.
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Is there any fic where Kitty Riley gets told what's what, as in that Sherlock is alive and innocent? I mean has it really just not been written? I just rewatched the Fall and I NEED this. Please? Johnlock prefered, but DEFINITELY not required. Just an taken down a peg or two in Sherlock's name. (Hell, Molly could do it and I'd be happy)
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Hello all!
I'm looking for any kind of fic where Doctor Watson helps Sherlock heal. Putting a plaster on it, driving him to the hospital, setting a broken limb, helping Sherlock recover from a mental or emotional trauma, etc. I prefer physical healing to mental healing, but either is fine. Gen or slash. The healing doesn't need to be the focus of the story, but ideally it would be a large part. I've looked through the tags, but just wanted to see if there was anything I missed or any 'must-reads' anyone can rec. I appreciate the help! Thx.
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I'm looking for a Sherlock/John AU I read a while ago over on AO3-Sherlock and John were both in a war zone-it might have been set in world war II-when they met. Sherlock-I think he was a soldier-got left behind/left for dead, and John found him and saved him. I know that's a git vague-sorry.
Also, any stories where Sherlock is a soldier of any kind and/or meets John in Afghanistan or some other war zone would be wonderful.
Pretty please?
Thanks : )
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Howdy all you lovely folks! I lost a rather good fic a while back and have had no luck finding it again. It was a AU with Sherlock being the Beast and John being well...not the Beauty, more of the hapless rescuer of his drunken sister. Like how in the original version it was the Dad who got locked up first, this time it's Harry. John and Sherlock end up laughing and I think Sherlock's laughter scares John? Maybe. All I really remember is I stopped reading it when there was danger, which is a terrible place to stop! Permanent cliffhanger.

If anyone can track it I'd be forever grateful!
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I'm looking for any fics where John, Sherlock, or Lestrade, heck, even Mycroft, does something crazily, like prevent someone from falling off a roof/saving someone from drowning/stepping in front of an armed suspect to save someone else/takes out all the bad guys with an umbrella, etc. I'd especially adore any fics involving swimming bamfness(preferably on John's part) or self-sacrifice(on Sherlock's part, pretty please?).
Thanks guys, sorry for the long request : )
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I'm looking for any Sherlock fics where Watson has to perform field surgery of some form on Sherlock, like maybe amputate a limb, set a bone, do a tracheotomy, etc. Looking for BAMF doctor John, badly hurt Sherlock. I'd particularly love it if John has do something that he knows may, or will, cripple/permanently disable/effect Sherlock(amputate a limb or something).
I also have a sudden craving for asthmatic Sherlock fics, no idea why : )
Thanks everyone, sorry for the gore!
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I want a John (preferably BBC John) who is not what sherlock expects him to be.
Whether it be something unexpected in the past (assassin,secret service, incarceration, etc), something about him as a person (secretly a serial killer, sociopath,not human[mystical]), or his motives (sent by mycroft, there to kill and/or spy on sherlock for the govt.,etc.)
What I really want is a big reveal. Sherlock at some point finding out about John and what he decides to do about it.
Thanks in advance :-)
Looking for Slash, but gen is good too.
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I just love those kind of fics in which Sherlock leaves/'dies' and John flourishes. Now I just can't seem to find one of my favorites.

It was before season 2. Sherlock fell in love with someone and moves with him to America. John takes up a job with the police department and makes it big time. At one point John injures his leg and has to walk with a cane for some time. Then Sherlock returns and sees John. The first thing Sherlock says is something like. "Oh John, your leg, I should have known your life would be meaningless without me."

I also would love to read similar fics!

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Hey everyone!

I've realised that when I look for BAMF!John fics, we've got loads of wonderful ones which involve him being a brilliant fighter/tactician and other traits one looks for in a Captain in the Army. 

But I'm looking for him being a bloody good Doctor, now. I don't particularly care what the context is, but I'd just like to see him being competent, and efficient, and completely in his element, and shocking (or surprising) everyone who's never seen him like that, despite knowing full well he's a Doctor. Preferably the Met and Sherlock are a little in awe when paramedics listen to him, and when he's the most useful person at the scene of an accident or an attempted murder, or whatever. 

I hope such fics exist...

So. Yeah. Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys!

I've got a craving for a wounded John. Like, not emotionally (though that doesn't hurt) but physically wounded. Preferably in the way of protecting Sherlock. Preferably with Sherlock freaking out about it, and being guilty. Happy or sad endings are fine. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I'm looking for fics that contain any of the following:

1) John standing up for Sherlock and/or vice versa.

2) John being sick or dying and Sherlock trying to be his friend. Goodbye, John by XxMildredxX made me cry. Twice. ;~; It doesn't matter if it's platonic, preslash or relationship - I'm just looking for fics where Sherlock shows a sick John that he cares.

3) Sherlock and John showing that they care about each other, like in The Road Trip series by stupid_drawings. Fluff only, please. Bonus points for part-of-the-gang(-for-now)!third person, but not necessary.

4) John being Sherlock's boyfriend from *insert country that is not England here*. I've mostly read about John being Sherlock's Canadian boyfriend, but any not-England!country is fine. While I'm on the topic, I'm also reccing The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by [livejournal.com profile] cyerus because I loved it so very much. ♥

5) Mycroft or NSY being nice to/protective of John.

6) Fluffy Sherlock/John AUs. Can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

7) Sherlock/John fluff. Again, can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

8) Anyone/John bromance. If you don't know what bromance is, it's "a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy". As quoted from WikiPedia.

Can you tell who my favourite character in the series is? Yeah. Also, I'd like to apologise for the absurdly long list. I'm so, so sorry. God, self.
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1) Stories where John is on Moriarty's side. I don't care if he was always on Jim's side or if Sherlock does something that John can't handle and changes sides.

2)John works for Mycroft. A perfect example is The Doctor

3) Where John isn't a liability to Sherlock. I've just read many stories where John is considered a weakness and Mycroft tries to convince John to leave and/or forcibly makes him leave! But in ASiP he clearly protects Sherlock. So, even though John isn't as smart as Sherlock John can hold his own and they are equal partners.

No graphic slash please.
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Since the episode the Reichenbach Fall I have had a craving, hopefully some author's had the same craving ;-). Are there any stories where John actively works on clearing Sherlocks name after his 'death'? Small scale, like only convincing a few individuals would be good, but even better would be a full out campaign where John discredits the press, collects evidence and shows everybody that Sherlock was slandered. Anybody know something like that?
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This is inspired by a brillant request for BAMF John on this site a while back: Basically, I'm looking for any fics where Sherlock has/had an abusive boyfriend, and John finds out about it and goes all BAMF/comforting. BBC or movie verse is great. Thanks guys!
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Just watched BBC Sherlock series 2 Hound of the Baskervilles, and I was wondering if there any fics where Sherlock gets hot over Soldier in Charge John.

Thanks so much. :)
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I'm searching for a bbc Sherlock fic wherein John is Death of the Four Horsemen. Anthea is War, Harry is Famine and Sebastian Moran is Conquest. 

In the story, John prevents Sherlock from dying when he's supposed to and almost causes the end of the world. At the end, John makes Sherlock into an idea, thus rendering him immortal. It's also hinted that Mycroft knows all of this.

There were some lovely pictures to go with the story, including one of a starry hall containing four thrones for each of the Horsemen. John's was a stuffed armchair with Sherlock standing just behind.

Does anyone recognise this?

Found! It's Come and See by [livejournal.com profile] definewisdom.
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The Holmes and Moriarty nemisis/equal relationship is very common in the fandom, but I would like to see the same parallel between Watson and Moran. Fascinated by each other, yet mortal enemies.

I've been thinking of writing a fic like this, but if there is already one in existance I would like to read it.

Any verse is fine by me.


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