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So I remembered this fic from the old kinkmeme (sherlockkink). I think it was called The Contract, and it was a multipart but never-finished fill for an arranged marriage prompt. And it may have disappeared forever from the Internet, but on the off chance that it is available somewhere, I really would like to read it again.

It was set in the Victorian era, but with some alternate history things about the British upper classes having developed a sort of institutionalised version of Greek pedagogical eros that combined with really only needing one son to continue the family line and devolved into (often creepy and exploitative) mandatory arranged relationships for younger sons. From what I remember, the author put a lot of thought into how the legal system, courtship traditions, and fashions would work within the society.

And it was super-creepy. Moriarty had not-so-secretly had his eye on Holmes for a few years (long before such attention would be considered appropriate even in-universe) and convinced Holmes's father (who is deathly ill) that the best way to provide for his two sons is for him to designate in his will that Sherlock be married to Moriarty. The rest of the fic was Holmes, Watson, and Mycroft trying (unsuccessfully, thus far) to contest the legality of the change and Moriarty planning all of the devious things he's going to do once he has Holmes in his clutches.

If anyone remembers it and/or knows if the author ever reposted it somewhere else (or if you are the author and I can persuade you to repost it), that would be much appreciated!!
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I'm looking for a short fic I read ages ago, possibly on Cox and Co. Years after Reichenbach, Holmes is approached by a blackmailer who acquired Moriarty's estate at auction. Among Moriarty's mundane academic books, said bad guy finds a love letter from Holmes to Moriarty (the two apparently had an affair while the former was a student). Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!
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Having just rewatched the films again I went searching for two fics I was sure I had asked for on this community before. But it seems I never did actually ask for them (I did however manage to find the other requests I'd made and have spent a lovely few hours reading through some awesome little fics) But that still leaves me without the two fics I'd orginally been looking for.

I hope you cn help!

1. Watson is starting to become friendly with some other doctors, to the point where he ends up going on a hunting trip with them. The point of the fic was that Watson wanted Holmes to be less like himself, and by the end of the fic, he went home from the trip early because he realised he didn't want Holmes to be anyone else.

2. Holmes is accused of murder (I think) and is on the run. Mary and Watson help him out, bring him clothes and food and whatnot an eventualy it ends up a threesome between them.

and lastly.
3. I would appreciate any recs people have for some hurt!Holmes fics, be this illness, case related. Any pairing is fine barring Holmes/Irene (sorry, but while I will admit he is in love with her brain I just can't see an actual relationship). so Watson/Holmes, Watson/Mary, Watson/Mary/Holmes, whatever.

4. Moriarty/Moran. Because seriously, those two are just... I just loved them so much in the film and need some relationship fics. Preferably not one's where they abuse each other, in fact that fluffier and domestic the better! (if such fics exist)

Thank you all!
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I read a Sherlock Holmes/ST TNG crossover a while ago, and I've been trying to find it again, but there are far too many SH/ST crossovers, and I can't seem to find it.

What I remember of the story is that it was very specifically aN ACD Sherlock Holmes/Star Trek The Next Generation crossover. There's a scene where Moriarty is in command of an enemy ship, and he decides to borrow Watson, by warping him right off the bridge, but it was just a show of power. Holmes is who he's really after. There was also another scene where Moriarty does get Holmes on his ship and it's reveled that Holmes has a serious head injury and he would have died had they been in their normal time (Watson freaked before he discovered this). I think they were getting to and from the future courtesy of the Guardian of Forever.

If anyone has a clue what this is, I'd be ever so grateful for being pointed in the right direction! <3
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I'm looking for a Moriarty/Watson fic, and I just can't find it. I'm preeetty sure it was Moriarty. I am very sure there was Watson it it. I've spent a week searching the Internet, and by now I'm so frustrated I could cry. I really don't have much to go on.
It's not BBC!Sherlock, but I don't know what verse it was in. I think Moriarty was called "Professor Moriarty", but I'm not sure about that, either.
What I do remember is that Watson was at Moriarty's place. He was there for a longer time, I think, maybe kidnapped? I'm so fuzzy on the details, I'm sorry.-- cut for explicit description -- )

I'd appreciate some help in locating this fic, because this is driving me crazy. If you could tell me what verse this is set in and where to look, that would already be a big help.

FOUND! All my thanks, forever, go to the lovely and massively talented sheila_snow for finding (and writing) On the Orbits of Asteroids
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I would like to read fics where J and M got acquainted before they met Sherlock. I already read one (not in English), they were lovers and called each other Clara and Harry. I really liked the idea and so any help?)
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I'm currently being sent bonkers by this misplaced fic, please help!
What I recall is....Watson being held in 221b by Moriarty and being tortured with a specific type of knife, possibly a skinning tool. Holmes saves Watson attacking Moriarty and smashing his skull staining the rug. Mycroft and his men help clear up the scene and dispose of the body. Further scenes I recall take place in a nightclub VIP area and towards the end both the boys jumping out of a building into a river. It is sending me mad not to recall the author given how much I enjoyed the fic and remember details! Please help end my misery. Xx
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I didn't know that the author was planning to take the fic offline until about two days after it was already done, and have been looking for a copy since then.

In the fic, Sherlock and Jim Moriarty are together and it's rather unhealthy, so Moriarty decides to "kill" himself. He then becomes who he was before becoming a criminal. He moves to Ireland and works on a farm with Sebastan Moran. Sherlock finds him and starts to spend as much time as he can in Ireland with Moriarty. At one point, though, one of the boys from nearby gets in trouble, so criminal Moriarty comes back, except it makes him so ill that he almost dies. Sherlock calls John and he comes out and has a huge crisis of conscience, etc.

I really loved this fic, so I'd really appreciate a copy, if anyone has one.


Apr. 13th, 2013 01:30 am
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I lost a story :( shocking I know. But the bad thing is I can't remember much anymore.

I don't know which holmes era it was, but not the modern times, it was RDJ's or something further back.

I know Holmes and Watson were on the run from...Mariarty I guess. I think Holmes wanted to go alone, but Watson wouldn't let him.
They were traveling sometime and and one point they ended up at the Reichenbach falls, they were both looking at it and then someone requested Watsons help at their hotel. So he left Holmes and hurried to the place, only to realise half way that it was a trick to get Holmes alone, so he run back, but the fight between Holmes and Moriarty had already happened.
He could only find tracks of a fight and soon found holmes a little down the waterfall on a stone slab or something.
..then recoverytime I guess :D but I don't really remember
I don't even know if it was slash, I doon't usually ship them, but it could have been.
Help? please?
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Ages ago, I read a really funny casefic on ff.net (I think) that followed Moriarty and Moran's side of a murder and the resulting investigation. I don't remember much, other than Moriarty killing a man with a weighted yo-yo and a description of the well-attended yet less-than-mournful funeral (the only person who would generally miss the deceased was an elderly relative who still mistakenly thought him a good person). I think I also remember Moriarty making sarcastic comments about the applied sciences being less interesting than pure mathematics.

EDIT: Found! It's Mary le Bow's A Way with Words or Whatever
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Hi, everyone. I'm looking for every stories where John is realy Sebastian Moran or take this identity. Generally, all the stories where John really working for Moriarty will be good.
It's not necessary but it could be great if this was slash fic.
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I remember seeing a music video using season one clips of Sherlock BBC.  They used the song My Name is Lincoln by Steve Jablonsky from The Island.

The video used the numbers from The Great Game as a sort of Countdown.  It was in time with the music and the whole thing was very well put together.  It sort of/kinda/perhaps leaned to Johnlock but wasn't overt (that I can remember).

I wanted to show it to my friend today, but was unable to find it.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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A few days ago, I mentioned a Great Game AU on someone else's search.  Unfortunatlny neither that person or myself could find it so now I am bringing it up as it's own question. So hear we go,

It is definantly a John and Sherlock developing or established realtionship fic that is either a continuation of The Great Game or an AU of The Great Game.  Things I remember about the story Moriarity is blowing up more things in London, and Sherlock is continuing to chase him.  John and Sherlock have an argument about if Sherlock actually wants to catch him or if he is having too much fun chasing him.  At somepoint (I think after this fight) John storms off to Sarah's flat to calm down and the flat blows up.  Sherlock thinks that John is dead becuase a male body is found in the rubble near Sarah's body.  This motivates him to finally catch and kill Moriarty.  When Moriarity is dead, John comes out and tells Sherlock that it was alll a lie.  He had headed to Sarah's to vent but it blew up before he arrived.  The body was her new boyfriends, but he and Mycroft had hoped thinking John was dead would push Sherlock that last step.
I am reasonable sure I read it on Fanfiction.

Does anyone recognize this fic?


Found   Burn the Heart Out of You by Jennistar

Thanks to montana_highway  and nessa_atalanta finding the story for me.
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I've found amazing long fic Voodooized by loghain where there is an amazing characterisation and plot for Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty. However, I cannot find any more and I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations to offer. 

I'd prefer long fics because they tend to be more evenly balanced plot with porn, but I'm not pick either way. I tagged with some kinks that applied to the fic above, but they're mostly just things I like. 

Voodooized by loghain
" A story about Sebastian Moran, and the man who saved and ruined him. "
BBC Sherlock where Seb is Jim's hired assassin, but so much more as well. They're rough with one another, and Seb never knows what's going on in the big picture. 
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1/ I'm looking for a fic where Sherlock is kidnapped by Moriarty and drugged. When John comes to the rescue, Moriarty gives several seringes to John and he has to test them all to find the cure. I think there are 5 of them: one is the cure and the other 4 some kind of toxic or poisons.

2/ John is kidnapped by Moriarty and while looking for him, Sherlock can't stop himself from indulging with some cocaine/heroine. Some time later, Sherlock and the Yarders receive a message from Moriarty (a video maybe) where he explains that John will experience the same things as Sherlock and we see John being drugged? FOUND See comments

I'm pretty sure both fics are Sherlock/John slash but maybe it's gen...

Please, help! It's driving me batty!
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1) Stories where John is on Moriarty's side. I don't care if he was always on Jim's side or if Sherlock does something that John can't handle and changes sides.

2)John works for Mycroft. A perfect example is The Doctor

3) Where John isn't a liability to Sherlock. I've just read many stories where John is considered a weakness and Mycroft tries to convince John to leave and/or forcibly makes him leave! But in ASiP he clearly protects Sherlock. So, even though John isn't as smart as Sherlock John can hold his own and they are equal partners.

No graphic slash please.
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I'm looking for a M/M fic I read shortly after A Game of Shadows came out. It followed Moriarty and Moran through their first meeting until just before Reichenbach, and I believe I read it on either LJ or tumblr. The main thing I remember was, after Moriarty decides to hire Moran, the colonel (not yet realizing the extent of Moriarty's activities and wondering why a mathematician would hire him) makes a comment about how "those equations are tricky bastards" or some such thing. And Moran pictures himself taking notes at Moriarty's lectures.

There are a lot of references to mathematics and Moran trying to understand how Moriarty works. And it was awesome, and one of the first AGoS fics I saw. Sadly, however, I forgot to bookmark it. Anyone else remember it?  Thanks!
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Here I am again, I'd gotten the details of this story mixed in with the details of another one. The other was found, but now I want this one.

I read this early 2011, or late 2010. It was post-The Great Game. Moriarty was holding someone (John?) hostage. Sherlock found himself on a platform with "S" on it and other platforms around with different letters. He had to jump across in the right order to get out or something would happen. The letter made a specific sentence. It was some sort of 'Haunted House' of Moriarty death tricks Sherlock had to traverse. 

FOUND! The Burning Game by Lamiel (FF.net)

Thanks for your help in advance,



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