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I'm going away on a trip. I will be on a plane for nearly ten hours and fanfiction seems like a good way to fill the time.

I love [livejournal.com profile] earlgreytea68 and I've read most of verityburns' and emmagrant01's stories on AO3.

So, can anyone recommend long BBC Sherlock stories to me? Case fic is great, wonderful, cheer-worthy. Slash or friendship between John and Sherlock is lovely; I don't want them working against each other. No major character deaths, though the aftermath of the leap from St. Bart's is fine. I don't mind if one or more of them is involved with a woman (threesome stories are fine, too). I like D/s relationships, if there are any out there. Sherlock as asexual works. Any rating is good.

Thank you all.
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I remember a particular scene from a story and I'm trying to find the fic again. The scene is in a long slash story and it's a play on ACD's "The Speckled Band."

Essentially, Sherlock ends up bending a fireplace poker when someone threatens John. The scene takes place in an Executive office rather than a bedroom as it does in the ACD original, and the venom has been extracted rather than a snake being directly involved. There's a chair that looks like it should swivel and doesn't.

Sorry that I don't have more details. I thought I'd bookmarked it, but apparently missed it.

Thanks for any help.
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Hi All! I am looking for a story in which John is involved in an accident at sea as a child and is rescued by merboy Sherlock. I think at this point Sherlock recognises him as his soulmate. Anyways, John develops a fear of water and years later his therapist talks him into going on a cruise with her. Sherlock (who has found John again by this point) pulls him overboard. I remember that Sherlock can transform his tail into legs (in a very Splash way) and at some point gets locked up by Lestrade for wandering around naked whilst trying to find John.  It was rather excellent and I should have bookmarked it (proceeds to kick herself).

Whilst on the subject, if anyone has any good recommendations for fics where Sherlock is a supernatural or mythical creature it would be muchly appreciated. I am especially interested in fae or merlock and tend to like my Sherlock a little dark, possessive, clingy and very much in love with poor overwhelmed John. Many thanks in advance...
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Hello out there!

Perhaps you guys can help me, I recently had to change my iPad and everything I had bookmark is gone! I know that's very sad. Anyway I'm looking for several stories that I want to read again and add to my bookmarks.

The first one is one where Mycroft hates Watson because he sees Watson as a waste of space and not useful. He dislikes the idea of Watson being friends with Holmes so in order to get ride of him he sends him to a small village where people are forgotten. This particular village however has a loose murder that poisons people, they kidnap Watson and torture him. Holmes in the meantime try's to figure out where Watson is and why there is a young man moving into the flat to replace Watson send by Mycroft.  Then he receives a letter from the village doctor asking him to come to help them and find Watson. In the end Holmes gets beyond anger with Mycroft and Mycroft apologizes for his action though he still dislikes Watson. The story was canon-based.

FOUND!!!  The Case of the Stolen Doctor by flawedamythyst
the second story is one where Watson gets kidnap by moriarty to motivate holmes in ignoring the sudden crimes spree in London. Moriarty would have Watson accompany him for dinner to talk to him and Watson for his part backlashed him back.  Before Watson is kidnap holmes makes his intention to push their friendship to the next level and then plans to wine and dine him before he finds out that Watson has been taken.  Leading holmes to investigate in secret to find Watson. Mean while Watson finds that moriarty has more then just hostage plans for him and intents to bed him. There is one scene where some of moriarty's henchmen get injures and Watson attends to them.  I also remember that there were beautiful pictures along with the story and it was canon-base.


If you guys can please help me with that it would be great! Thanks!
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Howdy all you lovely folks! I lost a rather good fic a while back and have had no luck finding it again. It was a AU with Sherlock being the Beast and John being well...not the Beauty, more of the hapless rescuer of his drunken sister. Like how in the original version it was the Dad who got locked up first, this time it's Harry. John and Sherlock end up laughing and I think Sherlock's laughter scares John? Maybe. All I really remember is I stopped reading it when there was danger, which is a terrible place to stop! Permanent cliffhanger.

If anyone can track it I'd be forever grateful!
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Hi! I'm new to the fandom and have been poking around, so first of all, if there is anything in particular you want to point me towards, I'd be endlessly grateful.

But! The point of this pot is to find rdj!sherlock wooing (and more) bbc!John Watson. I saw one over at some kink meme (now probably hopelessly lost), but the craving remains.

Also, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some really dark!sherlock, something along the line of [livejournal.com profile] spikeface's Autopsis.

So, those are my requests. Other than that I'm not at all picky, so throw whatever extras you want. Any characters, extras, kinks, plots, or whatever you can think of is good for me.

So, any pointers? Please and thank you!
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Im looking for some stories that emphasize the height or size difference btw Sherlock and john. Honestly, dont care which verse as their ALL good. I do admit a slight preference to BBC just cause its so delish, but verse doesnt matter.

I also have a thing for pushy toppy Sherlock--but that is just icing on the cake, not a main req.

Please enable me people!!!! also, this request brought to you by the LOVERLY fic http://archiveofourown.org/works/219934#main Go read it for it is Awesomesauce XD

Thank you, Muchas Gracias!
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Howdy you guys! You all were such a help last time, and I'm sorry to have to pick your brains so soon again, but this one fic has been driving me up the wall. It turns out Holmes and Moriarty were working together the whole time, and Holmes was using his detective persona to warp Watson into his perfect companion/slave. Moriarty and Holmes would have Moran and Watson have sex in front of them, and just when Watson was about to break mentally Moran told him that they both were obviously special to their geniuses because why else would they go through all the trouble?

I'd love to read it again, and I'm curious if there's any other fics where dark!Holmes and Moriarty work together out there?
Thank you all so much!
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Hi guys!

I've got a craving for a wounded John. Like, not emotionally (though that doesn't hurt) but physically wounded. Preferably in the way of protecting Sherlock. Preferably with Sherlock freaking out about it, and being guilty. Happy or sad endings are fine. 

Thanks in advance!


3 Wives?

Mar. 30th, 2012 10:23 pm
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There's the whole bruhaha about how many wives Watson actually had, right? In the books, I mean. And they all died on him... So, I wondered, did anyone write a story where Watson kept getting married and Holmes kept secretly murdering his wives to bring him back to Baker Street? Very dark humor, I know...
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Any universe (although 09 is my favorite)

I have seen very little of this and would really really really like to read some, any really

I'm open to rather liberal interpretations of this as well! (i.e. eating disorders, drug use, etc) self-destructive!watson in general would be great--even just watson not taking care of himself!

and extra points for angry!holmes at watson's lack of regard for himself :3

thank yous!!!

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So I recently read [livejournal.com profile] wordstrings  Paradox Series, and it was wonderful. I am now looking for stories similar that have John and Sherlock completely entangled in each other to the point where it’s an obsession and borderline morally questionable the things they will do for each other. Even if it’s a little dark, that’s fine too. I’m desperate because this idea seems so cannon to me. I’ll take any verse though BBC is really growing on me.

Thanks so much in advance.
Katie <3

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Any fics where Watson fails to take care of himself, suffers the consequences, and Holmes gets mad at him?

Please! :3


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Hey all!!! I just recently discovered and read all of the phenomenal bishopsbird's "One Side Will Make You Grow Taller" http://bishopsbird.livejournal.com/304.html LOVED it, and now I can't help but want for more anorexic!watson, so please please please people!!!! let me know if there are any others out there anorexic, bulimic, self-harm, or even just starving (for whatever reason) watson! And if, as the case may be, no more of these kinds of fic exist, for the love of god someone write one!!! :DDD

let me know guys!!! thanks! :D

p.s--i'd also be much obliged if you all directed me to your favorite worried!holmes fics and hurt!watson fics as well X3

thanks again :D

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I'm looking for a fanfic where John ends up sick with a fever and Sherlock decides to take care of him instead of calling Sarah as John first asked him too (because anything she can do he can do better). The details other than that is a bit fussy but I remember that Sherlock almost never left Johns side and ended up bringing all his experiments into Johns room. I also remember that John ended up making a random comment about Frankenstein and realized (to his horror) that Sherlock had never read it and then tried to get Sherlock to lose interest and not read it (which of course didn't work and next time he woke up he saw Sherlock reading his copy of it)

I think it was a Sherlock/John fic but it could also be gen with a possessive!Sherlock

Also, I'm sorry if I did something incorrectly and in that case please let me know so I can fix it.

ETA:  It's The Case of the Uncommon Cold written by [livejournal.com profile] fakinbrilliance.
Thank you so much [info]jademac2442 for finding it!
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Hi, this is my first time posting and i'm looking for a fic in which John is a wub and the fic is set in an au verse where every sub needs a guardian. Sherlock becomes John's guardian at first then their relationship changes and he becomes John's dom. I remember one scene where Sherlock actually slap JOhn not too long after he was collared. I really hope you guys can help me cause this has been bugging me for so long. I hope i didnt imagine it and can absolutely confirm that it was a dom!sherlock and sub!john.
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Searching for two fics:

The first I remember reading was where Holmes was a member of a family that could bond persons to them with blood. They were given a special knife at a young age to carry with them for this reason. John was dying the pool, and Sherlock jammed a shard through both of their hands and bonded them. I remember the bond being described as the two men sharing Sherlock's soul between them, and that John's had been shoved out of his body. I also remember that Sherlock had bonded John without John's consent, which was like the ultimate horror, and Mycroft had stated that the only reason he hadn't killed Sherlock was because John hadn't been conscious enough to explicitly say no. It was especially heinous, because Sherlock had bonded someone before, when he was really young. That person ended up being a bully and Sherlock had bonded to protect himself and the bully ended up dead, and Sherlock a little damaged. John also didn't realize Sherlock was in love with him for the longest time, until their AU version of Reichenbach happened. Then John had Shade!Sherlock running around in his head. Found by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] chaos_walkinghttp://luchia13.livejournal.com/279034.html by [livejournal.com profile] luchia13

The second fic was a really short morning cuddle sort of fic. Sherlock and John were lying in bed when Sherlock started thinking about their relationship. He started to get anxious, and he felt like he and John weren't close enough (even though they were cuddling closely), and he ended up crawling on top of John and covering him with his body. I remember he timed his breathing so his exhales were on John's inhales, so he wouldn't crush John. It was kinda short, but stuck with me. 
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I'm looking for a fic set in the bbc Sherlock universe in which John is telepathic and saves Anderson.

A few more details: Both John and Sherlock initially assume that it is Sherlock who is telepathic when they first hear each other's thoughts. Sherlock is the one who figures out that it is John who is picking up other people's thoughts. When Anderson is hurt, John saves him by allowing Anderson to stay in his brain. John and Sherlock are in a relationship but refuse to express physical affection as long as Anderson is mentally present. After Anderson wakes up from his coma, he sees Sherlock in a new light and they work out a compromise to allow him to be present instead of being immediately thrown out of crime scenes upon Sherlock's arrival.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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I'm looking for a fic that I started reading, and am beginning to think I imagined.   It's J/S, but with a light side order of John/NotTooEvil!Jim.   What I remember is John coming home to find Moriarty sitting at the table with Sherlock - seems they're both bored, but since John frowns upon the taking of human lives hither and yon, they're trying to find another challenge.   What they come up with is a competation for John-  who can bed him first.  

What sticks in my head is one lovely, lovely scene with John bending over a corpse, inducting the crime, calling Anderson a moron, and defending Sherlock in one glorious, snarky, breath.  This, unsurprisingly, turns Sherlock on beyond reason.

(note to admins - sorry if I miss tags - LJ is arguing with me)

Found super fast  - THANK YOU so, so much.  - link is in the comments -
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I just wanted to rec what is possibly the best Holmes AU on the planet. :-D
It's a Holmes/Watson slash fic and in a world loosely based on the sci-fi series Sentinel. It's not a crossover, but Holmes is a sentinel and Watson is a guide. The author used cannon and fannon from the show to expand on the way the sentinel/guide relationship works. It's still in victorian England and the author's dedication to detail is amazing. the story is well paced and LOOOOOOOOOOOOng so far.(WIP) The plot is intricate and pulls you in and in all honesty once you start reading it's hard to stop. But the story is plot heavy and a little wordy so you might have to take a breather in order to get the facts straight because even the smallest details that seem irrelevant come up later.There can be some confusion if you don't pay attention.

I'm rec-ing it because it is by far one of the most unique Holmes AUs that I have EVER come across. So please read and comment because as amazing this fic is, it has a small number of comments and the author doesn't realize how wonderful the fic really is.
So take a look. You won't regret it.
Happy Reading. ;-)


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