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I'm going to feel really stupid when this is found, because I'm pretty sure I read this recently. I'm looking for a relatively short fic that involves Holmes and Watson spending the night in a cabin, snowed in/caught in a blizzard. The trick is, the author wrote the same scenario from three different perspectives - book canon/Granada, RDJ verse, and Sherlock. All three were very well written, very in line with the tone of that particular fandom. No major detailsto speak of, although I know the RDJ bit included the 'old cock, mother hen' routine, and the Sherlock bit involved them needing to stop because Sherlock saw the cabin and stood up on the snowmobile, which resulted in him being hit on the head by a low hanging branch. Sound familiar?

Edit: Found (extremely quickly, as always) in comments.
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Hey guys, I'm looking for some recs again ;) This time, I'd love to read some fanfics where Holmes is/gets turned into a vampire. I read one yesterday, but it was unfinished. I'd prefer ACD or Granada verse, but BBC and RDJ verse is fine as well. In the story I read, the whole thing, although supernatural, was still very realistic with how Holmes had to cope with the change and it would be awesome if you would know any stories like that. So no Twilight, Holmes sparkles in sunlight stuff xD Also, it doesn't have to be slash, but if it is, I only read Holmes/Watson. But gen is fine too.

thanks, guys <3
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I am hoping you guys can help. I am looking for some Sherlock Holmes stories, which were all by the same author. I don't remember if they were Movie verse or ACD.  I read them on Fanfiction.net, but I am hoping they are posted elsewhere as they are no longer on that website.

1. First stories title (I believe) has the words letter and Cumberland in it. Watson receives a letter from an old army buddy's widow, so he and Holmes goes to the funeral and as some point they go on a walk and Watson falls off of a waterfall and almost drowns. Holmes saves him and Watson becomes very sick. Lots of h/c ensues! Very well written story.

2. In the second story Watson has been kidnapped, beaten, and dumped at Baker st. as a message to Holmes, Watson is found by a homeless man who goes and gets Holmes. Eventually Watson is at the hospital while Holmes tries to find the men who hurt him and the homeless man keeps watch over Watson to protect him.

All her stories were gen, and very well written. I would love to read them again! Thank you!
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Does anyone recall the name of a H/W fic in which Holmes and Watson leave for the Continent following Oscar Wilde's conviction? I'm pretty sure it is (or was) on Ao3 and was written for an exchange of some kind, but I'm not finding it. I'm also pretty certain it was ACD-based, although, based on when I remember reading it, it could have also been inspired by the Ritchieverse. Sorry for the vagueness. Thanks!

EDIT: Found (maybe?)! It's probably rainuponthemoon's Men Like Us, but I'd love to catch up with anyone who remembers similar fics and discussions of H/W and Wilde from a few years back.
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Looking for a fic that had BBC-verse Watson switching bodies with Ritchie-verse Watson. One or both of the Watsons had attempted suicide right when the switch occurred, so they thought they were dreaming/dead. It took place post-hiatus for Ritchie-verse, and I think during hiatus for BBC. Can't remember much else.

Also, I'm still desparately looking for this fic, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Having just rewatched the films again I went searching for two fics I was sure I had asked for on this community before. But it seems I never did actually ask for them (I did however manage to find the other requests I'd made and have spent a lovely few hours reading through some awesome little fics) But that still leaves me without the two fics I'd orginally been looking for.

I hope you cn help!

1. Watson is starting to become friendly with some other doctors, to the point where he ends up going on a hunting trip with them. The point of the fic was that Watson wanted Holmes to be less like himself, and by the end of the fic, he went home from the trip early because he realised he didn't want Holmes to be anyone else.

2. Holmes is accused of murder (I think) and is on the run. Mary and Watson help him out, bring him clothes and food and whatnot an eventualy it ends up a threesome between them.

and lastly.
3. I would appreciate any recs people have for some hurt!Holmes fics, be this illness, case related. Any pairing is fine barring Holmes/Irene (sorry, but while I will admit he is in love with her brain I just can't see an actual relationship). so Watson/Holmes, Watson/Mary, Watson/Mary/Holmes, whatever.

4. Moriarty/Moran. Because seriously, those two are just... I just loved them so much in the film and need some relationship fics. Preferably not one's where they abuse each other, in fact that fluffier and domestic the better! (if such fics exist)

Thank you all!
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Hello, first time posting here.  Love this site.

 I was looking for some long, well written hurt, betrayal fics.  I love both the boys, but I'm in the mood for Watson being the unlucky person to be hurt/betrayed.

So I'm looking for the follow types of stories:

Read more... )
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Hello everyone! I'd love it if someone could help me find a fic where Holmes and Watson are starting their friendship and Holmes takes a case where there's a woman with two kids and he cant help them in the conventional ways (deduction and such) and ends up giving her lots of money  so she can start over. After this, Holmes tells Watson, expecting the worst but instead Watson makes it his problem and decides to help his flatmate, because I think that the money Holmes gives away it was the money for the rent. Holmes is very much surprised. I can't quite remember if it was Granada verse, Ritchie's or ACD canon

FOUND- See comments for link and saviour
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I'm looking for this established Holmes/Watson fic, victorian!verse. At the beginning, Watson is playing cards with some Yarders in a pub, and someone makes an off-hand homophobic remark. Watson, taking it too seriously because he is deeply afraid that anyone might find out about him and Holmes, reacts far too strongly. Everyone looks at him, taken aback, with the result that Watson gets more and more flustered and eventually storms out. Someone (Lestrade?) goes after him to see if he's alright and again, Watson's reaction is too extreme. Watson goes home and confesses to Holmes that he made a blunder, but I have no idea how it develops from there. I think someone does try to blackmail them?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

*FOUND: A Case Of Identity by sparkle_free, wherein Holmes goes "undercover" as Mary.
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Hi everyone,

I just got into the fandom, and I'm looking for more RDJ!Holmes and Law!Watson fics. I find that most Holmes/Watson fics are BBC-verse, so I'd like some help finding movie-verse fics. I just like fast-talking, bright-eyed RDJ as Holmes and long-suffering Law as Watson. I've read Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London and These Things Were Promises and loved them. The fics I'm looking for don't have to be epic in length. Anything more than than 10k would be great.

Any movie or book canon recs for a newbie to the fandom are greatly welcomed! I'm open to book canon as long as I can picture RDJ and Law as Holmes and Watson. :)
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Hi everyone,

Anyone remember a story in which for some reason, both Watson and Holmes think the other is dead after some ordeal. When each one gets back separately to Baker Street and they see each other, they just touch and kiss as if to reassure themselves that they are alive and well. This leads them to want to take their clothes off and sexy (but emotional) times ensue.

Like it says on the tin, from what I remember it was first-time, ACD verse and quite short.

Ring any bell?

(EDIT) FOUND: Rubicon by janeturenne
ext_2160: SGA John & Rodney (Sherlock-movie pair)
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looking for a longish fic I forgot to bookmark!

It's a pre-slash/slash fic of John & Sherlock (BBC), switch places with John & Sherlock (RDJ films). The story is told from the view point of the BBC group. Sherlock is loving the exploration, John really has trouble adapting (all the knowledge that he can't use). They have trouble getting back because the RDJ group likes the 20th Century and want to stay, but eventually they switch back.

The BBC pair is not together at the start of the story (I'm pretty sure I remember that right), but the RDJ pair IS together. *had that wrong. D'oh!

Thank you!

**ETA** Thank you swissmarg, it is 'through the looking glass' series, and I don't think I've read them all! So Whee! more to read!
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All I ask is for any Holmes/Watson fics that will make me cry! Slash is always preferred and I'd rather it be RDJ movies or ACD verse, but I'm not real fussed. Thanks guys :)
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On the [livejournal.com profile] shkinkmeme I was following a good story, writerboy's The Penance for A Dead Man's Sins. Unfortunately it's been deleted and when I contacted the writer he didn't have a full copy of it. Did anyone save it while it was still on the meme? I'm specifically looking for parts six through eight, the ones he didn't have. I know the original prompt requestor and it'd mean a lot to them if I got the whole thing.
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I feel incredibly stupid for losing this wonderful story.
It's a crossover between Doctor Who (10&Donna), BBC's Sherlock and RDJ's Sherlock.

There was a clock that existed in two periods simultaneously which is a bomb (some sort of 'peace-bomb' or something?).  Each pair of Sherlocks investigated and were switched with their counterpart.  Thus BBC!John with RDJ!Sherlock.  Cue cultural (time period) differences!

The Doctor and Donna were able to make contact (a la Princess Leia hologram) and inform the pairs what was happening and how to stop it.

This story is complete, and I can't recall if I'd read it on either AO3 or FF.net (but it was certainly not LJ).

Thank you in advance for your help,


Sherlock Squared by scribeofelidae on AO3
(Thanks mick_gz!)
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Looking for an achingly heart-wrenching fic that will make you cry, surely. It's definitely Holmes/Watson slash, I do believe movie verse.

Holmes is so broken (almost PTSD-afflicted) that he'd rather die than be a burden to Watson. I distinctly remember a scene when Holmes is running along a bridge or something, about to kill himself by jumping into the Thames because he fears he is irrecoverable and does not want Watson to suffer. Watson is running right along on the ground trying to convince Holmes not to jump. It the end, he doesn't, and it becomes schmoopy cuddles. It's sad and beautiful.

Title might (MIGHT!) have been something like "Field of ____". Please help! I need a good cry!
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Hello. I have two requests.

1) Sherlock gets himself into a bad situation that leads to being captured and mistreated. More angst the better.

2) Sherlock is careless on a case and gets himself in trouble. Possibly infected blood could get on him. Poisons. I am looking for something where there is a waiting period and how Sherlock and John deal with it. It could be a false alarm, or the start of something bad.
*I have read Alone on the Water, and it is brilliant.

I have no squicks. Slash or gen.
I prefer BBC Sherlock, but if you have an awesome movie!verse fic, toss it my way, please :)

*Also posted to [livejournal.com profile] sherlock_search
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odd requet but are there any fics where its mycroft, sherlock slash and sherlock is bullied with mycroft standing up for him.
any other good emotional fics with this pairing would be great aswell.

thank you in advance :D
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I'm looking for a fic (if there is a fic) that has all the Holmes gather annually for them to complain to each other and generally argue who has the better Watson. There would be BBC!Sherlock, RDJ!Holmes, Granada!Holmes, and all the other Holmes you can think of, including the Great Mouse Detective.

If there is such a fic, it would be greatly accepted into my databanks of goodness.
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I'm looking for any and all fics where John and Sherlock go on the run together-or separately-totally off the grid, living day to day, trying to find a way to go home. I'd love fics where how they find they're way home and the reunions that ensue is depicted.


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