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I'm looking for a Moriarty/Watson fic, and I just can't find it. I'm preeetty sure it was Moriarty. I am very sure there was Watson it it. I've spent a week searching the Internet, and by now I'm so frustrated I could cry. I really don't have much to go on.
It's not BBC!Sherlock, but I don't know what verse it was in. I think Moriarty was called "Professor Moriarty", but I'm not sure about that, either.
What I do remember is that Watson was at Moriarty's place. He was there for a longer time, I think, maybe kidnapped? I'm so fuzzy on the details, I'm sorry.-- cut for explicit description -- )

I'd appreciate some help in locating this fic, because this is driving me crazy. If you could tell me what verse this is set in and where to look, that would already be a big help.

FOUND! All my thanks, forever, go to the lovely and massively talented sheila_snow for finding (and writing) On the Orbits of Asteroids
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Good morning,

Let's see how fast we can come up with this one:

Lestrade, Sherlock and John are on a stake-out.... John has to sit in Sherlock's lap up in the front seat.  longish case-fic w/developing first-time Johnlock.

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Im looking for some stories that emphasize the height or size difference btw Sherlock and john. Honestly, dont care which verse as their ALL good. I do admit a slight preference to BBC just cause its so delish, but verse doesnt matter.

I also have a thing for pushy toppy Sherlock--but that is just icing on the cake, not a main req.

Please enable me people!!!! also, this request brought to you by the LOVERLY fic http://archiveofourown.org/works/219934#main Go read it for it is Awesomesauce XD

Thank you, Muchas Gracias!
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 These fics have been driving me crazy and I need to find them and reread.

All of them were Victorian Era fics. I'm pretty sure at least two of them were probably bookverse  fics.

1.) A specific fic with Bottom!Watson. The only thing I really remember about this one is that as Watson is placing his leg over Holmes’s shoulder,he starts having thoughts about is leg/shoulder wound and how he should have never joined the army and gotten shot.

2.) Holmes/Watson established - All I remember from this one is that it might have been a longer fic. Watson talks about the differences between his and Holmes’s chairs and how they can both fit sit together in one. At one point they settle in to read, each having something picked out. Watson has a ‘sea novel’ (I believe he calls it that). Holmes is reading over Watson’s shoulder and Watson catches him.

3.) There was a story where Holmes was looking at photos/pictures (or maybe they were looking at the victim…I don‘t really remember) of a person/people cut up and sewn back together or something to that extent. Watson noticed that the stitches that the victim has where backwards and that obviously meant that the surgeon’s assistant was the killer.

4.) A specific fic where Holmes’s is doing a experiment that explodes and ruins Watson’s moustache. Watson is forced to shave the rest of his moustache off and is rather upset about it. Holmes doesn’t realize that it is Watson when he sees him after the moustach is gone.Then he thinks that Watson is too young and beautiful and that he should be locked up in 221B until he grows the moustache back...or something. FOUND!

EDIT - Still looking for the other fics. Now that I think about it...one and three might be the same fic, but I can't be certain. :)

Thank you again.
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John was pretending to be a Dom because when he was younger he decided that he wanted to be a Dom. So on his papers it says he is a Dom. Doms weren't allowed to be doctors or go in the army. By the time that Subs could it was way too later for him to change his papers and not get arrested. He moves in with Sherlock who is a Dom (of course) And no one knows John is a Sub, until Lestrade figures it out (because John needs to go undercover as a Sub). Sherlock asked John if John wanted Sherlock to Sub for him. John freaked out. Sherlock eventually finds out due to a kitchen fire, and John following Sherlock's every command.

Any ideas?
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Hello everyone!

I lost all of my bookmaks recently and I'm now looking for a Sherlock (BBC) fic where a younger John (I think it was college or something similiar) gets really drunk and ends up getting raped by his rugby teammates. It started out consensual but soon it got too rough. John then meets Lestrade who wants to help and they end up being sort of friends.
I remember that this fic was written for a prompt, so I read it as a response to that prompt.
I hope someone knows what I'm talking about! :)

Have a nice day!

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I'm a huge fan of Watson is in love with Holmes, but Holmes doesn't know (and then he finds out) fics.

Can I get some recs? I think I've read one or two but I'm sure there are other ones out there.

Any of the Victorian verses are good for me and if it contains sex, bottom!Watson please.
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I wasn't a fan of this pairing until I saw Game of Shadows. Really, if there was homoeroticism in the first movie, then in this one they're officially a gay couple. Anyway,

I'm looking for NC-17 rated (that's right, I love me some smut) fics set during or after GoS, or simply based on the events of the movie. My other request is for those fics to be bottom!John, please. I've been seeing so much bottom!Sherlock and it's just.. not my thing.

Thank you in advance!! :) 
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I'm looking for any and all Mute!Watson and Deaf!Watson fics set in any of the Victorian verses.

Also, any and all Bottom!Watson Fics.
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I'm looking for a fic that occurs in the lock-up yard, where Holmes notices that all the men want a piece of Watson. Watson however is an utter slut, and Holmes is the understanding type and so they all roger Watson. It's very pervy and wonderful and I'd love to find it again.

Thanks in advance!
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Because i'm needy and fic greedy.  But seeing how these particular kinks are fandom favorites, i'm sure plenty of people will benefit.

This is a unabashed jealous!Holmes fic, which was requested originally by [livejournal.com profile] chibitoaster  and then i'm pretty sure was fulfilled by [livejournal.com profile] felicia_angel  (which i believe was her debut onto the slash scene).  Unfortunately, it's not on her journal and it was posted on [livejournal.com profile] cox_and_co  before felicia had an author tag.  It's also like relatively old and i can't find the entry and it is KILLING me.

Anyways, here's the lowdown.  Watson had to spend several days with a sick patient, who thanked him with a very nice dinner and some very nice cigars.  Holmes saw and perceived in a rather negative fashion, grabbed Watson and was all, "I can't stand the thought of other men with you!", and he's equal parts broken up about this and angry, Holmes and Watson have sex, and it comes out that Watson's been badly used by his previous partners...or at the very least, they didn't love him the way Holmes obviously does. 

Does someone have this fic floating 'round their bookmarks?  Please someone save me from the ficcery limbo!


Hey Jealousy by [livejournal.com profile] felicia_angel 
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In the past few weeks I've been developing a huge interest in Holmes/Watson stories but I seem to have lost my ability to search for stories so I thought this would be a good place to ask :)

Can any of you point me into the direction of good H/W stories? No angst please (there can be some just... not much). I love fluff, first time (hot!first time), I prefer Holmes to be on top but if he isn't I don't want him to be awkward and/or naïve...

...geez I'm picky haha :D

I love love LOVE happy stories, I LOVE happy endings - I DETEST bad endings :P

So... can you help me?
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Could you guys rec me any H/W fics where Holmes is a professor and Watson the student? No chan please, I'd like Watson to be at least 16, but other than that any age is fine. I'd like Holmes to be the dominant one though.
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Hi all!!

New to the fandom. Can anybody point me to some stories that have bottom!Watson and/or Hurt/Comfort (Watson is hurt, Holmes Comforts), slash?

I've been searching at the holmeswatson09 community, and I've been able to manage to look through some of the kink meme in the Filled!Prompts post (but looking through just the prompts is sort of a scary endeaver as there are thousands), but I've only found a few.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi! im really new to this fandom, so guys.. i need some help! Show me what ur made of! xD

I've read some stories but i find them really hard to find..
I love reading slash.. but theres one problem..
I !Cant! stand reading bottom!holmes....Yeah! thats right! xD

So please rec me ever story you know - !the longer the better! Preferebly Case!fics.
But please only bottom!watson XD

Oh - I take both movie and book'verses. xD And self recs are LOVED!


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