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Hi all,
I'm looking for BBC Sherlock slash fics, preferably long, slow build ones, where Sherlock is in a relationship with another man, who is not either John or Lestrade. Basically, I'm looking for long slash fics that have Sherlock as one of the partners, but are not Johnlock or Sherstrade. The other person can be an OMC, a crossover character, a more minor character from Doyle canon, anyone. Just curious to see how such a relationship would be percieved by the other characters, particularly John.
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Hello, I'm looking for an ACD 'verse fic where Lestrade finds out that Holmes and Watson are in a relationship. He's searching a hotel and sees them get into a tub together. He's perched above them somehow looking down into their room.
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Hi I'm looking for a fic which I stupidly forgot to bookmark. It was established relationship Sherlock/John and John gets invited to a night down the pub with some old med school friends. Once there they all begin talking about their wives and then John is asked about his, and he tells them about Sherlock. There is some homophobia.

Remind anybody of something?

Down the Pub with the Rugby Lads by [livejournal.com profile] what_alchemy
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 Hey there. Sorry about the fact that I'm practically spamming this community. :/ The fic I've lost has Holmes coming out to Watson and Watson takes it pretty well but he does ask if it involves children and Holmes says "My God Watson!" and he's all "Well I was bound to ask...I know very little about this sort of thing" and I do believe they eventually end up together...
Any help would be AMAZING. 


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