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Hi! I'm looking for the holmes/watson fics by [livejournal.com profile] charlies_hoodie,the stories were posted on [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_fic but both ljs have been deleted.Help me please?
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I'm looking for a Sherlock Holmes fan fic that has Sherlock getting into an accident and caused him to be deaf and blind at least tempoarilly.  It's a based on the book series. 
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Okay, so I posted this to Sherlock Search, but have had no luck. Trying my hand here:

I have tried all variations of google searches and I have looked through many, many tags in various communities but this fic is eluding me. Basically, Moriarty calls John and coerces him to have sex with/rape various people that John does not know over the course of a month or longer. If John does not, the consequences are the death of the person he refuses to assault - I believe the first person is a man who is reported to have "committed suicide" after John refuses. As far as I remember, the noncon is not explicit and the fic deals primarily with John's behavior as someone who has been sexually assaulted(I think Mycroft had to bring this to Sherlock's attention but I may be mistaken).

Other things of note: I remember that Moriarty would call either weekly or regular enough that it almost seemed like John was in cahoots with him, but, again, I think Mycroft (but maybe Sherlock) realizes that the behavior is more in line with abuse. I also seem to remember a discussion in the comments about the complex nature of John being a victim in the fic as he is typically the aggressor in what Moriarty makes him do (EG he has John assault other people at the risk of the other person's life).

This may have been a comment fic or on the kink meme. Please help because I am losing my mind trying to find it.

Found! Fragments by [livejournal.com profile] softandwoollen
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I have a fierce FIERCE hankering for fics which involve Watson not in his right mind or kind of out of it. i.e. Faulty reasoning, hallucinations, distraction, synesthesia or in some way perceiving the world with a skew. This could be because of an injury or madness or magic or because he's a ghost the whole time or anything at all.

ACD is my favorite but I'll welcome any and all verses except for Ritchie.

Here are some wonderful examples/bribes.Under here )

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Hi all,
I'm looking for BBC Sherlock slash fics, preferably long, slow build ones, where Sherlock is in a relationship with another man, who is not either John or Lestrade. Basically, I'm looking for long slash fics that have Sherlock as one of the partners, but are not Johnlock or Sherstrade. The other person can be an OMC, a crossover character, a more minor character from Doyle canon, anyone. Just curious to see how such a relationship would be percieved by the other characters, particularly John.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for two specific BBC sherlock fics:
1. Sherlock suffers some form of brain injury that leaves him in a childlike state, John looks after him at Baker Street. I remember John was in a relationship with Mary, and at one point was startled at how good Mary was with Sherlock. Mycroft visits at some point and gives John guardianship of Sherlock, but requests visitation rights or something. I think he also deposits a sum of money in John's bankaccount, because money was tight or something. I think it was on ff . net.
2. A post-Fall fic where Sherlock comes back with an injured leg I think, requiring a cane or something. It was a long fic, and at the end Mycroft danced on the table with sabers or something after losing a bet to Sherlock. They get Sherlock some kind of giant dog that destroys one of his scarfs I think.
Also, if there are any fics where Sherlock returns post-Fall with some kind of physical disability, that would be great too.
Thanks very much!!
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I just read a retelling of The Adventures of the Dying Detective in the BBC 'verse and I was reminded of an old story taking place during the case. I remember very little but I'd love to read it again. It takes place in Victorian times and I'm pretty sure it's Holmes/Watson slash or at least pre-slash. I only remember part of it. Watson was very hurt that Holmes didn't trust him as a doctor and believed that everything Holmes had said was right, so he decided to leave. I'm not sure what happened to him then. Holmes notices something is wrong when Watson doesn't return. I think he went looking for him?

Does this seem familiar?
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Was wondering if any of you tech savvy people could help me. I absolutely loved this BBC Sherlock fic - Painted by Numbers. It was magical realism, John and Sherlock were in a relationship and everyone had a number on their foreheads, supposedly representing their IQ. I've sure a lot of you have read the fic in question but now it's gone. The author has closed/abandoned LJ and Ao3 accounts and I can't find it anywhere.
I know when this has happened before sometimes people can find an archived version somewhere out there in the ether[net]! I tried doing this but no luck and I don't really know what I'm doing.
Anyway I would LOVE to read this again so if anyone has a saved copy or has any idea how to access deleted fic please, please let me know!
The URLs I had for it in my bookmarks were:


Title: Painted by Numbers
Author Woe-in-a-hoodie or Malacophilous?

Many thanks
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hi all

I'm looking for two fics - both bbc verse.

1. Uni AU Johnlock fic. I remember they are in the same chem class, and John keeps making awful chemistry puns that no one gets but Sherlock. They start to become friends, and I feel like there's a coffee shop scene. And when they do get together, they laugh a lot. They tell jokes like "what do you call a blind doe" and "what's brown and sticky". John says that sex is meant to be fun. This is a pretty long fic. It's John trying to seduce Sherlock with the puns and jokes. There's a scene where John sends Sherlock a code (?) - a chemical formula, maybe - and Sherlock spends a week trying to decipher it. There's also a scene where Sherlock I believe refers to "The Aristocrats" - the infamous dirtiest joke in the world - and John says "don't you ever tell that joke in our bed" or something?

2. An established relationship Johnlock fic where John and Sherlock are in a long-term relationship. Harry and (I think) Clara get pregnant (maybe using John's sperm as a donor, I think), and Sherlock becomes obsessed with the idea of having a baby with John - observing all the changes in maybe-Clara as her pregnancy progresses. He approaches John with the idea, but John doesn't think that he's serious - but he says he'll consider it if Sherlock is really serious. Sherlock takes to babysitting a neighbour's baby to practice, and John gradually realizes Sherlock really wants it. They decide to get a surrogate. They argue about whose sperm to use as the donor sperm - Sherlock wants a baby John, and John wants a baby Sherlock. They decide it's going to be John's sperm. It's a really sweet, quiet fic. The scene where John tells Sherlock yes to them having a child is with them lying in bed. Also, this isn't kidfic really because the baby isn't born until the very end, it's really all about the process of them negotiating whether they're going to have a child together. There is also a thread where Harry and maybe-Clara are preparing to move to San Francisco for maybe-Clara's job, which creates anxiety for Sherlock as he's obsessing over the pregnancy/baby thing.

thanks for any help!
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I'm looking for a fic in which Watson is fooled by a lady who uses an onion to make herself cry. Holmes sneaks his lock picks on to Watson with a hug, and it causes a huge fuss.

In particular, there's a scene where they're arguing next to the fireplace, and Watson describes all the colour rushing out of Holmes' face and into his as Holmes goes pale and he blushes.

It's possibly Granada verse, but I think it's ACD.
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I'm looking for "Only a donor" that has been deleted from fanfiction.net.
Resume: Vampire!Sherlock and Donor!John meet at various stages before John’s life truly begins.

Thank you in advance !
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I'm looking for a story where Sherlock cares for John's newborn baby after Mary dies.
I remember that the story starts at the hospital. The baby is left at the neonatal ward and Sherlock fetches her and asks the nurses for instructions on baby formula etc. He is the sole carer of the baby for a long time, John has somehow shut off and is indifferent towards the baby. I think that Sherlock even names her.

I might confuse more than one stories. I remember that Sherlock was fascinated by the baby and kept her with him most of the time. John was drowned in grief and didn't react to the baby crying. I remember that Sherlock took care of both father and child. There was a scene with both John and the baby coming back to Baker Street after the hospital and Sherlock guiding John back inside and upstairs.

I can't believe that I forgot all about it.

Thank you in advance for your answer

ETA: Partially found. The hospital scene is from Just for fun by Littlepippin76.
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Please help an old fangirl....Once upon a time (I think this was before the 2009 RDJ movie was released, actually), I read a Victorian/ACD fanfic where Holmes does his whole 'reappear to Watson' thing, and Watson faints and then comes to.

Holmes then spends a long time talking about how he watched Watson look for him at the Falls, but he was so smart, and he stayed out of sight, etc, etc. Watson is getting angrier and angrier through this whole explanation and finally punches Holmes. He is really emotional and says something like "You were looking (laughing?) at my ruin, Holmes!". I think they kiss at some point after, and then Watson is ashamed/embarrassed (in a very Victorian way). The fic ends up being Holmes/Watson.

I also think there's something about Watson basically being on the verge of being homeless- Mary has died, his practice has failed, he has had to let his maid go, he owes creditors everywhere, etc.

I may be mixing two fics up in my head, too. I really remember the "You were looking at my ruin" scene.
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So the fic that I'm searching for I read on AO3. It's an established Mystrade and in the first chapter Greg is home when there's a knock at the door and there are these two kids,a boy and a girl teenagers twins, and they are there to return Greg's suitcase. The girl sort of freaks out when they discover that Greg is a DI but the boy is ok with it. Mycroft gets home and I think Greg invites them to have dinner and they end up staying the night. Greg gets attached and so does Mycroft, they sort of keep an eye on the kids. The kids father is a drug leader who hits them and forces them to sell drugs. The girl always tries to defend her brother from their abusive father. At one point they run away after the father hits them and the girl defending her brother hits him with something and kills him. Greg and Mycroft send Sherlock and John to find them. I remember that they go to the kids school and Mycroft says that the boy had some disorder that Sherlock had. I remember more of the fic but have research on AO3 and google for the past 3 months or so and haven't been able to find anything, I'm hoping that someone in this community recognizes the fic. I do remember more of the fic but I don't want to give all the plot away, but if someone needs more detail to jog their memory I'm will to give it.

Thank you!!
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back on ao3, where Lestrade was an alpha of a large pack in London(I think they were actual werewolves) and Mycroft is his omega. Sherlock is also an omega, and I think Molly and Andersen possibly. Omegas are really rare or something. John comes back from Afghanistan a broken alpha without a pack, and he persuades Lestrade to take him in, and ends up submitting to Lestrade. It did pair Mycroft/Lestrade/John together for some scenes, and I think it was part of a series of possibly unrelated but similar fics. It was really long, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Help?
Thanks : )

Found! It's The Power of the Pack by VincentMeoblinn
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Ok, I'm out of my mind trying to find this fic; I read it between 6 months to a year ago, and I'm almost sure it's a oneshot. It starts with Sherlock confronting Mycroft about their father's death, as he'd been recently working on a case that made him realize that Mycroft had killed their father when they were children. Mycroft at first panics and tries to make excuses and use subterfuge, but in the end the truth comes out, that he was abused for years by his father, and that he only killed him, by poisoning his drink with pills of some sort, when the bastard started to move in on little Sherlock.

All of the story takes place in the flat, though there are plenty of flashbacks, and at first Sherlock doesn't want to believe Mycroft, but John is there to serve as mediator and make Sherlock realize the truth. The story ends with Sherlock starting to remember bits and pieces of their childhood which explains why Mycroft was always crying and distant, and the two of them hug it out on the couch.

I'm pretty sure I read it on FF.net and not AO3, but I could be wrong. Please help if you have any idea what I'm talking about. It was a very good fic and I'd love to read it again.
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So I remembered this fic from the old kinkmeme (sherlockkink). I think it was called The Contract, and it was a multipart but never-finished fill for an arranged marriage prompt. And it may have disappeared forever from the Internet, but on the off chance that it is available somewhere, I really would like to read it again.

It was set in the Victorian era, but with some alternate history things about the British upper classes having developed a sort of institutionalised version of Greek pedagogical eros that combined with really only needing one son to continue the family line and devolved into (often creepy and exploitative) mandatory arranged relationships for younger sons. From what I remember, the author put a lot of thought into how the legal system, courtship traditions, and fashions would work within the society.

And it was super-creepy. Moriarty had not-so-secretly had his eye on Holmes for a few years (long before such attention would be considered appropriate even in-universe) and convinced Holmes's father (who is deathly ill) that the best way to provide for his two sons is for him to designate in his will that Sherlock be married to Moriarty. The rest of the fic was Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft trying (unsuccessfully, thus far) to contest the legality of the change and Moriarty planning all of the devious things he's going to do once he has Holmes in his clutches.

If anyone remembers it and/or knows if the author ever reposted it somewhere else (or if you are the author and I can persuade you to repost it), that would be much appreciated!!
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Oh dear friends, please help me with this fic. It's probably my absolute favorite of all Sherlock/John I've ever read, but somehow I never bookmarked it? I've searched all the ways I can think to and just no sign of it... I dearly hope it's not deleted or something. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3.

Under cut because it's an extra-long description==>

Sherlock loves, like REALLY LOVES John. )
I love this fic like Sherlock loves John. Please please please someone out there know what I'm talking about? I will be forever in your debt!!! <3

ETA: FOUND!!! and so quickly!! by the amazing and beautiful [livejournal.com profile] aerye A million thanks, doll!!!
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I'm looking for a short fic I read ages ago, possibly on Cox and Co. Years after Reichenbach, Holmes is approached by a blackmailer who acquired Moriarty's estate at auction. Among Moriarty's mundane academic books, said bad guy finds a love letter from Holmes to Moriarty (the two apparently had an affair while the former was a student). Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi all

I'm hoping I might have some luck here finding a story that I read I while back and can't seem to find anymore.
I can't remember the name of the story but I can give you some details of what I know.

I know it's based in the era like the Sherlock Holmes movies (Downey films), not the TV series and I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3. Slow build sherlock/Watson, sherlock is in love with Watson and Watson is oblivious/confused.
Watson is married/engaged to Mary and doesn't live with sherlock anymore, sherlock also moves to a different house as well (can't remember the reason).
Sherlock is on a case trying to catch a murderer and goes on finding clues that are left behind by them.
There's a chapter about an OMC character, homeless boy who gets looked after by a male prostitute and in the end there's a scene in an alleyway where the the older one dies from sickness and the other boy lives with sherlock in later chapters while helping sherlock with the case.
Another scene involves sherlock running into Watson and Mary at an opera performance.

I'm sorry if all this is confusing or vague but it's all I can remember, I would be grateful for any help on finding this story.


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