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Hello. I have been trying to find a Sherlock Holmes ACD verse for quite awhile now. I remember i read the fic on ffn.net and it is multichapters. It rated G or K i dont remember. It's mostly about holmes and watson friendship, very adorable. If i'm not mistaken, the first chapter involved Mrs. Hudson asking Holmes and Watson dont refer by their first name to which they smiled and said "we don't know". And there's also a chapter, in the middle, around 12 or 24 sth idk, that featured holmes and watson on a case and they stayed at their client's house i think. There was a boy with a teddy bear and watson fixed the teddy bear for the kid (and holmes smiled when he saw watson i think).

I could have sworn that the tittle is sth like a fairy tale of baker street or sth, very long name, but i still cant find it. Also, most chapters were often shorted. Thank you.

Edit: i found it! It's Tales of 221B ! The chapter that Mrs. Hudson asked them is chapter 2 not 1, and the tittle is shorter than i remember lol
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I have a fierce FIERCE hankering for fics which involve Watson not in his right mind or kind of out of it. i.e. Faulty reasoning, hallucinations, distraction, synesthesia or in some way perceiving the world with a skew. This could be because of an injury or madness or magic or because he's a ghost the whole time or anything at all.

ACD is my favorite but I'll welcome any and all verses except for Ritchie.

Here are some wonderful examples/bribes.Under here )

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I just read a retelling of The Adventures of the Dying Detective in the BBC 'verse and I was reminded of an old story taking place during the case. I remember very little but I'd love to read it again. It takes place in Victorian times and I'm pretty sure it's Holmes/Watson slash or at least pre-slash. I only remember part of it. Watson was very hurt that Holmes didn't trust him as a doctor and believed that everything Holmes had said was right, so he decided to leave. I'm not sure what happened to him then. Holmes notices something is wrong when Watson doesn't return. I think he went looking for him?

Does this seem familiar?
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Does anyone remember a fic in the ACD-verse where Holmes did go over the Reichenbach Falls and was killed. However, a woman who knew voodoo tried to bring him back to life but when she was unable to complete the ritual, he was left in a half alive state. He managed to drag himself back to London where Mycroft and Watson spend most of the story trying to get him all the way back to life and keep him from decaying (ew!) further. The story may be unfinished, at any rate, I don't remember the ending.
So, does this ring any bells with anyone? I'd really like to find this one again.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a tag for zombie Holmes.
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I'm looking for a fic in which Watson is fooled by a lady who uses an onion to make herself cry. Holmes sneaks his lock picks on to Watson with a hug, and it causes a huge fuss.

In particular, there's a scene where they're arguing next to the fireplace, and Watson describes all the colour rushing out of Holmes' face and into his as Holmes goes pale and he blushes.

It's possibly Granada verse, but I think it's ACD.
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Please help an old fangirl....Once upon a time (I think this was before the 2009 RDJ movie was released, actually), I read a Victorian/ACD fanfic where Holmes does his whole 'reappear to Watson' thing, and Watson faints and then comes to.

Holmes then spends a long time talking about how he watched Watson look for him at the Falls, but he was so smart, and he stayed out of sight, etc, etc. Watson is getting angrier and angrier through this whole explanation and finally punches Holmes. He is really emotional and says something like "You were looking (laughing?) at my ruin, Holmes!". I think they kiss at some point after, and then Watson is ashamed/embarrassed (in a very Victorian way). The fic ends up being Holmes/Watson.

I also think there's something about Watson basically being on the verge of being homeless- Mary has died, his practice has failed, he has had to let his maid go, he owes creditors everywhere, etc.

I may be mixing two fics up in my head, too. I really remember the "You were looking at my ruin" scene.
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I'm going to feel really stupid when this is found, because I'm pretty sure I read this recently. I'm looking for a relatively short fic that involves Holmes and Watson spending the night in a cabin, snowed in/caught in a blizzard. The trick is, the author wrote the same scenario from three different perspectives - book canon/Granada, RDJ verse, and Sherlock. All three were very well written, very in line with the tone of that particular fandom. No major detailsto speak of, although I know the RDJ bit included the 'old cock, mother hen' routine, and the Sherlock bit involved them needing to stop because Sherlock saw the cabin and stood up on the snowmobile, which resulted in him being hit on the head by a low hanging branch. Sound familiar?

Edit: Found (extremely quickly, as always) in comments.
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Hi, I'm new here, but I've been searching for these two stories all over the place, and I'm desperate.

The first one: I think it's on fanfiction.net but I could be wrong. I know it's set in the BBC verse, and Sherlock comes home to find John dead, supposedly of natural causes. Sherlock shuts down and Mycroft and Lestrade come and have to force Sherlock away from John's body. Afterwards, when Molly is about to do the autopsy, John starts breathing. It turns out that he was poisoned by Moriarty.

The second: It's set in ACD verse. Not sure of the website, but I think it's in Lestrade's POV. Basically Holmes tells Watson to go to a barn and free a girl while he and the officials take on the bad guys. It turns out Holmes is wrong and the thugs are actually in the barn and Watson walks in on them. When Holmes sees the kidnapped girl, he immediately runs out. When he gets there, Watson had been beaten badly and stabbed and they had hanged him to the rafters. I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Any help would be appreciated.
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So I remembered this fic from the old kinkmeme (sherlockkink). I think it was called The Contract, and it was a multipart but never-finished fill for an arranged marriage prompt. And it may have disappeared forever from the Internet, but on the off chance that it is available somewhere, I really would like to read it again.

It was set in the Victorian era, but with some alternate history things about the British upper classes having developed a sort of institutionalised version of Greek pedagogical eros that combined with really only needing one son to continue the family line and devolved into (often creepy and exploitative) mandatory arranged relationships for younger sons. From what I remember, the author put a lot of thought into how the legal system, courtship traditions, and fashions would work within the society.

And it was super-creepy. Moriarty had not-so-secretly had his eye on Holmes for a few years (long before such attention would be considered appropriate even in-universe) and convinced Holmes's father (who is deathly ill) that the best way to provide for his two sons is for him to designate in his will that Sherlock be married to Moriarty. The rest of the fic was Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft trying (unsuccessfully, thus far) to contest the legality of the change and Moriarty planning all of the devious things he's going to do once he has Holmes in his clutches.

If anyone remembers it and/or knows if the author ever reposted it somewhere else (or if you are the author and I can persuade you to repost it), that would be much appreciated!!
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Hey guys, I'm looking for some recs again ;) This time, I'd love to read some fanfics where Holmes is/gets turned into a vampire. I read one yesterday, but it was unfinished. I'd prefer ACD or Granada verse, but BBC and RDJ verse is fine as well. In the story I read, the whole thing, although supernatural, was still very realistic with how Holmes had to cope with the change and it would be awesome if you would know any stories like that. So no Twilight, Holmes sparkles in sunlight stuff xD Also, it doesn't have to be slash, but if it is, I only read Holmes/Watson. But gen is fine too.

thanks, guys <3
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I'm looking for a short fic I read ages ago, possibly on Cox and Co. Years after Reichenbach, Holmes is approached by a blackmailer who acquired Moriarty's estate at auction. Among Moriarty's mundane academic books, said bad guy finds a love letter from Holmes to Moriarty (the two apparently had an affair while the former was a student). Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm looking for an Holmes/Watson ACD fic where your soulmate's face appears on your body as a tattoo. There's a special word for someone with a same-sex soulmate, and one for someone without a tattoo at all.

Watson had Mary's face on his back, and after she died it reformed into Holmes'. I think Holmes had Watson's face all along. They find this out when someone goes around trying to cut the soulmate tattoos out of people.

Any help would be amazing!
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So, there's this canon fic in which Holmes is working on a Super Serious Business case. He's about to go out by himself to do Case Solving Things, and he tells Watson that under no circumstances should Watson leave Baker Street while he's gone, because it's vital to the case, etc. Then, right before he leaves, he grabs Watson in an epic bear hug for apparently no reason. Watson's like, omg what does this mean? Could my dreams be coming true? So anyway Holmes leaves, but soon afterwards a lady comes to 221B all terrified like " I need detective protection immediately! Dudes are stalking me!" And Watson's like I can't just give this lady the finger, so he writes a telegram to Lestrade so he can tell Holmes why he left, and then ollies out with this lady. She leads him to this big spooky house but ditches Watson once inside because guess what IT'S A TRAP! AND SHE WAS IN ON IT! And then Watson's ambushed by hooligans and knocked out and shit.

So long story short, the whole thing was part of Holmes's case; the hooligans were his targets, and the hug was Holmes planting some kind of ..... Thing on Watson that he needed to smuggle into the house. (Watson wakes up in a closet after being ambushed and Holmes is in there. He also wakes up while being cuddled because Holmes needed to take the thing he planted /off/ of Watson. Right, Holmes. Sure.) moral ofthe story is: Watson feels real bad not only because he's always the unwitting pawn in Holmes's schemes, but also because he thought the hugs and the cuddling and the intense looks preceding and proceeding said actions meant that Holmes actually cares for him in a way that doesn't have anything to do with being the admiring audience, secretary, wingman with a gun handy, etc.

So yeah. Long-ass explanation. I don't remember how the fic ended, and I'm dying to. So please. Help wanted.

EDIT: Just kidding! I found it myself.
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So, I'd really love to read a story where Holmes and Watson have to work/interact whatever, with a third person and Holmes unusually takes a liking to them, or at least Watson thinks so and is hurt by how Holmes seems to disregard him. Maybe because the other person is better at deduction than Watson? or something like that. In the end, of course ;) Holmes makes it all up to Watson and shows him who his one and only friend is.

Basically, and story where Watson gets pushed in the background a bit by someone else. I'd prefer canon or Granada verse, but BBC verse is fine as well.

also, I love stories where Holmes is protective/supportive of Watson, so if you know any good ones, let me know :D all verses are appreciated, though as always, my first love is canon.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of supernatural themed fics of any description for either BBC Sherlock or ACD Canon? It can be something with a rational explanation as per Hound of the Baskervilles - or vampires, werewolves, ghosts, spooky atmosphere, AUs, crossovers, etc. Non-slash only, please!

Thanks in advance for any recs :)
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I am hoping you guys can help. I am looking for some Sherlock Holmes stories, which were all by the same author. I don't remember if they were Movie verse or ACD.  I read them on Fanfiction.net, but I am hoping they are posted elsewhere as they are no longer on that website.

1. First stories title (I believe) has the words letter and Cumberland in it. Watson receives a letter from an old army buddy's widow, so he and Holmes goes to the funeral and as some point they go on a walk and Watson falls off of a waterfall and almost drowns. Holmes saves him and Watson becomes very sick. Lots of h/c ensues! Very well written story.

2. In the second story Watson has been kidnapped, beaten, and dumped at Baker st. as a message to Holmes, Watson is found by a homeless man who goes and gets Holmes. Eventually Watson is at the hospital while Holmes tries to find the men who hurt him and the homeless man keeps watch over Watson to protect him.

All her stories were gen, and very well written. I would love to read them again! Thank you!
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Sometime recently, I remember reading a new(ish) ACD-based fic where Watson learns from Holmes that one of his patients, who he had assumed to be a fairly harmless, inoffensive man (and with whom Watsom may have had a fling, I don't remember) offered to turn in his lovers and the members of their shared club to the police in order to protect himself. Does anyone else remember this or have any idea what it might be? Thanks!

Edit: It's Holmes who had the fling with Watson's patient, but the fic is tweedisgood's Every Possible Combination of Events: http://tweedisgood.livejournal.com/129290.html
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I'm looking for a story that I read ages ago; I've had no luck searching for it and it's driving me mad.
Here's what I vaguely remember: it was a Doyle-canon story, not sure if Holmes/Watson slash or just gen. They are at a fancy event/party, going their separate ways. Holmes witnesses the son of the host complaining about a mad guest, causing a scene and talking gibberish. Turns out it's Watson, conversing with the hosts father (grandfather?) in fluent latin.
Help, please?

I would also be interested in reading any fics that emphasis Watson's ability to (unexpected) foreign languages in any canon.
Thank you!
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Does anyone recall the name of a H/W fic in which Holmes and Watson leave for the Continent following Oscar Wilde's conviction? I'm pretty sure it is (or was) on Ao3 and was written for an exchange of some kind, but I'm not finding it. I'm also pretty certain it was ACD-based, although, based on when I remember reading it, it could have also been inspired by the Ritchieverse. Sorry for the vagueness. Thanks!

EDIT: Found (maybe?)! It's probably rainuponthemoon's Men Like Us, but I'd love to catch up with anyone who remembers similar fics and discussions of H/W and Wilde from a few years back.
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All I remember is that Holmes and Watson bought a new bed that was big enough for both of them.  They were returning to Baker St. when it was delivered.  There was a reporter outside who was threatening to out them, I think.  Mrs. Hudson saved the day by saying the bed was for her.

That is literally all I remember.  I can't even remember if I liked the fic or not.

Any help appreciated.

Kelly Lynn


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