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hi all

I'm looking for two fics - both bbc verse.

1. Uni AU Johnlock fic. I remember they are in the same chem class, and John keeps making awful chemistry puns that no one gets but Sherlock. They start to become friends, and I feel like there's a coffee shop scene. And when they do get together, they laugh a lot. They tell jokes like "what do you call a blind doe" and "what's brown and sticky". John says that sex is meant to be fun. This is a pretty long fic. It's John trying to seduce Sherlock with the puns and jokes. There's a scene where John sends Sherlock a code (?) - a chemical formula, maybe - and Sherlock spends a week trying to decipher it. There's also a scene where Sherlock I believe refers to "The Aristocrats" - the infamous dirtiest joke in the world - and John says "don't you ever tell that joke in our bed" or something?

2. An established relationship Johnlock fic where John and Sherlock are in a long-term relationship. Harry and (I think) Clara get pregnant (maybe using John's sperm as a donor, I think), and Sherlock becomes obsessed with the idea of having a baby with John - observing all the changes in maybe-Clara as her pregnancy progresses. He approaches John with the idea, but John doesn't think that he's serious - but he says he'll consider it if Sherlock is really serious. Sherlock takes to babysitting a neighbour's baby to practice, and John gradually realizes Sherlock really wants it. They decide to get a surrogate. They argue about whose sperm to use as the donor sperm - Sherlock wants a baby John, and John wants a baby Sherlock. They decide it's going to be John's sperm. It's a really sweet, quiet fic. The scene where John tells Sherlock yes to them having a child is with them lying in bed. Also, this isn't kidfic really because the baby isn't born until the very end, it's really all about the process of them negotiating whether they're going to have a child together. There is also a thread where Harry and maybe-Clara are preparing to move to San Francisco for maybe-Clara's job, which creates anxiety for Sherlock as he's obsessing over the pregnancy/baby thing.

thanks for any help!
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I'm looking for a fic in which Watson is fooled by a lady who uses an onion to make herself cry. Holmes sneaks his lock picks on to Watson with a hug, and it causes a huge fuss.

In particular, there's a scene where they're arguing next to the fireplace, and Watson describes all the colour rushing out of Holmes' face and into his as Holmes goes pale and he blushes.

It's possibly Granada verse, but I think it's ACD.
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So, there's this canon fic in which Holmes is working on a Super Serious Business case. He's about to go out by himself to do Case Solving Things, and he tells Watson that under no circumstances should Watson leave Baker Street while he's gone, because it's vital to the case, etc. Then, right before he leaves, he grabs Watson in an epic bear hug for apparently no reason. Watson's like, omg what does this mean? Could my dreams be coming true? So anyway Holmes leaves, but soon afterwards a lady comes to 221B all terrified like " I need detective protection immediately! Dudes are stalking me!" And Watson's like I can't just give this lady the finger, so he writes a telegram to Lestrade so he can tell Holmes why he left, and then ollies out with this lady. She leads him to this big spooky house but ditches Watson once inside because guess what IT'S A TRAP! AND SHE WAS IN ON IT! And then Watson's ambushed by hooligans and knocked out and shit.

So long story short, the whole thing was part of Holmes's case; the hooligans were his targets, and the hug was Holmes planting some kind of ..... Thing on Watson that he needed to smuggle into the house. (Watson wakes up in a closet after being ambushed and Holmes is in there. He also wakes up while being cuddled because Holmes needed to take the thing he planted /off/ of Watson. Right, Holmes. Sure.) moral ofthe story is: Watson feels real bad not only because he's always the unwitting pawn in Holmes's schemes, but also because he thought the hugs and the cuddling and the intense looks preceding and proceeding said actions meant that Holmes actually cares for him in a way that doesn't have anything to do with being the admiring audience, secretary, wingman with a gun handy, etc.

So yeah. Long-ass explanation. I don't remember how the fic ended, and I'm dying to. So please. Help wanted.

EDIT: Just kidding! I found it myself.
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Greetings, all. I'm looking for an old fic, ACD or perhaps Ritchieverse? It's pretty ambivalent, but most certainly Victorian era. It's a few months into Watson's marriage and Mary can tell he misses Holmes but isn't necessarily cognizant of the reasons. She arranges to visit a friend out of town so the men can have some time to reconnect. Which they do, with an eventual declaration of love/lust. This is probably pretty generic, but there's one line that Holmes says to Watson that's absolutely beautiful. It's something like "You were willing to be damned for murder. Aren't you willing to be damned for love, too?"

Edit: Found!!!
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I'm going away on a trip. I will be on a plane for nearly ten hours and fanfiction seems like a good way to fill the time.

I love [livejournal.com profile] earlgreytea68 and I've read most of verityburns' and emmagrant01's stories on AO3.

So, can anyone recommend long BBC Sherlock stories to me? Case fic is great, wonderful, cheer-worthy. Slash or friendship between John and Sherlock is lovely; I don't want them working against each other. No major character deaths, though the aftermath of the leap from St. Bart's is fine. I don't mind if one or more of them is involved with a woman (threesome stories are fine, too). I like D/s relationships, if there are any out there. Sherlock as asexual works. Any rating is good.

Thank you all.
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I remember 1 line from a slash story set in the BBC Sherlock 'verse. It was one of the first stories I read before I started bookmarking things. The line is "I'm the most observant lover you'll ever have" or something approximating that.

Any help is most welcome.
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Sherlock hires John as his date for a week long Christmas trip to see his mother. I am reasonably certain I read it at AO3, but my bookmarks don't have it.

Thank you.
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It's a reunion where an injured Sherlock is left outside the surgery which John works. John's wife is dying at the hospital. John drugs him and takes him to his house.

Found it:
End of the Story by kres
Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Post Reichenbach, First Time, Dark-ish
Summary: Post-Reichenbach. The return, the fallout, the pieces you pick up.
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Hi everyone,

Anyone remember a story in which for some reason, both Watson and Holmes think the other is dead after some ordeal. When each one gets back separately to Baker Street and they see each other, they just touch and kiss as if to reassure themselves that they are alive and well. This leads them to want to take their clothes off and sexy (but emotional) times ensue.

Like it says on the tin, from what I remember it was first-time, ACD verse and quite short.

Ring any bell?

(EDIT) FOUND: Rubicon by janeturenne
ext_2160: SGA John & Rodney (Sherlock-movie pair)
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looking for a longish fic I forgot to bookmark!

It's a pre-slash/slash fic of John & Sherlock (BBC), switch places with John & Sherlock (RDJ films). The story is told from the view point of the BBC group. Sherlock is loving the exploration, John really has trouble adapting (all the knowledge that he can't use). They have trouble getting back because the RDJ group likes the 20th Century and want to stay, but eventually they switch back.

The BBC pair is not together at the start of the story (I'm pretty sure I remember that right), but the RDJ pair IS together. *had that wrong. D'oh!

Thank you!

**ETA** Thank you swissmarg, it is 'through the looking glass' series, and I don't think I've read them all! So Whee! more to read!
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I'm looking for a story I read a while ago where Mycroft had given John a gift and Sherlock got all competitive and bought John a dog named Gladstone. He was very "Sherlock" in the way he went about presenting his gift and being all "open the box!" or something like that. I think Mycroft was just trying to get Sherlock to act and get together with John.


*smacks head* Nevermind folks! I found it again http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6273495/1/Sibling-Rivalry-Or-Fighting-Over-John-Watson (for people who are interested).
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a Sherlock/John fic where our boys go over to the Holmes' mansion for Christmas (I believe, though it may be another holiday), and all of Sherlock's family are there to meet them. I believe there is a relative which knits John a scarf/hat, a relative who is flirty and (i think) is a designer and quite like's John's butt, and a batty great aunt/grandma who has made up all the rooms in certain themes.

The main point of the story is that Sherlock's whole family believe that Sherlock and John are together; which they are not, but do end up getting together towards the end.

I remember Sherlock and John kissing in the back-garden and being caught by the relatives and someone says something to the effect of "It's great how you two kiss as if it is your first kiss" - when in reality it is their first kiss.

It's been bugging me for ages, and I wondered if you could help me. Thank you in advance!

I may have gotten some details mixed up, please don't hate me if I have.
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Hi. I'm looking for a fic in either Book!verse or Granada!Verse. I don't remember where I read it. This is what I remember: Mrs. Hudson put up some mistletoe for Christmas and the boys kiss under it. Then they find ways to keep meeting under it, and I think they even kiss when there is no mistletoe around. Sometimes the kisses are soft, other times hot. Eventually they get together and Mrs. Hudson approves with something along the lines of, "Why did you think I put it up in the first place?"

If anyone can help me it would be super! :D 

Found by [livejournal.com profile] le_froufrou: What do you give the detective who has everything? by Jems Bird!
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Apologies if I get this wrong - it's my first time posting. I'm looking for a specific fic where Sherlock and John are sharing a room in a B&B following a case due to the fact that there is only one room available.  To Sherlock's annoyance John insists on sleeping in the armchair.  Having grown impatient over John's inability to realise his feelings for him, Sherlock challenges John to kiss him to prove that there is nothing there.  Sherlock then proceeds to seduce the heck out of John.

I've been trying to find this fic for ages without any luck.  Any assistance would lead to much appreciation and possibly my firstborn.

Many thanks!
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Hey guys!

Looking for post-Reichenbach fics in which we get to see our characters dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's return. Give me emotional turmoil, betrayal, pain, break my heart (and John's), please? I don't mind happy endings but I'm here for the H/C, heavy on the H please?

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin
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I'm looking for a BBC Sherlock/John fic where John believes he has a small penis due to a the unkindness of a few past lovers. When he and Sherlock get together, he's afraid that Sherlock will be of the same mind, but, of course, he isn't. Any ideas?

ETA: Found! Link in comments. :)
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Hi everyone!

I've looked through the archives and read everything that's vaguely matched my request, so I'm putting this out there in hope of snagging something I haven't yet seen. 

I'm looking for fics in which John is more sexually experienced than Sherlock is, and shows him the ropes when they're in bed. Or on the couch. Or in an alley way. You get the idea. Not necessary that he tops, I'm good with anything. I'm also good with any kink you'd care for. I don't need virgin!Sherlock, just, John showing something he's never seen before, and blowing his mind. Feel free to include angst and shyness and any other theme except non-con, please. 

Pretty please?

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin

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This is a recent one that I stupidly forgot to bookmark. I know it was by a prolific and popular author, but I can't remember which one.

Story details: Sherlock injures his hands somehow (burns them?) and John ends up, ahem, giving him a hand daily (because Sherlock can't do it himself and he needs it - really really needs it). Of course, there is angst and John wanting Sherlock and generally freaking out before they get together

Help. Please?

ETA: FOUND! Thanks!
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BBC verse, John/Sherlock. John's last (only?) boyfriend was horrible and treated him badly, borderline domestic abuse, so he's not exactly enthusiastic about entering into a relationship with Sherlock because he thinks it'll be the same. I think the ex's name was Tom? Sherlock never finds out who he is (although of course he wants to, so he can exact revenge) and he sets about convincing John that it can be better. And it is.

The story is a classic and awesome and deliciously slow paced and gentle. I think I read it on AO3 before. Any clues are appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Found! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] homeflight for finding A Live Well Lived by [livejournal.com profile] kate_lear.


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