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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics where Sherlock is living on the streets and John is the one who finds him/cleans him up/rehabilitates him. I'd especially love post-Reichenbach fics where Sherlock has PTSD or some kind of mental problems and is living on the street.
Also, anyone know of any fics where nobody(not even Mycroft) knews Sherlock was alive for the entire Hiatus, and he comes back rather broken?
Or, he comes back rather more than broken in some way?
Post-Reichenbach where he's physically disabled in some way? That last one would make my year : )
Thanks : )
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After reading The Light At The End, I've found myself really craving stories along the same vein.

Doesn't even have to be illness that Sherlock's faking, can be anything. Maybe he staged an abduction or an assault or a prior abuse. Just anything. Anything that's similar.

Any verse, any pairing.
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I need help finding this fic!

Due to unfortunate past computer issues, my bookmarks are a little disorganized. So I can’t find this story that my friend and I are looking for. If you read fics., can you help find it?

From what I remember is that this story is about John ending up in a parallel world with a parallel Sherlock after a warehouse standoff incident. John goes through most of the story being oblivious to what happened to his original Sherlock. I can't remember which Sherlock he ends up with in the end. There is some mature Johnlock scenes involved. It is a heartwrenching story and an almost impasse in the end. It was very well written and it also had many chapters, perhaps as much as 20+ chapters. Does anyone know what this is? Help would be greatly appreciated! :)

ETA: Found. Thank you!
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I have been driving myself crazy searching for a fic I read a while ago! It was set in the modern "BBC-Sherlock" universe post reichenbach and had at least ten chapters which were all pretty long. It was sort of a mix of hurt/comfort and Johnlock romance. A few chapters into the story Sherlock takes a fall and breaks both his wrists. This means that John needs to take care of him in a very intimate fashion during the healing, which is at first very awkward but ends up bringing them closer and admitting their feelings to eachother. Also, Sherlock shows John some awful scars he has on his back from an assult, and finally confides in him what painful things happened during the hiatus. I really loved the story and would be very happy if someone could tell me where to find it!
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I’m looking for some fic recs that deal with the (direct) aftermath of the swimming pool face-off in 1x03. It doesn’t have to be canon compliant – so it doesn’t acknowledge the canon way it was resolved in 2x01. At the end of 1x03 it really could have still gone anyway and I would just love to read some fics which deal with that. Either it happened like in canon, but an author expounds on this shared and quite scary experience between Sherlock and John and doesn’t just ignore it like in the TV Series. Or these fics have their own take on what happened after 1x03 and expand upon that idea.

I just finished reading Light Our Own Fires (2010) by blackeyedgirl and absolutely loved her take on the aftermath and how she further worked it out. And that has given me an appetite for more stories using that setting / plot.
I don’t mind if it is gen or slash and any rating is good.
I enjoy all kinds of genres: angst, fluff, est. rel, getting together, friendship!fic, H/C, humor and so on.

Although I’m not a great fan of very overt BDSM or D/s stories. A little bit of spanking or binding or jokingly calling someone sir during sex-scenes are ok, but someone only getting off on pain (receiving or giving) and the other aspects of the BDSM scene kinda squick me. Also not the greatest fan of an actual Dom/sub relationship, I just can’t see the appeal . I respect it as a lifestyle-choice, but it just squicks me and thus I don’t want to read about it.

Thank You in advance

PS I hope I tagged ok, but I wasn’t entirely sure which tags to use (I used the tags that I think are probably going to reflect the stories)
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Having just rewatched the films again I went searching for two fics I was sure I had asked for on this community before. But it seems I never did actually ask for them (I did however manage to find the other requests I'd made and have spent a lovely few hours reading through some awesome little fics) But that still leaves me without the two fics I'd orginally been looking for.

I hope you cn help!

1. Watson is starting to become friendly with some other doctors, to the point where he ends up going on a hunting trip with them. The point of the fic was that Watson wanted Holmes to be less like himself, and by the end of the fic, he went home from the trip early because he realised he didn't want Holmes to be anyone else.

2. Holmes is accused of murder (I think) and is on the run. Mary and Watson help him out, bring him clothes and food and whatnot an eventualy it ends up a threesome between them.

and lastly.
3. I would appreciate any recs people have for some hurt!Holmes fics, be this illness, case related. Any pairing is fine barring Holmes/Irene (sorry, but while I will admit he is in love with her brain I just can't see an actual relationship). so Watson/Holmes, Watson/Mary, Watson/Mary/Holmes, whatever.

4. Moriarty/Moran. Because seriously, those two are just... I just loved them so much in the film and need some relationship fics. Preferably not one's where they abuse each other, in fact that fluffier and domestic the better! (if such fics exist)

Thank you all!
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Hi all,
I'm looking for any fics where Sherlock is damaged/traumatized/hurt in some way resulting in Mycroft having to either assume adult guardianship over him, or him having to live with Mycroft. Basically, I'm looking for fics where Mycroft is an awesome big brother and has to look after adult Sherlock on an involved, permanent level. I'm also interested in any fics where Sherlock is traumatized or hurt somehow, and keeps asking for Mycroft, or Mycroft is the only person he'll let near him.
Similarly, any fics where Sherlock lives with Mycroft, for whatever reason, or vice versa, would be great.
Thanks : )
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Hi everyone,

Anyone remember a story in which for some reason, both Watson and Holmes think the other is dead after some ordeal. When each one gets back separately to Baker Street and they see each other, they just touch and kiss as if to reassure themselves that they are alive and well. This leads them to want to take their clothes off and sexy (but emotional) times ensue.

Like it says on the tin, from what I remember it was first-time, ACD verse and quite short.

Ring any bell?

(EDIT) FOUND: Rubicon by janeturenne
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HI all,
I'm looking for any fics where Sherlock is kidnapped by someone(Moriarty or whoever) and kept captive for years, presumed dead or just missing, until one day he either escapes or is rescued.
Thanks : )
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Looking for a post-hiatus BBC fic where Moran (at least I think it was Moran) was torturing people by dosing them with drugs and then subjecting them to terrifying noises that would either drive them crazy or scare them to death.  I think that at the part I left off Sherlock had become the newest victim.
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Does anyone remember a fill on the meme (or if the person put it up on A03) about Sherlock and John not knowing each other but Sherlock being in a coma after an accident while on a case. John volunteers at the hospital and sits with patients and reads out loud/talks to them. I think it was implied that Sherlock could hear him when he was in the coma because Sherlock asked about the person who was talking to him after he wakes up.

Does anyone know this fic?
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So there's two here I need help with.

1). I think it was on ff.net, and it was a crossover with Phantom of the Opera with Sherlock as the Phantom, Irene as Christine, and John in a sort of Christine, Raoul hybrid. As in, he is the Raoul character, but Sherlock is way more interested in him than Irene. It's only two chapters I think, and kinda porny, but I miss it and would love to read it again. If you please!

2). This one I think I found on the kinkmeme: so John lives by himself at Baker Street and he helps the little urchin kids in the area with free medical care and sometimes food, or whatever. Wee! Mycroft and wee!Sherlock are living in the streets because (I think) someone murdered their parents. Wee!Croft brings John to treat wee!Lock who has teh fevers, and eventually John takes the boys in. They are reluctant to trust, but John's jumpers are too cuddly for that. At some point I think the murderers come back to finish the boys off and something happens and the boys and John live happily ever after. The end is a little fuzzy for me. Anyway, would really, really love having this one again. You would be my friend forever if you found it.

Thanks a ton! Much love!

FOUND: Story #2. Thanks so much! Still looking for #1, tho :3


Apr. 13th, 2013 01:30 am
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I lost a story :( shocking I know. But the bad thing is I can't remember much anymore.

I don't know which holmes era it was, but not the modern times, it was RDJ's or something further back.

I know Holmes and Watson were on the run from...Mariarty I guess. I think Holmes wanted to go alone, but Watson wouldn't let him.
They were traveling sometime and and one point they ended up at the Reichenbach falls, they were both looking at it and then someone requested Watsons help at their hotel. So he left Holmes and hurried to the place, only to realise half way that it was a trick to get Holmes alone, so he run back, but the fight between Holmes and Moriarty had already happened.
He could only find tracks of a fight and soon found holmes a little down the waterfall on a stone slab or something.
..then recoverytime I guess :D but I don't really remember
I don't even know if it was slash, I doon't usually ship them, but it could have been.
Help? please?
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On the [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme I was following a good story, writerboy's The Penance for A Dead Man's Sins. Unfortunately it's been deleted and when I contacted the writer he didn't have a full copy of it. Did anyone save it while it was still on the meme? I'm specifically looking for parts six through eight, the ones he didn't have. I know the original prompt requestor and it'd mean a lot to them if I got the whole thing.
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Hi everybody!

I just finished http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5796884/1/All-Hope-Abandoned and I know I've read several other stories where Holmes hurts Watson. But now I'm looking for fics where it's the other way round, meaning Watson hurting Holmes, either deliberately or accidentally.

It can be slash or gen, mental anguish or bodily harm.

I do prefer happy endings but it's not a must.

Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no BBC!verse or 09movie!verse.

Happy Sunday and thanks ever so much!
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Hello all!
I'm looking for any kind of fic where Doctor Watson helps Sherlock heal. Putting a plaster on it, driving him to the hospital, setting a broken limb, helping Sherlock recover from a mental or emotional trauma, etc. I prefer physical healing to mental healing, but either is fine. Gen or slash. The healing doesn't need to be the focus of the story, but ideally it would be a large part. I've looked through the tags, but just wanted to see if there was anything I missed or any 'must-reads' anyone can rec. I appreciate the help! Thx.
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I may be mixing a few stories up here; I apologize in advance for being so vague.

I'm looking for what I believe was a long story where something had happened to Sherlock (I think he may have been kidnapped and tortured, but it's quite possible it was an injury or illness) and John was taking care of him. At some point they became intimate, although I think John felt he was taking advantage of Sherlock. After Sherlock recovered, I believe John thought things would go back to how they were/Sherlock didn't want him anymore and an angry and possessive Sherlock proved him wrong against the wall and/or sitting room floor. I think the story involved Moriarty, but I can't be sure.

The story is not 'The Heart in the Whole' by Verityburns

I hope someone can help me, because this is really driving me crazy.
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So back when I was just getting into the fandom, I ran across this fic--a beautiful tear-jerker with a happy ending. It was on lj, and it was a fic about Anderson sexually assaulting Sherlock and then convincing himself he didn't do it. Donovan may have been in on it, or completely ignoring the signs. Eventual Johnlock (possibly) with maybe about ten chapters. Mycroft might sneak in at the end to kill Anderson and get Donovan transferred  The assault scene was in a multiple story building they were investigating, and everyone was gone. The two got into a fight (a fireplace might have been mentioned?) and end up horizontal, then Anderson loses his mind, basically. He also convinces Sherlock not to tell anybody what went down (several scenes where it so easily could have come out). There was definitely a scene where Donovan's all "what's wrong with freak?" and Anderson bullies him. Someone (John?) comes downstairs (at another crime scene) and asks what's going on. They're all like "nothing" even though its obviously something. Hope that's enough information.
Pleas help,
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I am looking for a specific canon!verse fic. I think it was hosted on liquidfic.org, but I'm not sure. I have fuzzy memories of the plot: Holmes is injured (by a knife?) during his three year hiatus (I think). He ends up at his and Mycroft's childhood home on the brink of death from a fever.

The only detail I remember for sure is that one night Holmes disappears. Watson, who is staying with him through his recovery, panics when he can't locate Holmes. He eventually finds Holmes outside, sitting on a bench, hypnotized by the music in his head.

A long time ago an anon who was also looking for this fic posted a comment to a shkinkmeme post. I can't find the original comment and I have never found the fic, but I am sure it's out there!

ETA: Found! http://piplover.livejournal.com/225445.html#cutid1
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I realize this is a long shot, but I might as well try. I'm desperately trying to find a fic titled "The Case of Erudition Toward Reliance", it's a canon/book-verse story that was very long and focuses on Dr. Watson caring for Sherlock and administering him enemas along with other possibly-squicky medical procedures.

Unfortunately, the only relic I can find of it's existance is this not so nice webpage http://www.toplessrobot.com/2010/01/fan_fiction_friday_sherlock_holmes_and_watson_in_t.php but the snippets of the fic have me dying to read the whole thing, however I worry that it might have been removed, the link to the full fic on fanfiction.net is now broken.

I found this on google: http://merrily.dreamwidth.org/236308.html?thread=446740&style=site#cmt446740 of another person searching for it and it was mentioned that it might have been xposted to cox_and_co? If anyone knows any place this fic might still exist, or even the name of the author/if they have any other fics (I love how they write and would so like to read more) please let me know! Thank you. :)


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