May. 11th, 2013

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Looking for a link or a copy of the secret Livejournal of sherlock holmes, have seen many recs but no working links, any help?
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So... it's boarding school; John's been sidelined from his rugby team b/c of injury; and he's told to tutor one Sherlock Holmes meanwhile.  Sherlock is recalcitrant and disruptive.  Um, I think they're about 18.  They start having angry sex, but don't talk about it later.

can you take it from here?
ext_2160: SGA John & Rodney (Sherlock-movie pair)
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looking for a longish fic I forgot to bookmark!

It's a pre-slash/slash fic of John & Sherlock (BBC), switch places with John & Sherlock (RDJ films). The story is told from the view point of the BBC group. Sherlock is loving the exploration, John really has trouble adapting (all the knowledge that he can't use). They have trouble getting back because the RDJ group likes the 20th Century and want to stay, but eventually they switch back.

The BBC pair is not together at the start of the story (I'm pretty sure I remember that right), but the RDJ pair IS together. *had that wrong. D'oh!

Thank you!

**ETA** Thank you swissmarg, it is 'through the looking glass' series, and I don't think I've read them all! So Whee! more to read!


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