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I have a fierce FIERCE hankering for fics which involve Watson not in his right mind or kind of out of it. i.e. Faulty reasoning, hallucinations, distraction, synesthesia or in some way perceiving the world with a skew. This could be because of an injury or madness or magic or because he's a ghost the whole time or anything at all.

ACD is my favorite but I'll welcome any and all verses except for Ritchie.

Here are some wonderful examples/bribes.Under here )

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some recs again ;) This time, I'd love to read some fanfics where Holmes is/gets turned into a vampire. I read one yesterday, but it was unfinished. I'd prefer ACD or Granada verse, but BBC and RDJ verse is fine as well. In the story I read, the whole thing, although supernatural, was still very realistic with how Holmes had to cope with the change and it would be awesome if you would know any stories like that. So no Twilight, Holmes sparkles in sunlight stuff xD Also, it doesn't have to be slash, but if it is, I only read Holmes/Watson. But gen is fine too.

thanks, guys <3
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I'm looking for fics involving John's past as a soldier, not necessarily him on the battlefield but fics that remember that John's an ex-serviceman, if it comes up in a case, Poppy Day or something as simple as John using a war veterans Oyster card.

Secondly I'm looking for fics in which Sherlock reacts to John being hurt or injured in a case.

I don't mind about verse or gen/slash fics.

Thank you.
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I'm a huge fan of Watson is in love with Holmes, but Holmes doesn't know (and then he finds out) fics.

Can I get some recs? I think I've read one or two but I'm sure there are other ones out there.

Any of the Victorian verses are good for me and if it contains sex, bottom!Watson please.
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HI, I was wondering if anyone could rec me some fic's with insecure!John Watson or Insecure!Sherlock Holmes. One, or both of them, are insecure about their relationship and the other sets their mind at ease. I don't mind what 'verse it is in so long as it focuses on JW/SH.

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 Can anyone recommend to me some decent published Holmes fanfiction? Not relatively obscure books like Rohase Piercy's, (what an awesome name)  but something that I might conceivably be able to get at my local library or bookstore?

Preferably something with Holmes and Watson in it, so not Mary Russel or those books from the POVs of Adler or Moriarty.

Also, does anyone know if there's any fanfiction for the Vasily Livanov or Basil Rathbone series? I've found two for the latter, and wrote one for the former, but surely there must be more - Rathbone <i>was</i> Holmes for a long time.
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have anybody a few gifs from the russian sherlock holmes series?
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This might be more of an opinion poll than a search.

Which Granada episode is the slashiest? And which of the Russian series is?
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What episode is this adorable picture from:

They're in a hansom, are they not?


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