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Hi guys, I'm looking for a Sherlock/John fic where our boys go over to the Holmes' mansion for Christmas (I believe, though it may be another holiday), and all of Sherlock's family are there to meet them. I believe there is a relative which knits John a scarf/hat, a relative who is flirty and (i think) is a designer and quite like's John's butt, and a batty great aunt/grandma who has made up all the rooms in certain themes.

The main point of the story is that Sherlock's whole family believe that Sherlock and John are together; which they are not, but do end up getting together towards the end.

I remember Sherlock and John kissing in the back-garden and being caught by the relatives and someone says something to the effect of "It's great how you two kiss as if it is your first kiss" - when in reality it is their first kiss.

It's been bugging me for ages, and I wondered if you could help me. Thank you in advance!

I may have gotten some details mixed up, please don't hate me if I have.
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Looking for a fic I read a while ago that I think the formatting was LJ and it might even have been a kinkmeme fic. While in a conversation with is mum John accidentally suggests that he and Sherlock are together and instead of just explaning that they aren't he decides to follow through on the charade and they visit his parents. But whilst there they meet an old school friend of John's, Mary. And Sherlock was hiding his true feelings. Can anyone find this?

FOUND: in comments.
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I've seen a lot of fics based around John meeting Sherlock's family, but I'd love to read some where it's Sherlock going to a Watson family gathering. The closest I've found is Lab Book by copperbadge, but I'm sure they must exist out there. Any recs?

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First-time poster, so be gentle with me...
I need help finding a fic -it was multi-part, wip, on lj, sherlock/john UST with one or two kisses. John meets mummy Holmes and she gives him new garderobe, then they all go to the opera. She calls Anthea Amanda and in the last part she also got Lestrade- he had gold cufflinks with letter "H".
I read it just last week, but my mind is like a swiss cheese;)
Thank for all your help
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I'm looking for any (preferably slash) fics that feature John meeting Sherlock's family, can be christmas orientated but not essential. Equally it could be Sherlock meeting John's family, I just want some family interaction and bonus cookies go to those who can get in some jealousy, protectiveness or other emotion that is noticed by the other person.

Any recs appreciated, cookies to any answers!

Thank you,



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