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Hi there! I'm looking for a good place to find an ACD canon-verse beta reader.

(The story in question is Holmes & Irene Adler genfic, about 8,300 words, if anyone here is interested.)
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I would be very happy if someone could help me find this beautiful fic I read about a year ago. It was a one-shot taking place in the 19th century and focusing on Holmes and Adlers friendship, with some allusions to holmes pining for Watson and Adler having a hurtful relationship with Norton. The whole story plays out in Adlers dressing room after a show, and I remember a long scene in which they talk while Holmes plucks out her hairpins and detangles her locks. I also recall how they think back on their younger days, when they lived a more bohemian life and travelled around Europe together, Adler singing and Holmes playing the violin. I really hope this one can be found again, because it was such a gem.

Fic search

Sep. 21st, 2012 07:38 pm
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I'm searching for a Fic where Sherlock and John are in a relationship. John is jealous of Irene. Sherlock tells John that it's only Irene's intellect that interests him, but that hurts John even more. 

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Hi all,

I come again in search of fic. I'm looking for any and all BBC Sherlock fics that involve John either being jealous of Irene Adler or actually feeling like their in competition for Sherlock's affections. I would even love Irene being an instigator of a Sherlock/John relationship. I'm looking for Sherlock/John happy endings. Anybody know of any fics that fit these descriptions?


P.S. I'm also still looking for BBC Sherlock fics that have really good Sherlock POV in narration in this post: http://holmes-finders.livejournal.com/292319.html
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Looking for a fic that I swore I bookmarked, but I can't find it anywhere. John is talking to Irene, and mentions that she gave Sherlock an allergic reaction when she stabbed him with her drugs during SiB. Sherlock had a bad reaction and nearly died.

John threatens to have her arrested if she comes near Sherlock again. Anyone remember it?
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Hello! First post here, so please go easy on me if I do something wrong. :)

All I really want right now are any and all fics that contain the following:

1. After Reichenbach, Sherlock returns expecting to deal with a John who has believed him dead all this time. What he receives is a John who is well aware that rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated. I don't care if he's pissed, resigned, happy. All I want for him to not be surprised. S/J or gen preferred.

2. Something where John believes that Sherlock must prefer Irene. because she's awesome and just as smart as he is, and John can't believe he could possibly compare. My only requirement here is that it ends happily. Gen or S/J preferred here as well.

Thank you!!!
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I'm looking for several things:

1/ fics where John and Sherlock are a couple when they meet The Woman (the BBC!verse one) and John feels threatened, thinks that Sherlock will leave him for her...

2/ fics where John hears what Sherlock said about "love being a dangerous disavantage" (in the 2x01 ep) and thinks that Sherlock will never/doesn't love him like he does. (Sherlock and John are already a couple or John is in love with Sherlock but didn't tell him yet)

3/ fics where John and Sherlock get together but John feels insecure about it because he thinks that Sherlock is too beautiful, too brilliant for him (he feels insecure about his own looks, his intelligence compared to Sherlock, their age gap...)

The longer the better, I love angst as long as there is a happy ending. AU, mpreg, crossover, I'll take it all! (and I do prefer bottom!John but it's just an option)

Thank in advance!
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Only the RDJ-movies, please. =)

1.) After re-watching the movies I desperately crave fics where Sherlock gets all the love he deserves, because he just breaks my heart. Oh please rec me any and all hurt!/sick!/angsty!/lonely!Sherlock-fics. Brownie points for Watson being particularly protective or worrying about him. Gen or Sherlock/Watson or any kind of threesome would be love. Oh and no death-fics or totally sad endings, please? Anything else is fair game.

2.) Sherlock/John/Irene or Sherlock/John/Mary-fics, because both women rock big time and I adore them. Preferably not so much porn, but more character development/relationship dynamics and plot. ;) The longer the better! As mentioned above I'm very fond of angst, hurt/comfort etc.
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Continuing my delve into the world of Sherlock fanfic, I now have two different requests for recs: 

1) Are there any good post-Scandal-in-Belgravia John/Sherlock (or gen) fics that don't contain spoilers for the following two episodes? If there are, I'd be eternally grateful for a link! :) 

2) Must-read John/Sherlock fics. There's gotta be a ton of those out there, so for now could you point me to the not-too-angsty ones? Thanks muchly! :D

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I'm looking for a fic that i have limited information on...i think John and sherlock were in a relationship, not sure if its BBC or not, but i think john was insecure and believed irene was more suited for sherlock

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I'm curious about the existence of Holmes fic (preferably completed longfic or one-shots) either set in Leroux's Phantom of the Opera universe, or crossed over with it? Are there any Phantom AUs, with Sherlock and co. cast in the roles of Erik, Christine and Raoul? Gen/het/slash and Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Watson/Irene and Holmes/Irene accepted/welcomed. The tagged genres are what I'm most interested in reading, but I'm not terribly picky.

Book and '09 movie 'verse please (haven't seen/read any other adaptations yet, though the Sherlock DVDs are on my Christmas wishlist).

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I was just re-watching the 2009 movie and was struck by how awesome and badass all the characters were, and couldn't really decide which I liked best, so I decided OT4 was the best way to go! Unfortunately, the fandom is so massive that it's proving difficult to find such a rare pairing. Do any of you have suggestions?

I'm also looking for Mary/Irene (because that way Holmes and Watson can be together and the awesome ladies get some too!), preferably something where they become awesome con artists together or something, but I'll take anything. Literally.

Thanks so much!

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Hello all!

I'm hoping some kind fellow fans can help me out. I'm looking for two fics, one BBC!fic, and one Canon!fic.

1) BBC Sherlock gets invited by Sebastian to their 10th university reunion as some sort of prank. Naturally, Sherlock brings John along. Sexytimes ensue! Features cameo by Irene Adler.

2) Post-Empty House, Sherlock gets called on by his father, who turns out *not* to be an asshole at all, to investigate the matter of the Dutch steamship Friesland. Features some established relationship, but only in the background.

If any of you could help, I'll totally appreciate it! Thanks, in advance!
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I had been following a story fairly early on in the kinkmeme called In the Interest of Fairness, which was Mary/Irene I believe. I don't recall much but I think the premise was that Irene somehow seduces Mary because it's only fair if Watson and Holmes are together. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anywhere in the original thread and I had really rather wanted to finish it. If anyone knows where I can find it, I'd be eternally grateful.
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I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a BBC!IreneAdler lately. Is there any BBC!Verse fic that features Irene?
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I'm looking for a fic that was on one of the kink memes? It was set in the 1950's (think) in America and Holmes was a P.I and Watson hired him to find Mary who was a reporter that had gone missing. It was slash though.

It also had Irene in as a lounge singer and Moriarty as a mafia boss? Am not sure if it was finished and I lost my link to it.

Any help would be great!


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