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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been searching for these two stories all over the place, and I'm desperate.

The first one: I think it's on fanfiction.net but I could be wrong. I know it's set in the BBC verse, and Sherlock comes home to find John dead, supposedly of natural causes. Sherlock shuts down and Mycroft and Lestrade come and have to force Sherlock away from John's body. Afterwards, when Molly is about to do the autopsy, John starts breathing. It turns out that he was poisoned by Moriarty.

The second: It's set in ACD verse. Not sure of the website, but I think it's in Lestrade's POV. Basically Holmes tells Watson to go to a barn and free a girl while he and the officials take on the bad guys. It turns out Holmes is wrong and the thugs are actually in the barn and Watson walks in on them. When Holmes sees the kidnapped girl, he immediately runs out. When he gets there, Watson had been beaten badly and stabbed and they had hanged him to the rafters. I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Any help would be appreciated.
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It's mostly from the POV of the two thugs. One guy is showing off a wallet he stole to another guy. 2nd guy is telling wallet thief that one doesn't hurt Sherlock's Watson, and it was nice knowing you. Later Sherlock shows up, creeps the hell out of wallet thief, and kills him.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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So, I'd really love to read a story where Holmes and Watson have to work/interact whatever, with a third person and Holmes unusually takes a liking to them, or at least Watson thinks so and is hurt by how Holmes seems to disregard him. Maybe because the other person is better at deduction than Watson? or something like that. In the end, of course ;) Holmes makes it all up to Watson and shows him who his one and only friend is.

Basically, and story where Watson gets pushed in the background a bit by someone else. I'd prefer canon or Granada verse, but BBC verse is fine as well.

also, I love stories where Holmes is protective/supportive of Watson, so if you know any good ones, let me know :D all verses are appreciated, though as always, my first love is canon.
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I'm going away on a trip. I will be on a plane for nearly ten hours and fanfiction seems like a good way to fill the time.

I love [livejournal.com profile] earlgreytea68 and I've read most of verityburns' and emmagrant01's stories on AO3.

So, can anyone recommend long BBC Sherlock stories to me? Case fic is great, wonderful, cheer-worthy. Slash or friendship between John and Sherlock is lovely; I don't want them working against each other. No major character deaths, though the aftermath of the leap from St. Bart's is fine. I don't mind if one or more of them is involved with a woman (threesome stories are fine, too). I like D/s relationships, if there are any out there. Sherlock as asexual works. Any rating is good.

Thank you all.
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This request is for BBC Sherlock fics.

I'm looking for stories where John is hurt or sick and Sherlock is caring and/or protective of him. Any rating, slash or gen is fine.

Thank you in advance for looking!
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Hello out there!

Perhaps you guys can help me, I recently had to change my iPad and everything I had bookmark is gone! I know that's very sad. Anyway I'm looking for several stories that I want to read again and add to my bookmarks.

The first one is one where Mycroft hates Watson because he sees Watson as a waste of space and not useful. He dislikes the idea of Watson being friends with Holmes so in order to get ride of him he sends him to a small village where people are forgotten. This particular village however has a loose murder that poisons people, they kidnap Watson and torture him. Holmes in the meantime try's to figure out where Watson is and why there is a young man moving into the flat to replace Watson send by Mycroft.  Then he receives a letter from the village doctor asking him to come to help them and find Watson. In the end Holmes gets beyond anger with Mycroft and Mycroft apologizes for his action though he still dislikes Watson. The story was canon-based.

FOUND!!!  The Case of the Stolen Doctor by flawedamythyst
the second story is one where Watson gets kidnap by moriarty to motivate holmes in ignoring the sudden crimes spree in London. Moriarty would have Watson accompany him for dinner to talk to him and Watson for his part backlashed him back.  Before Watson is kidnap holmes makes his intention to push their friendship to the next level and then plans to wine and dine him before he finds out that Watson has been taken.  Leading holmes to investigate in secret to find Watson. Mean while Watson finds that moriarty has more then just hostage plans for him and intents to bed him. There is one scene where some of moriarty's henchmen get injures and Watson attends to them.  I also remember that there were beautiful pictures along with the story and it was canon-base.


If you guys can please help me with that it would be great! Thanks!
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I was wondering if there were any episode tags or codas to The Blind Banker that deal with John's injuries and/or kidnapping? Anything featuring a protective Sherlock. I just love h/c! Lol!

Slash or gen, doesn't matter.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi all!

Does anyone know where this fic is? Everyone thinks John is dead, including Sherlock, but then he somehow hears John's voice in his head, and John leads him to a manhole or something where he's trapped with some other people. Sherlock has to hide that he's talking to John because everyone will think he's crazy.

Does that make sense? It's an itch I can't scratch, and I'd appreciate any help.

Glad to be joining the community :-)!
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I hope it is okay to ask for two different things in one post. :-)

BBC Sherlock Requests:

1. I'm looking for post Great Game stories in which Sherlock is overprotective of Watson. Actually, any overprotective Sherlock would be great.

2. Are there any de-aged Watson fics in which Sherlock takes care of him? I've read KCScribbler's stories and I want more, please.

Thanks in advance!
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I can't believe this, but I lost one of my favourite fanfics of all times.

It's from Lestrade's POV entirely, and it starts with a case, where suddenly there are shots and Watson is hit in the throat. Then Holmes freaks out, and starts rambling, and he even mentions that he wears his glasses just to please Watson, because he hates them. At the end, with medical help almost there, Holmes begs Watson not to leave him. It's imply slash.

The good doctor actually survives but has lost the ability to speak beyong a whisper-Lestrade go to visit at Sussex

If someone could help me with the link, I'd be grateful forever.

FOUND - Here it is : http://nolessremarkable.wordpress.com/intimations-policeman-series/
, Thanks so much to ars_longa.
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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a fic where shot in the head by some man cornered by the yarders and our heroes. Can't remember what verse it was but at the moment of the shooting Sherlock only saw a spray of red and John falling; then assumed his best friend was dead and was intending to kill the man until someone shouted the good Doctor was alive.

Sorry it's a bit vague but it's all I can remember :(
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Hi again!

I have specific and a general search today. Both from BBC!verse.

1. Specific...I'm looking for a story where since Sherlock was a little child John (adult) John would appear whenever Sherlock was emotionally vulnerable. Sherlock ends up trying to do certain things to bring John around, like taking drugs. It ends in Canon verse where John was in a coma (I can't remember if it ends happy or not).

Edit: Found! In comments

2. General - I'm looking for fics where Sherlock is insanely protective of John. I keep thinking of the episode of aSiB, where Sherlock imagines what has happened to Mrs. Hudson by seeing the evidence and then throws a guy off a roof for hurting Mrs. Hudson...I want something like that, where it just shows that Sherlock is very protective and will cross lines to protect the people he loves. (although, please no Dark!Sherlock, I mean, I want him to cross some lines but I don't want him to be completely evil). (and I have already gone through the protective!Holmes tag, and while it's led me to some lovely stories I find that I want more :)

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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I am searching for a canon story in which Holmes, during the time he is supposedly dead, comes across an old edition of The Times. I believe he finds it under the bed of a man he has a short affair with. Coincidentally it is the edition in which Watson announced that his wife Mary had died. Holmes is devastated because he always comforted himself with the fact that at least Watson isn't alone. He rushes home to comfort Watson and is already in London when Ronald Adair is murdered. This gives him a convenient plan to get rid of Moran. Later Watson finds out that Holmes returned home for him and not the case. I believe the story is slash. Does anyone remember this?
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Hello again! Sorry to post right in a row, but I've remembered an absolute corker of a story and can't seem to find it anywhere. Watson was kidnapped, tied to a post in an attic with canaries, blindfolded, and the kidnapper was very veeeeery creepy. Holmes managed to find him because at the guy's last residence he left a bunch of dead canaries. The house is falling apart, and I think by a railroad? That's all I remember, but it was fabulous. I believe it was on lj, but I can't be certain about that.

Also Mods, might we have a kidnapping kink tag? :3
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Hey guys!

Looking for post-Reichenbach fics in which we get to see our characters dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's return. Give me emotional turmoil, betrayal, pain, break my heart (and John's), please? I don't mind happy endings but I'm here for the H/C, heavy on the H please?

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin

Child John

Jun. 5th, 2012 01:12 pm
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I'm searching for fic in which John de-ages or turns in a child and Sherlock has to look after him. I know there a fics in which Sherlock is turned but John?

I would prefer BBC!Sherlock but I'm not picky.
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I've got two radically conflicting wants....   *my brain - I dunno*

1)  I'm looking for John having PTSD issues/nightmares/twitches after the Baskerville drugs.  I'd love to see Sherlock helping/comforting/realizing that he triggered something, a little guilt maybe.  Or just John going to talk to someone, Lestrade, Ella, etc.

2)  And some Dom!Sherlock.  Not necessarily hardcore BDSM, though I have no problem with that, but just seriously taking charge of the sexual situation.   BAMF!Sherlock would be fantastic as well.

Thanks SO SO much in advance!!
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Hi guys!

I've got a craving for a wounded John. Like, not emotionally (though that doesn't hurt) but physically wounded. Preferably in the way of protecting Sherlock. Preferably with Sherlock freaking out about it, and being guilty. Happy or sad endings are fine. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I'm looking for fics that contain any of the following:

1) John standing up for Sherlock and/or vice versa.

2) John being sick or dying and Sherlock trying to be his friend. Goodbye, John by XxMildredxX made me cry. Twice. ;~; It doesn't matter if it's platonic, preslash or relationship - I'm just looking for fics where Sherlock shows a sick John that he cares.

3) Sherlock and John showing that they care about each other, like in The Road Trip series by stupid_drawings. Fluff only, please. Bonus points for part-of-the-gang(-for-now)!third person, but not necessary.

4) John being Sherlock's boyfriend from *insert country that is not England here*. I've mostly read about John being Sherlock's Canadian boyfriend, but any not-England!country is fine. While I'm on the topic, I'm also reccing The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by [livejournal.com profile] cyerus because I loved it so very much. ♥

5) Mycroft or NSY being nice to/protective of John.

6) Fluffy Sherlock/John AUs. Can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

7) Sherlock/John fluff. Again, can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

8) Anyone/John bromance. If you don't know what bromance is, it's "a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy". As quoted from WikiPedia.

Can you tell who my favourite character in the series is? Yeah. Also, I'd like to apologise for the absurdly long list. I'm so, so sorry. God, self.
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BBC verse, John/Sherlock. John's last (only?) boyfriend was horrible and treated him badly, borderline domestic abuse, so he's not exactly enthusiastic about entering into a relationship with Sherlock because he thinks it'll be the same. I think the ex's name was Tom? Sherlock never finds out who he is (although of course he wants to, so he can exact revenge) and he sets about convincing John that it can be better. And it is.

The story is a classic and awesome and deliciously slow paced and gentle. I think I read it on AO3 before. Any clues are appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Found! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] homeflight for finding A Live Well Lived by [livejournal.com profile] kate_lear.


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