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I'm looking for a Sherlock Holmes fan fic that has Sherlock getting into an accident and caused him to be deaf and blind at least tempoarilly.  It's a based on the book series. 
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Hi guys,
I read a bbc Sherlock story a while ago, but my computer deleted my bookmarks, and now I can't find it...grrr.
Anyway, the fic was on AO3, and it opened with John and Sherlock, and I think Lestrade, pursuing/confronting a suspect. Somehow, the suspect threw/poured something into Sherlock eyes (acid maybe? ). I think I remember Sherlock saying something like "John, my eyes", and John saying "I know" while John examined the damage. That's all I remember. Sorry guys, I know it's not much to go on. Help?
Thanks everybody : )
Edit: I found it guys, it's Seeing the obvious by Living-In-A-Fantasy, http://archiveofourown.org/works/448197
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Hi everyone, For the life of me, I cannot remember where I read this or who it was by. What I remember is as follows; - BBC - Sherlock and John were in a park when a group of teenagers (?) threw a "bag of grit" at them, hitting Sherlock square in the face - John has to walk Sherlock to a park bench and sit him on it to wash out "the grit". He sits in Sherlock's lap to do so. - John thinks for a moment how odd it must look for him to be sitting on Sherlock's lap. (He thinks that, from afar, they would be thought of as a gay couple). - Sherlock starts to suffer from sensory overload and becomes extremely aroused. - John doesn't notice and Sherlock pushes him off before he does. I read it sometime late last year, about a month or so after the BBC fandom began. At the time, I didn't know how to put things in memories and forgot to take down the link. Please tell me I'm not hallucinating it! It was quite good! Edited to add: I'm posting from my phone and the tags were being silly so I left it to fix tomorrow. Edited again: Found by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] wildebrian ! Link in comments. Thank you! :)
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 Ok. I'm looking for this fic set in BBCverse where Sherlock loses his sight after the confrontation with Moriarty and tells John he'd rather have died and John gets really upset. I know this is kind of vague. I believe it might still be a work in progress, but anyone who could find it for me I would be extremely grateful to!!


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