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For some reason I remember this one story on fanfiction.net where John discovers Sherlock's drug stash, and he asks Sherlock how does he think they pay for the war. Sherlock assumes John is talking about their side, but gets told off when John tells him Afghanistan is the biggest opium producer and they get their weapons and ammo from selling to rich druggies like Sherlock. Then, John mentions how maybe Sherlock paid for the bullet that nearly killed him. I remember it wasn't a happy ending, with Sherlock throwing out the drugs and asks if John is happy, but it doesn't really fix anything.
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Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a Post Reichenbach BBC-verse version where the dummy in the Empty House scenario is infact computerised and Wiggins is the one who has created it. I know I read it on A03 (and I even think I downloaded it) but I can't find it. Help?
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Hello. I have been trying to find a Sherlock Holmes ACD verse for quite awhile now. I remember i read the fic on ffn.net and it is multichapters. It rated G or K i dont remember. It's mostly about holmes and watson friendship, very adorable. If i'm not mistaken, the first chapter involved Mrs. Hudson asking Holmes and Watson dont refer by their first name to which they smiled and said "we don't know". And there's also a chapter, in the middle, around 12 or 24 sth idk, that featured holmes and watson on a case and they stayed at their client's house i think. There was a boy with a teddy bear and watson fixed the teddy bear for the kid (and holmes smiled when he saw watson i think).

I could have sworn that the tittle is sth like a fairy tale of baker street or sth, very long name, but i still cant find it. Also, most chapters were often shorted. Thank you.

Edit: i found it! It's Tales of 221B ! The chapter that Mrs. Hudson asked them is chapter 2 not 1, and the tittle is shorter than i remember lol
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Hi! I'm looking for the holmes/watson fics by [livejournal.com profile] charlies_hoodie,the stories were posted on [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_fic but both ljs have been deleted.Help me please?
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I'm looking for a Sherlock Holmes fan fic that has Sherlock getting into an accident and caused him to be deaf and blind at least tempoarilly.  It's a based on the book series. 
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Okay, so I posted this to Sherlock Search, but have had no luck. Trying my hand here:

I have tried all variations of google searches and I have looked through many, many tags in various communities but this fic is eluding me. Basically, Moriarty calls John and coerces him to have sex with/rape various people that John does not know over the course of a month or longer. If John does not, the consequences are the death of the person he refuses to assault - I believe the first person is a man who is reported to have "committed suicide" after John refuses. As far as I remember, the noncon is not explicit and the fic deals primarily with John's behavior as someone who has been sexually assaulted(I think Mycroft had to bring this to Sherlock's attention but I may be mistaken).

Other things of note: I remember that Moriarty would call either weekly or regular enough that it almost seemed like John was in cahoots with him, but, again, I think Mycroft (but maybe Sherlock) realizes that the behavior is more in line with abuse. I also seem to remember a discussion in the comments about the complex nature of John being a victim in the fic as he is typically the aggressor in what Moriarty makes him do (EG he has John assault other people at the risk of the other person's life).

This may have been a comment fic or on the kink meme. Please help because I am losing my mind trying to find it.

Found! Fragments by [livejournal.com profile] softandwoollen
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I have a fierce FIERCE hankering for fics which involve Watson not in his right mind or kind of out of it. i.e. Faulty reasoning, hallucinations, distraction, synesthesia or in some way perceiving the world with a skew. This could be because of an injury or madness or magic or because he's a ghost the whole time or anything at all.

ACD is my favorite but I'll welcome any and all verses except for Ritchie.

Here are some wonderful examples/bribes.Under here )

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I'm going to feel really stupid when this is found, I just know it...

I'm looking for an ACD era fic that involves Watson's leg wound. Holmes realizes after watching Watson's limp that Watson wasn't just shot in the leg, but partially in the groin. Because of this, Watson finds it difficult to enjoy intimacy, and feels like he has nothing to offer a relationship. It's slash, but only just - it is definitely implied that Watson is primarily heterosexual but he allows Holmes to attempt to comfort him sexually. Could someone please locate this so I can stop driving myself crazy and start kicking myself for not realizing where it is? (I'm sure I will be.) Thanks so much. :D
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Hi all,
I'm looking for BBC Sherlock slash fics, preferably long, slow build ones, where Sherlock is in a relationship with another man, who is not either John or Lestrade. Basically, I'm looking for long slash fics that have Sherlock as one of the partners, but are not Johnlock or Sherstrade. The other person can be an OMC, a crossover character, a more minor character from Doyle canon, anyone. Just curious to see how such a relationship would be percieved by the other characters, particularly John.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for two specific BBC sherlock fics:
1. Sherlock suffers some form of brain injury that leaves him in a childlike state, John looks after him at Baker Street. I remember John was in a relationship with Mary, and at one point was startled at how good Mary was with Sherlock. Mycroft visits at some point and gives John guardianship of Sherlock, but requests visitation rights or something. I think he also deposits a sum of money in John's bankaccount, because money was tight or something. I think it was on ff . net.
2. A post-Fall fic where Sherlock comes back with an injured leg I think, requiring a cane or something. It was a long fic, and at the end Mycroft danced on the table with sabers or something after losing a bet to Sherlock. They get Sherlock some kind of giant dog that destroys one of his scarfs I think.
Also, if there are any fics where Sherlock returns post-Fall with some kind of physical disability, that would be great too.
Thanks very much!!
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hi all!

I'm looking for a John/Sherlock fic. I don't remember much except that I think that John was trying to keep the depth of his feelings from Sherlock. John ends up in hospital - and there's something about a house? or a ring? - which Sherlock discovers when John is in hospital. Sherlock draws a picture of their hands with wedding rings on them. The only thing I remember pretty clearly is the ending, which is then in Sussex, with Sherlock's drawing hanging on the wall.

Thank you!
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I just read a retelling of The Adventures of the Dying Detective in the BBC 'verse and I was reminded of an old story taking place during the case. I remember very little but I'd love to read it again. It takes place in Victorian times and I'm pretty sure it's Holmes/Watson slash or at least pre-slash. I only remember part of it. Watson was very hurt that Holmes didn't trust him as a doctor and believed that everything Holmes had said was right, so he decided to leave. I'm not sure what happened to him then. Holmes notices something is wrong when Watson doesn't return. I think he went looking for him?

Does this seem familiar?
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Im not really sure what 'verse these were set in but it HAD to be one of the older ones because both contained stuff like gas lights and carriages that really arent used in the new series so im gonna put this under verse:other since i have no idea what some of the universes in the tags are for.

both synopsis under here )
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Was wondering if any of you tech savvy people could help me. I absolutely loved this BBC Sherlock fic - Painted by Numbers. It was magical realism, John and Sherlock were in a relationship and everyone had a number on their foreheads, supposedly representing their IQ. I've sure a lot of you have read the fic in question but now it's gone. The author has closed/abandoned LJ and Ao3 accounts and I can't find it anywhere.
I know when this has happened before sometimes people can find an archived version somewhere out there in the ether[net]! I tried doing this but no luck and I don't really know what I'm doing.
Anyway I would LOVE to read this again so if anyone has a saved copy or has any idea how to access deleted fic please, please let me know!
The URLs I had for it in my bookmarks were:


Title: Painted by Numbers
Author Woe-in-a-hoodie or Malacophilous?

Many thanks
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Does anyone remember a fic in the ACD-verse where Holmes did go over the Reichenbach Falls and was killed. However, a woman who knew voodoo tried to bring him back to life but when she was unable to complete the ritual, he was left in a half alive state. He managed to drag himself back to London where Mycroft and Watson spend most of the story trying to get him all the way back to life and keep him from decaying (ew!) further. The story may be unfinished, at any rate, I don't remember the ending.
So, does this ring any bells with anyone? I'd really like to find this one again.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a tag for zombie Holmes.
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hi all

I'm looking for two fics - both bbc verse.

1. Uni AU Johnlock fic. I remember they are in the same chem class, and John keeps making awful chemistry puns that no one gets but Sherlock. They start to become friends, and I feel like there's a coffee shop scene. And when they do get together, they laugh a lot. They tell jokes like "what do you call a blind doe" and "what's brown and sticky". John says that sex is meant to be fun. This is a pretty long fic. It's John trying to seduce Sherlock with the puns and jokes. There's a scene where John sends Sherlock a code (?) - a chemical formula, maybe - and Sherlock spends a week trying to decipher it. There's also a scene where Sherlock I believe refers to "The Aristocrats" - the infamous dirtiest joke in the world - and John says "don't you ever tell that joke in our bed" or something?

2. An established relationship Johnlock fic where John and Sherlock are in a long-term relationship. Harry and (I think) Clara get pregnant (maybe using John's sperm as a donor, I think), and Sherlock becomes obsessed with the idea of having a baby with John - observing all the changes in maybe-Clara as her pregnancy progresses. He approaches John with the idea, but John doesn't think that he's serious - but he says he'll consider it if Sherlock is really serious. Sherlock takes to babysitting a neighbour's baby to practice, and John gradually realizes Sherlock really wants it. They decide to get a surrogate. They argue about whose sperm to use as the donor sperm - Sherlock wants a baby John, and John wants a baby Sherlock. They decide it's going to be John's sperm. It's a really sweet, quiet fic. The scene where John tells Sherlock yes to them having a child is with them lying in bed. Also, this isn't kidfic really because the baby isn't born until the very end, it's really all about the process of them negotiating whether they're going to have a child together. There is also a thread where Harry and maybe-Clara are preparing to move to San Francisco for maybe-Clara's job, which creates anxiety for Sherlock as he's obsessing over the pregnancy/baby thing.

thanks for any help!
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Hope someone can help me find this. Read it years ago. It was bbc verse. Sherlock had deduced that john was attracted to him but was waiting for john to make the first move. John doesnt so sherlock eventually kisses him which goes well except when the kiss is over john denies being gay/attracted. I cant remeber how but Sherlock convinces john to try a relationship and agrees to go very slow. Sherlock eventually deduces that john had a previous homosexual relationzhip but it was abusive. John wont tell him who. Sherlock spends month carefully and lovingly helping john learn a real relationship and how homosexual sex should actually feel. Last seen has them in tbe park sitting next to each other holding hands after john had run away after cinally realizing just how abused he had been by the previous lover.

Any ideas?
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I'm looking for a fic in which Watson is fooled by a lady who uses an onion to make herself cry. Holmes sneaks his lock picks on to Watson with a hug, and it causes a huge fuss.

In particular, there's a scene where they're arguing next to the fireplace, and Watson describes all the colour rushing out of Holmes' face and into his as Holmes goes pale and he blushes.

It's possibly Granada verse, but I think it's ACD.
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hello everyone!

I was wondering if you could Rec me fics where John Watson is an alcoholic or a drug addict? Could be either ACD or BBC universe, as well as Ritchie's and I have absolutely no problem if it's only friendship or slash.

Angst with a happy ending would be most appreciated!
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...Or rather a fanfic featuring a custom that was unknown to me, until reading of it in the fic, and it's basically the telling of the bees; in which its exactly what is sounds like: you tell the bees when an important event in your life occurs.

I can't recall much of the fanfic, but I think, unless I'm mistaking it with another, that it was written for an exchange, but can't remember if it was for holmestice or something else and John is the one telling the bees stuff. It's a very good story and the writing style is lovely.

I know that's not much to go on, but I hope this rings a bell and someone can help with the search!


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