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Hello. I have been trying to find a Sherlock Holmes ACD verse for quite awhile now. I remember i read the fic on ffn.net and it is multichapters. It rated G or K i dont remember. It's mostly about holmes and watson friendship, very adorable. If i'm not mistaken, the first chapter involved Mrs. Hudson asking Holmes and Watson dont refer by their first name to which they smiled and said "we don't know". And there's also a chapter, in the middle, around 12 or 24 sth idk, that featured holmes and watson on a case and they stayed at their client's house i think. There was a boy with a teddy bear and watson fixed the teddy bear for the kid (and holmes smiled when he saw watson i think).

I could have sworn that the tittle is sth like a fairy tale of baker street or sth, very long name, but i still cant find it. Also, most chapters were often shorted. Thank you.

Edit: i found it! It's Tales of 221B ! The chapter that Mrs. Hudson asked them is chapter 2 not 1, and the tittle is shorter than i remember lol
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So I'm looking for a Criminal Minds crossover fic I read somewhere. Long before they met John and Sherlock donated sperm for an experiment that would make babies from two men. Spencer Reid finds out that he was one of those babies and wants to meet his biological dads. It just so happens that John and Sherlock are flatmates now. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.
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Hi all,
I'm basically looking for any fics where Lestrade raises/adopts/fosters/looks after a young Sherlock-Lestrade is Sherlock's adoptive Dad fics really. Anyone?
Thanks: )
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a Sherlock/John fic where our boys go over to the Holmes' mansion for Christmas (I believe, though it may be another holiday), and all of Sherlock's family are there to meet them. I believe there is a relative which knits John a scarf/hat, a relative who is flirty and (i think) is a designer and quite like's John's butt, and a batty great aunt/grandma who has made up all the rooms in certain themes.

The main point of the story is that Sherlock's whole family believe that Sherlock and John are together; which they are not, but do end up getting together towards the end.

I remember Sherlock and John kissing in the back-garden and being caught by the relatives and someone says something to the effect of "It's great how you two kiss as if it is your first kiss" - when in reality it is their first kiss.

It's been bugging me for ages, and I wondered if you could help me. Thank you in advance!

I may have gotten some details mixed up, please don't hate me if I have.
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Hello folks! I'm looking for a specific fic and also a general search.
The specific fic is a Slenderman fic, where John is friends with a Slenderman until an old woman scares him off. This is not the one where Slender!Mycroft gives John to Slender!Sherlock.

The general search is for fics that are sort of like this, horror-based and creepy yet still oddly fluffy and sort of adorable in a twisted way.

You're all amazing. <3
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It's been a rough week at work, and I'm anticipating yet another. Can anyone recommend their favorite crack fics to me? Funny, silly, just plain insane...I want 'em all.


P.S. All verses welcome.
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Hey guys!

Looking for post-Reichenbach fics in which we get to see our characters dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's return. Give me emotional turmoil, betrayal, pain, break my heart (and John's), please? I don't mind happy endings but I'm here for the H/C, heavy on the H please?

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin
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Hey everyone!

To celebrate the (impending) end of finals week, I'm looking for fics in which John doesn't understand why Sherlock loves him, and needs to be convinced, because he thinks he's not at all special enough for Sherlock. Anything permutation on that is fine, given that it's Sherlock/John. No specs on length, rating etc. As long as it's John not understanding Sherlock's attraction, because he's not unattractive or anything, and he's fairly confident, but Sherlock is a miracle, and why him

Yes, this was roughly inspired by "Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name" by Wordstrings, which is a fic that makes me weak at the knees no matter how many times I've read it. :)

Lots of Love,
Lady Merlin

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Hi everyone!

I've looked through the archives and read everything that's vaguely matched my request, so I'm putting this out there in hope of snagging something I haven't yet seen. 

I'm looking for fics in which John is more sexually experienced than Sherlock is, and shows him the ropes when they're in bed. Or on the couch. Or in an alley way. You get the idea. Not necessary that he tops, I'm good with anything. I'm also good with any kink you'd care for. I don't need virgin!Sherlock, just, John showing something he's never seen before, and blowing his mind. Feel free to include angst and shyness and any other theme except non-con, please. 

Pretty please?

Thanks in advance!

Lady Merlin

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Hello guys!

I seem to have misplaced a fic in which the only thing I can remember is John putting things in Sherlock's hair. 

I really don't know, it was an adorable scene, and I believe established J/S, and John is sliding pencils and pens into Sherlock's hair (where they stay suspended because of how curly his hair is) and when Sherlock finally notices John is giggling and Sherlock says something along the lines of "You find this amusing, do you?" 

I don't remember *anything* else except this scene, and that the fic made me feel all cuddly inside. Hideously unspecific, I know, I'm sorry. 

Still hoping someone knows what I'm on about. 

Thanks in advance,

Lady Merlin

edit: actually, if anyone has any fics regarding Sherlock's hair, that's be great! <3

edit: Found in the comments below!
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Guys guys have you read A Timid Heart and Euphoria Morning by anon on the Sherlock Kink Meme? 

They're both by the same anon and they're both breathtaking, and while Euphoria Morning is complete, A Timid Heart isn't, I suspect because they maxed out on comments. I was wondering if anyone knew where it continued? Because it quite literally stole my heart with how lovely it was. 

Who ever this anon is, you have all my worship and awe because you're *amazing*. 

I really hope someone knows where they are, because I'd sell you a body part (preferably not a vital one, because I like life) in exchange. 

Lady Merlin
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Hey everyone!

I've realised that when I look for BAMF!John fics, we've got loads of wonderful ones which involve him being a brilliant fighter/tactician and other traits one looks for in a Captain in the Army. 

But I'm looking for him being a bloody good Doctor, now. I don't particularly care what the context is, but I'd just like to see him being competent, and efficient, and completely in his element, and shocking (or surprising) everyone who's never seen him like that, despite knowing full well he's a Doctor. Preferably the Met and Sherlock are a little in awe when paramedics listen to him, and when he's the most useful person at the scene of an accident or an attempted murder, or whatever. 

I hope such fics exist...

So. Yeah. Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys!

I'm looking for any crossover between Sherlock BBC and Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' you have. Anything. I have discovered I rather like these. 8D

Also, anything to do with magical realism and Sherlock BBC. Anything. Seriously. Whatever you have. 

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for fics where someone is feeling a bit starved for affection. Maybe Sherlock has convinced himself he's above all that and doesn't need it (but he does), maybe Lestrade has thrown himself into his work after his divorce and has been alone too long. Maybe Mycroft realizes it's pretty lonely at the top. My favorites are John, Sherlock, Mycroft and Lestrade in any combination thereof. Bring on the cuddles! BBC verse is preferred. Thanks!
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Hi! I'm looking for fics that contain any of the following:

1) John standing up for Sherlock and/or vice versa.

2) John being sick or dying and Sherlock trying to be his friend. Goodbye, John by XxMildredxX made me cry. Twice. ;~; It doesn't matter if it's platonic, preslash or relationship - I'm just looking for fics where Sherlock shows a sick John that he cares.

3) Sherlock and John showing that they care about each other, like in The Road Trip series by stupid_drawings. Fluff only, please. Bonus points for part-of-the-gang(-for-now)!third person, but not necessary.

4) John being Sherlock's boyfriend from *insert country that is not England here*. I've mostly read about John being Sherlock's Canadian boyfriend, but any not-England!country is fine. While I'm on the topic, I'm also reccing The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by [livejournal.com profile] cyerus because I loved it so very much. ♥

5) Mycroft or NSY being nice to/protective of John.

6) Fluffy Sherlock/John AUs. Can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

7) Sherlock/John fluff. Again, can be friendship, preslash or relationship.

8) Anyone/John bromance. If you don't know what bromance is, it's "a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men, a form of homosocial intimacy". As quoted from WikiPedia.

Can you tell who my favourite character in the series is? Yeah. Also, I'd like to apologise for the absurdly long list. I'm so, so sorry. God, self.
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Hello there everyone!

Today I'm on the hunt for Mycroft/Lestrade fics in the BBC 'verse. I'd particularly enjoy them if either one of them was genderswapped, but I'm good with them both being men as well. Just, the best ones you can find. Long, short, plotty, pwp, whatever, as long as it's good.

Thanks in advance,

Lots of Love,
Lady Merlin
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Right. Hi guys! :)

I'm looking for gender swap fics, but very specifically ones in which John is a woman, and Sherlock is a man. I would like if there was Fem!John/Sherlock, but I'm fine even if there isn't and it drives everyone mad because how on earth do they live together? That's it. Seriously, just any Fem!John and Male!Sherlock fics you have, anywhere. 

Lots and lots of love, 
Thanks in advance,
Lady Merlin

look, ma! I'm asking for het! *facepalm*
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Anything but Reichenbach! anything.

Sorry to be a pain in the ass but Ive been reading Reichenbach fic for weeks and weeks as it seems to just keep on flooding in (no pun intended) and Im drowning in angst and my god one can only take so much so I beg you to show me to the fluffiest fluff Sherlock BBC fic you can find that dont involve a certain soulcrushing episode.

Love Sherlock/John Mycroft/Lestrade pairings.
Would adore any happy established Sherlock/John fics.

Will love you forever if you know some.  Thankyou in advance.

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Yeah, it's me again. This time I'm craving some fic that shows Mycroft and Sherlock's relationship in a positive light. Something where it's obvious that despite it all, they do still care.
NO INCEST! Brotherly love only. If one of them actually uses the L-word, that'd be awesome.
Canon, Granada, and esp. BBC fics preferred.


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