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Hi everyone! 

I'm sorry if this is not allowed, but I'm looking for a picture, or a series of pictures. 

I'd probably found it on tumblr somewhere, and they were screen caps of A Study in Pink, when they'd just found the Pink Lady. 

Lestrade and John are essentially quoting characters from the Mean Girls, like: 

Sherlock: They wanted to get me socialized.
Lestrade/John: Oh you'll get socialized all right, a little slice like you.
Sherlock: What are you talking about?
Lestrade/John: You're a regulation hottie.
Sherlock: What?
Lestrade/John: Own it.

And I'm still working on converting a bunch of people to Sherlock, for which I think this'd be helpful. I hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about! 

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin
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Okay, being in the US, I have not been able to see season 2 of Sherlock yet. But I've heard Lestrade has some pretty cool scenes, particularly in episode two (the one based on HOUN). If any of y'all could track down some images, I would be very grateful. Will also accept pics/icons/screencaps featuring Sherlock and John. Thanks!
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Does anyone know where I can find high-res (or any!) Granada screencaps? There are a lot of galeries around for BBC's Sherlock, but I found none for Granada.

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Hi everyone! The new BBC series "Sherlock" really broke my brain, I can't think of anything but the awesome plot, and the slashy situations between Sherlock and John or Benedict and Martin!
I watched the episodes kinda later than the rest of the world, so I fear to have missed many stuff I'd love to see/have.
Can anyone link to my all the interviews with the cast or the producers of this new tv show in which they discuss the Sherlock/John relationship? And the official pictures of the two actors together? It wold be really fantastic, please help me!
Thanks in advantage!
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(icon by [livejournal.com profile] cadiliniel)

the picture this icon was made from, where did it come from? can you tell me where to find it? don't seem to remember that scene from the film.

any help greatly appreciated.
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hi all! please do be helping me, please ...

looking for either a HIGH-RES version of this screencap, or a WALLPAPER (which is essentially what I intend to do with it)

any help greatly appreciated!
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What episode is this adorable picture from:

They're in a hansom, are they not?
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Did Jude Law and/or RDJ ever do any photoshoots where they are crossdressing? I'd like to see some photos, please.
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In some of the RDJ communities or new Holmes communities was an entry a few months back where someone had found out where he lived and found pictures of the houses.

I'm trying to find the entry but am having a horrible time doing so. I was wondering if someone could help me?
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Can someone please help me find a good pic of RDJ's Sherlock when he is handcuffed to the bed in the Grand? I find small screencaps but I could have sworn I saw a very nice sized photo, (fairly close-up, not the one where you can see the pillow) with his arms spread out to the side. I saw it and like an idiot did not bookmark it. Any help would be totally appreciated.
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I was watching the Bluray Maximum Movie mode and there were some amazing stills at the bottom of the screen. Mostly the ones I am interested in were the costume shots. There were some amaing ones of Irene and Watson in various poses. Where do I find these pictures? Thank you wonderful community for your help!
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So RDJ was asked if he could've imagined playing Watson, and he *sorta* said yes.

I was wondering if there are any pictures of him with short hair and a Watson-esque stache. From any time period or movie or whatever. I wanna see if he can pull it off, and I have no imagination.
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Oh yea of strong google-fu. So, at the moment I'm stuck with a interm computer while my New One arrives. Thus, I cannot save things I want too. Thus, a link to an Inspector G. Lestrade!Macro was lost.

It was one of those "LOOK AT THIS BADASS" rantymacro ones (you know the type). Mentions Colin Jeavons (the gentleman in my icon), not canonically having a first name and being better than Gregson.
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I'm looking for a pic of Robert Downey Jr. that was used for this graphic. As far as I know it's from a photoshot of 2004 by Michel Comte for L'Uomo Vogue. I can't find it anywhere :(
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Someone in one of the holmes/Rdj community posted screencaps from the scene in Less Than Zero when RDJ is pulling his briefs up.

I was wondering if anyone had those pictures?
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Something about the movie has been driving me utterly batty, and I was wondering if someone could help. If anyone happens to have stills of the scene where Holmes is utterly blasted and performing satanic rituals in his room above the Punchbowl, I would be so happy if I could get a link. Or, if you happen to simply know the answer to this question, I'd be eternally grateful (even if I'd still like to see the answer myself). Here's my beef:

While Holmes is higher than kite, sitting in the middle of a pentagram, he starts having these rapid-fire flashbacks that help put all the info he's gathered into a cohesive whole. And this is all well and good, except for the scene at the very end. I can't remember what was said, but Blackwood had some strange voice-over, no doubt saying something delightfully discouraging, as a face begins to appear out of the darkness. It's all lit in blue, and it's only on the screen for a second, and for the life of me I can't figure out who it is (or what it. Maybe it isn't a face at all). But the look on Holmes' face when he sees it is just sort of lost and heart-broken, or at the very least discouraged, and then a crow flies out of the darkness, and he wakes up in a bed with Irene hovering over him.

So the question: Is this a face? If so, whose? Feasibly, I think it could be Watson, Blackwood, or even Holmes himself. I just don't know. Anybody?

Again,  appreciate your pandering to my crazy.
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Would anybody know where to find the promotional pictures of the movie on the web in one place?

Also, in certain interviews with the cast, in the background, you can see a lamp post with 221b on it. Would anybody know where to find this picture? Preferably in large format!

Thank you all!
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I'm looking for the full pic that this icon is made from:

Preferably HQ, please. I believe it's from the New York premiere.

I REALLY hope someone can help me! Many thanks.

ETA: Found! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nagatzuna


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