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Okay, so I posted this to Sherlock Search, but have had no luck. Trying my hand here:

I have tried all variations of google searches and I have looked through many, many tags in various communities but this fic is eluding me. Basically, Moriarty calls John and coerces him to have sex with/rape various people that John does not know over the course of a month or longer. If John does not, the consequences are the death of the person he refuses to assault - I believe the first person is a man who is reported to have "committed suicide" after John refuses. As far as I remember, the noncon is not explicit and the fic deals primarily with John's behavior as someone who has been sexually assaulted(I think Mycroft had to bring this to Sherlock's attention but I may be mistaken).

Other things of note: I remember that Moriarty would call either weekly or regular enough that it almost seemed like John was in cahoots with him, but, again, I think Mycroft (but maybe Sherlock) realizes that the behavior is more in line with abuse. I also seem to remember a discussion in the comments about the complex nature of John being a victim in the fic as he is typically the aggressor in what Moriarty makes him do (EG he has John assault other people at the risk of the other person's life).

This may have been a comment fic or on the kink meme. Please help because I am losing my mind trying to find it.

Found! Fragments by [livejournal.com profile] softandwoollen
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I have a fierce FIERCE hankering for fics which involve Watson not in his right mind or kind of out of it. i.e. Faulty reasoning, hallucinations, distraction, synesthesia or in some way perceiving the world with a skew. This could be because of an injury or madness or magic or because he's a ghost the whole time or anything at all.

ACD is my favorite but I'll welcome any and all verses except for Ritchie.

Here are some wonderful examples/bribes.Under here )

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I'm going to feel really stupid when this is found, I just know it...

I'm looking for an ACD era fic that involves Watson's leg wound. Holmes realizes after watching Watson's limp that Watson wasn't just shot in the leg, but partially in the groin. Because of this, Watson finds it difficult to enjoy intimacy, and feels like he has nothing to offer a relationship. It's slash, but only just - it is definitely implied that Watson is primarily heterosexual but he allows Holmes to attempt to comfort him sexually. Could someone please locate this so I can stop driving myself crazy and start kicking myself for not realizing where it is? (I'm sure I will be.) Thanks so much. :D
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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been searching for these two stories all over the place, and I'm desperate.

The first one: I think it's on fanfiction.net but I could be wrong. I know it's set in the BBC verse, and Sherlock comes home to find John dead, supposedly of natural causes. Sherlock shuts down and Mycroft and Lestrade come and have to force Sherlock away from John's body. Afterwards, when Molly is about to do the autopsy, John starts breathing. It turns out that he was poisoned by Moriarty.

The second: It's set in ACD verse. Not sure of the website, but I think it's in Lestrade's POV. Basically Holmes tells Watson to go to a barn and free a girl while he and the officials take on the bad guys. It turns out Holmes is wrong and the thugs are actually in the barn and Watson walks in on them. When Holmes sees the kidnapped girl, he immediately runs out. When he gets there, Watson had been beaten badly and stabbed and they had hanged him to the rafters. I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I am hoping you guys can help. I am looking for some Sherlock Holmes stories, which were all by the same author. I don't remember if they were Movie verse or ACD.  I read them on Fanfiction.net, but I am hoping they are posted elsewhere as they are no longer on that website.

1. First stories title (I believe) has the words letter and Cumberland in it. Watson receives a letter from an old army buddy's widow, so he and Holmes goes to the funeral and as some point they go on a walk and Watson falls off of a waterfall and almost drowns. Holmes saves him and Watson becomes very sick. Lots of h/c ensues! Very well written story.

2. In the second story Watson has been kidnapped, beaten, and dumped at Baker st. as a message to Holmes, Watson is found by a homeless man who goes and gets Holmes. Eventually Watson is at the hospital while Holmes tries to find the men who hurt him and the homeless man keeps watch over Watson to protect him.

All her stories were gen, and very well written. I would love to read them again! Thank you!
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This is a direct quote from an email from a friend:

John believe that he is hallucinating Sherlock, but in actuality he isn't. It was a really good story that had John returning to military service after Sherlock's death and getting very seriously wounded; he loses his entire arm this time. And John learns that Sherlock is real when he is fixing tea and something happens where Sherlock has to act quickly to help him.

Anyone have any ideas what fic it is?
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I’m looking for some fic recs that deal with the (direct) aftermath of the swimming pool face-off in 1x03. It doesn’t have to be canon compliant – so it doesn’t acknowledge the canon way it was resolved in 2x01. At the end of 1x03 it really could have still gone anyway and I would just love to read some fics which deal with that. Either it happened like in canon, but an author expounds on this shared and quite scary experience between Sherlock and John and doesn’t just ignore it like in the TV Series. Or these fics have their own take on what happened after 1x03 and expand upon that idea.

I just finished reading Light Our Own Fires (2010) by blackeyedgirl and absolutely loved her take on the aftermath and how she further worked it out. And that has given me an appetite for more stories using that setting / plot.
I don’t mind if it is gen or slash and any rating is good.
I enjoy all kinds of genres: angst, fluff, est. rel, getting together, friendship!fic, H/C, humor and so on.

Although I’m not a great fan of very overt BDSM or D/s stories. A little bit of spanking or binding or jokingly calling someone sir during sex-scenes are ok, but someone only getting off on pain (receiving or giving) and the other aspects of the BDSM scene kinda squick me. Also not the greatest fan of an actual Dom/sub relationship, I just can’t see the appeal . I respect it as a lifestyle-choice, but it just squicks me and thus I don’t want to read about it.

Thank You in advance

PS I hope I tagged ok, but I wasn’t entirely sure which tags to use (I used the tags that I think are probably going to reflect the stories)
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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for an specific fic,ACD I think-perhaps Granada verse- it was and I remember that Watson and Holmes are walking through a river, stepping on slippery stones, when Watson slips and falls -I think there was a waterfall???- Holmes rescues him of course. I think they were on the countryside because of a case, but can't remember if the case was related to a friend of the good Doctor or I'm mixing fanfics!

Really hoping someone could help me out! And thank you in advance!
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This request is for BBC Sherlock fics.

I'm looking for stories where John is hurt or sick and Sherlock is caring and/or protective of him. Any rating, slash or gen is fine.

Thank you in advance for looking!
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I'm currently being sent bonkers by this misplaced fic, please help!
What I recall is....Watson being held in 221b by Moriarty and being tortured with a specific type of knife, possibly a skinning tool. Holmes saves Watson attacking Moriarty and smashing his skull staining the rug. Mycroft and his men help clear up the scene and dispose of the body. Further scenes I recall take place in a nightclub VIP area and towards the end both the boys jumping out of a building into a river. It is sending me mad not to recall the author given how much I enjoyed the fic and remember details! Please help end my misery. Xx
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Hello out there!

Perhaps you guys can help me, I recently had to change my iPad and everything I had bookmark is gone! I know that's very sad. Anyway I'm looking for several stories that I want to read again and add to my bookmarks.

The first one is one where Mycroft hates Watson because he sees Watson as a waste of space and not useful. He dislikes the idea of Watson being friends with Holmes so in order to get ride of him he sends him to a small village where people are forgotten. This particular village however has a loose murder that poisons people, they kidnap Watson and torture him. Holmes in the meantime try's to figure out where Watson is and why there is a young man moving into the flat to replace Watson send by Mycroft.  Then he receives a letter from the village doctor asking him to come to help them and find Watson. In the end Holmes gets beyond anger with Mycroft and Mycroft apologizes for his action though he still dislikes Watson. The story was canon-based.

FOUND!!!  The Case of the Stolen Doctor by flawedamythyst
the second story is one where Watson gets kidnap by moriarty to motivate holmes in ignoring the sudden crimes spree in London. Moriarty would have Watson accompany him for dinner to talk to him and Watson for his part backlashed him back.  Before Watson is kidnap holmes makes his intention to push their friendship to the next level and then plans to wine and dine him before he finds out that Watson has been taken.  Leading holmes to investigate in secret to find Watson. Mean while Watson finds that moriarty has more then just hostage plans for him and intents to bed him. There is one scene where some of moriarty's henchmen get injures and Watson attends to them.  I also remember that there were beautiful pictures along with the story and it was canon-base.


If you guys can please help me with that it would be great! Thanks!
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Hi all,

I feel like this search has been done before but I've been searching in the bbc tags and couldn't find it.

I'm looking for a bbc fic where in one scene Sherlock and John wake up and find themselves in some sort of tank. Water starts filling the tank and they realize that John is actually chained to the bottom while Sherlock is not. Any help findings his fic would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a fic I read once on AO3, set after the Fall, where John is suicidal and is considering committing suicide, or at least spiraling into depression, and Mycroft saves him against his will-I think he kidnapped him or something?
More generally, I'd love fics that have Mycroft helping/looking after John while Sherlock is gone.
Thanks : )
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Hi, me again!

I needed help finding a fic. The main part of the fic was that someone had put some sort of collar on John and if he moved or people tried to touch it then blades came out. I think that Sherlock needed to solve a puzzle or something on the collar to get it open. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: found!
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Hi everyone,

Anyone remember a story in which for some reason, both Watson and Holmes think the other is dead after some ordeal. When each one gets back separately to Baker Street and they see each other, they just touch and kiss as if to reassure themselves that they are alive and well. This leads them to want to take their clothes off and sexy (but emotional) times ensue.

Like it says on the tin, from what I remember it was first-time, ACD verse and quite short.

Ring any bell?

(EDIT) FOUND: Rubicon by janeturenne
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I was wondering if there were any episode tags or codas to The Blind Banker that deal with John's injuries and/or kidnapping? Anything featuring a protective Sherlock. I just love h/c! Lol!

Slash or gen, doesn't matter.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for this fic where Molly gets jealous of John's relationship with Sherlock and tries to get rid of him.

She drugged John's tea and then locked him in one of the morgue drawers. Sherlock came and saved John.

I remember Molly being totally delusional, thinking that if John was gone Sherlock would love her.

*Found! :D
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Hi all!

Does anyone know where this fic is? Everyone thinks John is dead, including Sherlock, but then he somehow hears John's voice in his head, and John leads him to a manhole or something where he's trapped with some other people. Sherlock has to hide that he's talking to John because everyone will think he's crazy.

Does that make sense? It's an itch I can't scratch, and I'd appreciate any help.

Glad to be joining the community :-)!
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I hope someone can help me find this story:

I can't remember what the premise of the story was, but I remember several points. Hopefully, they are enough to identify the story itself.

John, Sherlock and Mycroft are werewolves. Lestrade is human in the beginning in the story; however he gets turned into a werewolf later on.

John gets trapped inside a box that is lined with silver. I don't know if it's a coffin, or a room. All I know is that, Sherlock has to figure out John's location before the silver kills him.

I think there is a side story to this one and it's in the POV of a dog John and Sherlock saved from a drug dealer that was running meth lab in his house.

Hopefully, I'm not getting stories mixed up, or meshed together.

Thank you in advanced!


So I was determined to find that story, and I did! It's called:

Homo Homini Lupus by [livejournal.com profile] brightest_wings. The actual story is on their DreamWidth account here.
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Howdy all you lovely folks! I lost a rather good fic a while back and have had no luck finding it again. It was a AU with Sherlock being the Beast and John being well...not the Beauty, more of the hapless rescuer of his drunken sister. Like how in the original version it was the Dad who got locked up first, this time it's Harry. John and Sherlock end up laughing and I think Sherlock's laughter scares John? Maybe. All I really remember is I stopped reading it when there was danger, which is a terrible place to stop! Permanent cliffhanger.

If anyone can track it I'd be forever grateful!


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